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For the past few months Hunter’s Gear Guide has been in search of the best coyote call out there. Unfortunately, we realized that you can’t necessarily select ONE coyote call that would reign supreme. Someone might be looking for the best coyote howler mouth call, while another might be looking for an awesome distress call.

So, in an effort to help our readers find the best coyote call for them, we’ve split this review into two distinct sections. An overview of the best howlers we could find, followed by distress calls, and at the bottom we included a description of our ranking criteria.

Here at the beginning we’ve also included two tables which show the calls individual scores, and by clicking on the name of each call you can see more details.

So go ahead, read on and find the call that’s right for you.

Best Coyote Howler Mouth Calls

PriceOverall ScoreCall Quality (35%)Volume (20%)Variety (20%)Durability (15%)”Learnability” (10%) Editor’s ChoiceDirty Dog HowlerDSC01988sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$19.99 at Cabela’s841010488 #2Crit’r Call StandardIMG 4293sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$18.95 on Amazon829510710 #3Kill PoleIMG 4291sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$49.99 at FNT7689694 #4Sonic Dome – Double HowlerDSC01980sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$12.95 on Amazon7398737 #5Coyote Dog HowlerIMG 4811sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$7.51 on Amazon6566867 #6Red Desert HowlerDSC01934sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$34.18 on Amazon6449884 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Best Coyote Distress Calls

PriceOverall ScoreCall Quality (35%)Volume (20%)Variety (20%)Durability (15%)”Learnability” (10%) Editor’s ChoicePC-3IMG 4822sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$6.99 on Amazon85891078 #2Weems ReplicaDSC01957sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$24.05 on Amazon781092710 #3Mini-BlasterDSC01941sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$14.95 on FNT77778107 #4Ruthless RabbitDSC01962sq The Best Coyote Howler Mouth Call$12.99 on Sportsman’s6967967 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Note: we have not yet had the chance to review electronic coyote calls, but keep an eye out for the updated version of this review.)

These calls are designed to imitate coyote vocalizations (howls, barks, and ki-yi’s). We put emphasis on the quality of these imitations, however, we also took the call’s durability, volume, “learnability”, and variety into consideration while searching for the best coyote call.

Editor’s Choice: The Dirty Dog Howler

$19.99 on Cabela’s

The Dirty Dog Howler while testing for the best coyote call.

The best coyote howler mouth call we tried out was the Dirty Dog Howler by Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls. It was super loud, the coyote vocalizations were by far the best of any call we tested, and the lip guide (a small rubber piece that surrounded the mouthpiece) made calling simple.

However, there was not much variety to this call, although that didn’t bring it down from our top spot. Ki-yi’s were the only coyote vocalization that weren’t possible, but we found the Dirty Dog Howler incapable of making any distress sounds.

If you want to read the full 1,115 word review, we’ve got a post dedicated to the “Dirty Dog” and every little detail about it.


  • The Howls Sound Amazing
  • Super Loud
  • The Lip Guide Simplifies Calling


  • Lacks variety
  • Bulky

#2: The Crit’r Call Standard

$18.95 on Amazon

The Crit

The Crit’r Call Standard was by far the most versatile coyote howler mouth call we had the chance to test. It could handle every coyote vocalization possible and every imaginable distress sound to top it off. Chicken squawks, hogs, deer, rabbits, you name it.

This call came with the most detailed instructions of any call we tested for this review. A 20-page booklet described every possible call in detail. The Crit’r Call also comes with five different replacement reeds.

However, this call lacked the volume of other calls like the Dirty Dog Howler above. This affected the call’s performance on windy days, when it had a hard time carrying long distances. The call also lacked the ability to attach to a lanyard, something that might bug you if you like organizing your calls around your neck.

If you want to read more on the Crit’r Call Standard, check out the entire 999 word review!


  • Super Versatile
  • Comes With Very Detailed Instructions
  • Comes With Several Replacement Reeds


  • Lacks Volume
  • Can’t Be Attached To A Lanyard

#3: Zepp’s Calls Kill Pole

$49.99 at FNT

The Zepp

Third on the list for the best coyote howler mouth calls is the Zepp’s Calls Kill Pole. This call, like the Dirty Dog Howler, is meant for coyote vocalizations. We found it to make some pretty smooth howls, although lowering pitch made the call “squawk” occasionally, and barks seemed fuzzy.

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However, the coyote vocalizations were plenty loud. On top of that, the call is by far the most durable we tested with a wide reed and a solid horn and mouthpiece. This call was the most expensive of any we tested, coming in at around $50 a pop. It also lacked instructions, which will be a pain if you’re a beginner looking to test out a new call.

If you’re curious and want to know more about the Zepp’s Kill Pole, we have a full 1,066 word review you can read right here at Hunter’s Gear Guide.


  • Super Durable
  • Smooth howls
  • Loud


  • Deeper Calls And Barks Are Fuzzy
  • Expensive

#4: Primos Double-Pack (Double Howler And Sonic Dome)

$12.95 on Amazon

Primos Coyote Calls being tested for the best coyote call in my hand.

Coming in fourth on Hunter’s Gear Guide’s list of best coyote howler mouth calls is the Primos Double-Pack. A combination of the Sonic Dome and Double Howler diaphragm calls, these howlers can put out a variety of quality coyote vocalizations, hands-free.

The howls and ki-yi’s sound great from the Double Howler, and the barks are pretty good to. The combination of both calls gives you a good variety of pitches and tones, with the Sonic Dome howler being higher pitched. The Double Howler can also make rabbit-in-distress calls, although they don’t sound very good.

We did struggle to get volume from the Sonic Dome howler, and anything besides a howl wasn’t possible with this call. The two calls are super fragile, and we would suggest keeping them in their case while moving around.

If you want to know more about the Primos Double Pack, you can read the in-depth 1,098 word review here at Hunter’s Gear Guide.


  • Hands-Free
  • High Quality Coyote Vocalizations
  • Plenty Of Pitch And Tone Variety


  • Little Volume With Sonic Dome
  • Super Fragile

#5: Johnny Stewart Coyote Dog Howler

$7.51 on Amazon

Testing the Johnny Stewart Coyote Dog Howler for best coyote call.

The Johnny Stewart Coyote Dog Howler. While we were impressed with the Coyote Dog Howler, we weren’t convinced that it quite matched up with the calls above. However, we still felt this call deserved a place in our line up. It had plenty of variety, though not quite as much as the Crit’r Call.

The rubber band makes calling at different pitches easier, and the call comes with an easily replaceable spare reed. To top it off, you can easily dismantle the call in order to clean its interior.

However, we did feel that the Coyote Dog Howler’s calls were average quality. The call’s construction did seem cheap, with the horn being easily bendable and the mouthpiece seeming a little more fragile than other calls.

If you want to read more about the Johnny Stewart Coyote Dog Howler, check out our 1,156 word review on Hunter’s Gear Guide.


  • Cleanable Interior
  • Rubber Band For Different Tones
  • Comes With A Spare Reed


  • Cheap Construction
  • Average Call Quality

#6: Dan Thompson Red Desert Howler

$34.18 on Amazon

The Red Desrt Howler being tested for best coyote call.

The Red Desert Howler took Dan Thompson eight years to perfect, and we were pleased to be able to test this call. We found the call to be plenty loud, just like the Zepp’s Kill Pole, and it had some variety.

The horn is detachable, making distress calls easier and giving you the ability to imitate different coyotes. And let’s not forget to mention that the wood horn looks gorgeous.

However, this call was pretty fuzzy, especially when the horn was firmly attached. It seemed to have a dead spot in the middle of the reed when the horn was in place, but by slightly detaching it we were able to work around it. And let’s not forget the pesky “Dan Thompson” sticker, which when removed, left a lot of sticky residue on the call.

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If you want to read more on the Dan Thompson Red Desert Howler be sure to check out the full 1,102 word review.


  • Detachable Horn Adds Variety To Calls
  • Made With Beautiful Wood
  • Loud


  • Fuzzy Sounding Howls
  • Residue From Sticker

These calls are designed to imitate the distress sounds of a coyote’s prey. The quality of rabbit, bird, fawn, and other miscellaneous distress sounds were taken into consideration while reviewing these calls. In addition, we ranked each call according to it’s durability, “learnability”, the variety of its repertoire, and its volume.

Editor’s Choice: The Johnny Stewart PC-3

$6.99 on Amazon

The PC-3 being tested for best coyote call.

The Johnny Stewart PC-3 wins our editors choice award for its excellent versatility, ease of use, and great sounding calls. It has a collection of distress calls that includes cottontail, bird, mouse, and fawn sounds. The calls were plenty loud, with the exception of the fawn bleat, which was a little softer.

On top of that, these calls are easy to make. The guides that sit on either side of the reed make controlling pitch and tone a breeze, allowing for simple squeaks and whistles. If the call gums up or needs to be cleaned, it can be easily dismantled by removing the mouthpiece from the horn.

However, instructions on how to use the call were vague, and consisted of only a few simple guidelines. If you want to see more thoughts on the Johnny Stewart PC-3 check out our full 1,046 word review!


  • Super Versatile
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Dismantle And Clean


  • Vague Instructions
  • Fawn Bleat Is Quiet

#2: The Dan Thompson Weems Replica

$24.05 on Amazon

The Weems Replica being tested for best coyote call.

Of any call we used, the Dan Thompson Weems Replica sounded the best. We tested out the ‘jackrabbit’ version of this call, and we were blown away to say the least. The call was easy to use, just blow and you’ve got a dying jackrabbit sound. The call was just as loud as the PC-3, and could reach out there, even on rainy days.

However, with the Weems Replica, you are limited to one call, that’s it. It’s also a closed reed call, which means you can’t do much if the reed breaks or freezes in cold weather. If you want to learn more about what we liked, and disliked, about the Weems Replica, check out the full 900 word review here.


  • Loud
  • Amazing Call Quality
  • Simple To Use


  • Limited To One Call
  • Can’t Fix Reed If It Breaks Or Freezes

#3: Burnham Brother’s Mini-Blaster

$14.95 on FNT

The Mini-Blaster being tested for best coyote call.

Coming in third place on our list for the best coyote distress call is the Burnham Brother’s Mini-Blaster. Even though it’s small, this call still packs a punch, and a little variety to. Cottontail, bird, and mouse distress calls were all possible, and we found the Mini-Blaster to produce the best mouse squeaks of any call we tried.

The call is super compact and lightweight, making it easy to throw in a pocket. On top of that, it’s by far the most durable coyote distress call we tested. The plastic tube surrounding the reed both simplifies calling and protects the call’s most vulnerable point.

However, the Mini-Blaster doesn’t come with instructions, and we couldn’t find any online. If you break the metal reed, you’re going to have to contact Burnham Brothers for a new call… no self repairs my friend.

If you’re interested in the Mini-Blaster but want some more details, check out the entire 1,172 word review!


  • The Best Mouse Squeaks
  • Super Durable
  • Compact And Lightweight


  • Zero Instructions
  • Can’t Replace The Reed

#4: The Ruthless Rabbit

$12.99 at Sportman’s

The Ruthless Rabbit from Carver Calls in my hand.

Claiming the final spot on our list of the best coyote distress calls is the Ruthless Rabbit from Carver Calls. This call is designed to make cottontail-in-distress sounds, but was also able to cross over with some high pitched howls and barks.

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The call comes with a beautiful wooden horn, and a rubber band that can be used to help control the call’s pitch. We did feel like this call’s cottontail-in-distress sound lacked that raspy allure of other calls, and that the reed was relatively thin and fragile.

However, if you want to know more about the Ruthless Rabbit, you can check out our 1,026 word review!


  • Can Make Quality Howls And Barks
  • Rubber Band Helps Control Pitch
  • Beautiful Wood Horn


  • Cottontail Call Isn’t Raspy
  • Fragile Reed

In our effort to find the best coyote call on the market, we used five different criteria to rate and rank the above calls. In order to offer fair, non-biased rankings, we used the added “score” of each call and gave it a percentage of the total possible score. The higher the percentage, the higher the ranking.

Here’s the different factors we took into consideration while searching for the best coyote call:

Call Quality

The first factor we used while ranking was the quality of different calls. If you want to successfully call in a coyote, you’re going to need to imitate their prey or other coyotes with quality sounds. These dogs are smart, and they can tell the difference between a poor quality call and the real deal, so, the closer the call sounded to the real thing, the higher the ranking.


Equally important to us as volume was variety. No one wants to be hiking around with 15 different calls clinking around and weighing down their neck, so we took each call and tested it to see what it was capable of. Howls, barks, ki-yi’s and other coyote vocalizations were taken into consideration while testing for the best coyote howler mouth call. Bonus points were given if these calls could adequately perform distress calls.

On the other hand, distress calls were tested for cottontail, jackrabbit, bird, fawn, mouse, and other distress calls, and were also given bonus points for crossing over into the howler category.


Although not as important as call quality, we gave importance to volume. On a calm day, the louder the call, the further you can reach out, and if it’s a windy day, only a loud call will do. We based this ranking off of calling over the course of several calm days (which did result in some Tinnitus).


Less emphasized but still important was the durability factor. Broken calls, especially in the field, are a pain. So we took some time to assess the durability of each call. How protected or fragile the reed was, whether the horn and mouthpiece seemed sturdy, and any other little details we could find. Bonus points were awarded for calls that had easily replaceable reeds.


Our least influential ranking criteria was beginner friendliness, or how easy it was to learn to use a call. Howlers were ranked according to the time it took to learn coyote vocalizations, while distress calls were only judged according to prey-in-distress sounds. Bonus points were awarded for instructions, with calls like the Crit’r Call Standard, earning the most.

Congratulations, you’ve made it through ten calls, two categories, and five ranking factors. We hope you’ve learned something, and maybe even picked out a call or two, but if you’re still confused, don’t worry. Our favorite combination of calls would be the Rocky Mountain Dirty Dog Howler with the Johnny Stewart PC-3.

However, we ranked these calls in a way that would allow you to find one that prioritizes your needs.

For example, a combination of the Dirty Dog Howler and the Dan Thompson Weem’s Replica would prioritize call quality. The Zepp’s Kill Pole and Burnham Brother’s Mini-Blaster would prioritize durability, and the Crit’r Call Standard and Johnny Stewart PC-3 would prioritize variety.

No stress, find what you need, and be sure to watch Hunter’s Gear Guide for more great reviews!

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