Top 5 Best Raccoon Trap And Cages (2023 Review)


A raccoon trap is any sort of device made to catch and hold raccoons, so they will stop causing mischief around your property.

There are a few different types available in the United States, and these traps adhere to strict rules and regulations.

Why Are Cages Preferred?

People prefer cages because they are the humane way to catch animals. Manufacturers design cages with a trap-and-release design so the raccoon can be let out at a separate destination. To check out how these traps work in action, see the video below.

While there are some claw-like traps with teeth that hold a raccoon’s arm or leg, they are unpopular because they are extremely painful and can cause permanent damage to an animal’s body.

What Are the Risks of Trapping Raccoons?

Surprisingly, most of the risks from using these traps come from being in close contact with the caged animal. Raccoons can scratch and bite through the bars of the trap, so it’s important to keep them far away from your body, even when carrying them.

How Much Does a Raccoon Trap Cost?

A cage trap can vary wildly, depending on size and sturdiness, but they can still serve as cheaper options to help cut down on raccoon removal costs.

Of course, you’re going to get what you pay for. This can mean one of two things:

  • A name brand. There are several big-box brands out there who specialize in crafting traps. Their designs are solid and get the job done…and the inflated prices sometimes reflect that.
  • Flimsy craftsmanship. If you buy a product from a lesser-known brand, you run the risk of purchasing a trap with a much lower production quality. Even if it’s being sold at a great price, this is something which should raise an eyebrow.
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It’s difficult to pin down an average price for a quality raccoon trap, but luckily, we’ve got you covered. Check out our buying guide below for up-to-date pricing buttons.

Things To Keep in Mind After Buying a Raccoon Trap

The biggest step in trapping a raccoon in a cage is actually getting it into the cage. To do that, you need to have some sort of bait.

Do Raccoon Traps Work?

Here’s the hard truth: raccoon traps can be a mixed bag.

They do work most of the time, but raccoons are intelligent creatures. You’ll be hard-pressed to catch the same raccoon twice. These little guys are difficult to outsmart! This is why it’s important to bring trapped animals to a wildlife shelter or catcher to be released.

Top 5 Best Raccoon Traps & Cages

In the below section we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail.

  1. Havahart 1045 Live Animal Two-Door Trap
  2. Duke Traps Heavy Duty Cage
  3. Faicuk Large Animal Trap
  4. Ranger Products Animal Cage
  5. ANT MARCH Racoon Trap

Havahart 1045 Live Animal Two-Door Trap

The Havahart 1045 Live Animal Two-Door Trap makes an ideal environment for catching raccoons. The trap is easy to set up and can be easily cleaned and reused.

This particular trap was designed to enclose nuisance animals weighing 12lbs. and under, which means that it can be used for a multitude of different creatures in your yard. If you’re got raccoons, opossums, squirrels, chipmunks, or any other vermin running around, this is a perfect option to trap them all.

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The Havahart 1045 can be baited and closes once the animal enters the main containment chamber. Animals can still breathe while inside and will not be hurt by any of the moving parts. The trap comes with convenient carrying handles so the user doesn’t touch the captured animal.

We recommend the Havahart to those who are looking for a safe trap that can be reused without requiring parts be replaced.

Faicuk Large Animal Trap

This extra large animal trap from Faicuk is just the right size for raccoons and opossums. It features a rigid, galvanized steel construction that won’t rust or corrode.

This simple trap is easy to set up. Just install your favorite bait and set the trigger arm. Then, let the raccoon do the rest.

The Life Faicuk Animal Trap comes with a handle guard that ensures your safety during transport. There are no rough edges to harm the animal during the process.

Ranger Products Animal Cage

The Ranger Products Animal Cage has one of the smoothest closing mechanisms out of all of the raccoon traps currently on the market.

Animals that scurry inside will set off the door almost immediately. The door locks in place after being closed so it can’t be pushed open. The trap is easy to carry so the user doesn’t need to interact with the captured animal. The trap itself weighs 9 lbs. and can hold animals up to 12 lbs.

This trap doesn’t come preassembled, but the manufacturer includes a video to help with assembly. Once it’s all put-together, the framework is collapsible for easy storage.

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We recommend this trap to people who want an inexpensive option that is easy for the average person to assemble!

ANT MARCH Racoon Trap

The ANT MARCH Raccoon Trap is suitable for most wildlife trapping. It’s constructed from reinforced wire mesh that won’t rust.

The trap is fully collapsible and easy to assemble anytime you need to quickly set it. The sensitive trigger and spring-loaded door ensure a precise capture of raccoons.

The animal stays safe since all the corners have been rounded to avoid any unnecessary cuts or abrasions.

The trap is easy to bait, set, and release, and the higher-gauge screen material ensures that the raccoon cannot reach in and steal the bait.

Duke Traps Heavy Duty Cage

The Duke Traps Heavy Duty Cage is the heavyweight champion of raccoon traps. It costs more than most, and weighs a whopping 17 lbs., but it can hold raccoons that weigh up to 15 lbs.

This trap has a solid locking mechanism and comes with a handle so it can be picked up safely. It’s reusable and made from durable metal that can withstand raccoon claws and bites.

The Duke Traps door will swing shut when the raccoon (or another type of nuisance animal) triggers the closing mechanism. The door can’t be opened from the inside.

We recommend this product to individuals who want a strong trap that can be reused for many years to come.

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