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The aggressive cold adapted big game animal moose hunting requires a lot of talent and hunting skills. The large creature inhabit the forests of North America, and here it is known as elk. To more know about moose behavior and hunting methods, please visit our blog Moose Hunting.

This adventurous hunting practice can be done in the rutting season, from late September and throughout October. Moose are mostly active during this season and will respond quickly to your hunting calls.

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The best time for the moose hunt is early in the morning and late in the evening, during cooler parts of the day, as moose are active during these times.

  • According to survey estimation, there are about 1,000,000 moose in North America.
  • While you are on a moose hunt, make sure you know everything about the trophy moose, as the animal can kick very hard in any direction and even 5 years old moose calves can cause severe damage to humans.
  • For the late fall season, the areas near the water bodies should be ideal to start with, similarly during the mid-day you can find a moose resting in ridge tops or meadows.
  • Try to locate moose tracks and other signs like rubbed plants, chewed shrubs. Snow will make it easier to track a moose, do not forget to observe the burn and wetlands.

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Moose are present in 15 states of the United States, however only some of the states offers you the opportunities to hunt this aggressive trophy animal.

Some states of the USA, which although have significant population yet, do not declare moose a big game animal and do not allow moose hunting. Such states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Oregon, Connecticut and other such States.

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Here are top 5 best states for moose hunting, where you will not only see good populations but also enjoy big size moose. The best moose hunt states are,

  • Maine
  • Alaska
  • Washington
  • New Hemisphere
  • Idaho


Maine is always on the top list of hunter’s choice as it is one of the states with abundant moose populations. The moose hunting season starts here in September and lasts till the end of November. Maine, the state of private and public land, has the overall success rate about 70%. The Eastern side has most of the subspecies of moose. Apply for the Maine hunting license before the actual season and follow the other state rules and regulations for an enjoyable hunting trip.


Alaska is one of the best states for overall hunting and fishing. One can find moose overall in the state however, the interior and south-central Alaska has denser moose population. Fall hunting, Alaskan season, is a kind of tradition. Alaska has one of the heaviest moose with an average weight of about 1900 pounds. For fall moose hunting, be ready to climb up the rough hills. Check the state rules and have proper knowledge about the legal hunting lands before making any attempt.

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Washington moose hunting season starts in October and runs throughout November. The northeastern side of the state offers you the best moose hunt opportunities as it is densely populated with Shiras Moose. The best places to find moose are the deep vegetation sites or open field. Moose hunting in later season might be tricky as many places are inaccessible due to snow.

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New Hemisphere:

The state has very regulated moose hunt opportunities and the season starts in the mid of October and lasts only about 9 days. The southwestern side offers the best Eastern Moose. The hunting permit is allotted to a minimum number of hunters. These all regulations maintain a good moose population and here bulls are average weight of 920 pounds.


Idaho is the attraction for hunters with overall success rate of 100%. Despite hunting pressure, the state has about 10,000 to 12,000 as they are well adapted to overcome hunting pressure. The state offers the best population of the smallest variety of moose, moose here are adapted to different habitats and can be found all over the state however, the lands near the Canadian border has denser populations. The state has some limitations about lands, bag limit, hunting methods so make sure you check all those rules for smooth hunting activities.

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