Top 5 Best Snake Proof Boots (2024 Review)


Snake proof boots are pretty much exactly what they sound like.

These are pieces of footwear which are designed to prevent snakes from biting people who need to walk through potentially dangerous areas like marshes or long grass.

More often than not, snake proof boots are made of durable, all-weather materials engineered to stop fangs from reaching skin so that venom cannot be injected. Snake proof boots are commonly worn by hunters, hikers, ranchers, and other individuals who need to enter areas where serpents live or lurk.

What Are Snake Boots Made Of?

Most boots are made from thick layers of rubber or leather. This is because these materials have been proven to stop a snake’s fangs before they penetrate human skin.

Most products will explain the exact materials included in the boots since they will usually utilize a strengthening combination of fabric such as rubber, leather, and some assorted synthetics like nylon.

Rubber vs. Leather

Both rubber and leather are effective materials against snakebites. Many of the differences aren’t necessarily a matter of function, but just general fashion and the amount of work it takes to maintain the boots.

Rubber boots are easy to keep in shape and only need to be cleaned after use. Leather requires consistent treatment, especially if the user wants them to last. However, well-maintained leather does not degrade as quickly as rubber.

Leather is also considered more comfortable to wear when out hiking or hunting, but rubber has more grip on the ground.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Most of the snake proof boots seen in this article utilize a little of both for maximum protection and safety. Check out our buying guide below for more details.

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How Long Do Snake Proof Boots Last?

How long the boots last will depend on two factors: how often they’re worn, and how well the user takes care of them.

Most snake proof boots are designed to live for several years, though they might wear out from daily use more quickly. In addition, regular treatments to the leather portions of the boots will significantly lengthen the life of your snake proof boots and impact how well they’ll hold up in the long run.

For a few tips on how to preserve leather for years to come, take a few moments to watch the video below.

How Do They Work?

Picture your average rain boot, but tougher and more durable. Essentially, this is the point of a snake proof boot: to prevent a snake’s fangs from reaching skin and potentially injecting venom into the wearer.

They are best thought of as armor for hikers, ranchers, and others who need to travel in serpent-infested areas. These boots are usually dark or have a camouflage pattern in order to better blend in with the woodsy surroundings and make the wearer less of a target for snakes.

What Makes a Snake Proof Boot Good?

Snake proof boots serve an important function in the pest control industry because they are—literally—protection for a person’s calves and feet.

Poor-quality boots can mean the difference between life and death for anyone bitten, since most snake venom only takes an hour or so to reach the heart.

Anyone interested in snake proof boots should look at the following two factors: strength and comfort.

Do Snake Proof Boots Work?

While the manufacturers of the boots cannot guarantee that they’ll work 100% of the time, wearing them is still an important part of elementary safety when entering areas where snakes live.

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Top 4 Best Snake Proof Boots

In the section below, we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail.

  1. Rocky Waterproof Snakeproof Boots
  2. IC Iclover Snake Guards
  3. Danner Sharptail Snake Boot
  4. Muck Boot Snake Hunting Shoes

Rocky Snakeproof Boot

The Rocky Snakeproof Boot is made from tough polyurethane and is designed to be durable yet comfortable. These boots comes with a thick sole and extra grip to prevent slipping while trekking along muddy or uneven terrain.

These shoes have a zipper on the side so that putting the boots on is a breeze. The material features a camouflage pattern to make it easier for hunters to blend into their surroundings in the woods.

The boots weigh roughly 3 lbs. and were designed to be worn in warmer climates, so they don’t retain too much heat. Each shoe has a shaft length of 16 in.

We recommend the Rocky Boots to individuals who want affordable protection from snakes but would like to avoid the stiffness of most rubber boots.

IC Iclover Snake Guards

Walk through any snake-infested territory with these boot guards from IC Iclover. They’re made from tough, puncture-proof material guaranteed to prevent snakes from biting through.

These snake guards fit over your boots to provide protection from snakes, cactus plants, and sharp thorns. They’re perfect for hikers, surveyors, and nature lovers.

These leg armor gaiters are lightweight and comfortable to wear daily. And they come with adjustable straps to fit almost any size.

Danner Sharptail Snake Boot

Danner Sharptail Snake Boots are a comfortable and long-lasting choice for individuals who need protective shoes that can endure a lot of wear and tear.

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The manufacturer’s standard snake boot uses a combination of leather and other materials to improve the wearer’s protection. Each pair offers lightweight breathability and waterproof protection.

The boots contain extra cushioning inside to make the shoes more comfortable. Each shoe is roughly 16 in. long from the soles to the top. The fit can also be adjusted for different feet and calves.

We recommend the Danner Sharptail Snake Boot to someone who needs to spend a lot of time outside, is focused on comfort, and wants a shoe that can last for years of use.

Muck Boot Snake Hunting Shoes

The Muck Boot Snake Hunting Shoes are a combination of snake proof boots as well as ones for general mucking. Each design is balloon-tested against snakebites to ensure maximum safety.

These shoes not only offer a removable insole which can be swapped out intermittently, but the soles of the shoe are made of a flexible neoprene which forms to the wearer’s foot. After a few wears, the boots become customized to the arches of the owner and feel tailor-made, offering unmatched comfort.

In addition to the standard camo print, these snake proof boots come in different patterns to match the environment.

Unlike a lot of other boots, these Muck Boot snake hunting shoes are pretty affordable. Many customers gravitated to these shoes initially for the lower-than-average price point, but then were delighted to find a diamond in the rough of a product.

We recommend these shoes to someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on specialty shoes, but would still like protection from potentially deadly snakebites.

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