THIS Is My New Favorite Reel For Nearshore Fishing


After a bunch of nearshore and offshore fishing trips this summer, I found my favorite reel for nearshore fishing!!

This reel has proven to pack a punch and it also is very lightweight which makes throwing artificial lures all day a piece of cake.

Learn more right here in this video!!

My New Favorite Reel For Nearshore Fishing [VIDEO]



Lately, I’ve been using strictly artificial lures only on my nearshore and offshore fishing trips.

This means it is critical to have a lightweight reel I don’t mind holding all day so I can make a lot of casts without getting tired.

In the past, I would always use no less than a 5000 or 6000-sized reel for nearshore and offshore trips.

But they are bulky and heavy.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the strength and performance of smaller reels out in deeper water for bigger fish.

On a recent trip not too long ago to Marco Island, I hooked into the two biggest red groupers I have ever caught before.

And even managed to reel in an over slot snook without a single hiccup in the reel.

Even though the fish were big and powerful, this small reel got the job done.

This small reel was responsible for the biggest fish of the day as well as the most fish caught.

It is worthy to note everyone else in the boat was using nothing less than a 6000-sized reel.

If you haven’t picked up on it already, I’m talking about the Daiwa BG MQ 3000.

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This is what I’ve found to work the best for me and my fishing scenarios since I caught the nearshore fishing bug!!

Daiwa BG MQ

Even though this is a smaller reel, it will hold over 200 yards of 20lb braided line.

If you are targeting kingfish, snook, cobia, etc., then this outfit can get the job done.

This reel is just around 9 oz. in weight which is huge because a long day of casting can be a toll on the arms.

It is also worth noting that the BG MQ is Daiwa’s lowest-priced reel in the monocoque body design with strategically placed seals inside the reel itself.


My objective is to start a conversation and to show you that you don’t NEED a giant reel to catch big fish nearshore or offshore.

The gear we use for inshore saltwater fishing is no doubt applicable in a nearshore setting.

If you fish nearshore or offshore and cast lots of artificial lures, then you definitely should give the Daiwa BG MQ 3000 a try.


What nearshore or offshore fishing reel do you use and why?

Let us know your answer down in the comments!

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