Best Bow Sights 2024(Compound-Hunting-Target)With Reviews


In this section, we will cover all the necessary information you need to keep in mind when you’re buying a bow sight.

Things to Consider When Buying A Bow Sight

Here are some of the things you should consider when shopping for a bow sight.

Pin Diameter

You should look for a small pin diameter if you want a high-quality sight. The pin is the thing that usually makes the difference between a good and poor sight. When it comes to sight pins, you should also keep in mind that the smaller they are the better it is. They also need to be stiff and strong enough to be able to handle your shooting conditions.

Basic pin diameters are .029, 019, and 010. The latter one comes with more aiming that’s more precise. A larger pin doesn’t have the same accuracy as a smaller pin due to the fact it typically covers more parts of your prey. On the other hand, with a smaller pin, you can precisely aim where you want your prey to be shot.

Pin Number

Make sure that you choose the number of pins carefully if you’re looking for a multi pin bow sight. Something you should remember is that several pins doesn’t always mean that you will get better results. Multiple pins set for different yardages can get confusing, especially in hunting situations when your heart is beating quickly and your thought process is rushed.

The maximum number of pins you can select is seven, and the minimum is one.

Evaluate the range you plan to shoot. With this information, you can determine what the perfect number of pins for you and your needs. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the level of adjustments you will make.

Many bow hunters are moving towards fixed pin sights and pendulum sights. These single pin sights eliminate the confusion that multi pin bow sights can introduce.

Hand Orientation

Another thing you will need to consider is the hand orientation of the sight. While some are designed only for left or right-handed shooters, there are also bow sights that are designed with both in mind.

Easy Adjustment

There are vertical and horizontal adjustments that make up the angle of the shooter and the wind speed, which will change the path of the arrow. Make sure that the sight you decide to purchase has an easy adjustment process.

While some bow sights use an Allen wrench, others use adjustments knobs. Of course, we would suggest going with the adjustment knobs, and this is especially important if you’re a beginner.


Something else worth considering is the durability of the bow sight. You should always go for a sight that’s lightweight, sturdy, and has an aluminum design. Even though going with a plastic sight will be more affordable, it definitely won’t be as sturdy and durable as a sight made out of aluminum.

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For this reason, we suggest that you pick an aluminum model that will last you for a longer period of time. If you’re on a tight budget, you can go with a combination of both plastic and aluminum. This combination model will be stronger than a bow sight made entirely out of plastic.

A good bow case will help protect your bow sight as well as your bow, however that will not protect against a dry fire, which could damage your sight as well as your bow.


What we mean by extras are some special features you will find on that exact model as well as additional accessories that come with the bow sight. When it comes to unique features, make sure that you check if the product you’re getting has a rheostat light, yardage dials, and bubble levels.

When speaking of accessories, look for a model that comes with sight tape or installation tools. Even though these accessories can be very useful, keep in mind that oftentimes these extras increase the price of the product.


Even though some shooters like a bit more weight on their bows so they have a more stable aim, aiming with more mass for a longer period of time can affect your aiming precision and strain your arm. To prevent causing strain on your muscles, we suggest that you get a sight that won’t add a lot of weight to your weapon.

Aiming Tips

While we’re on the topic of bow sights, we want to offer you some aiming tips. Some of them are practical, while others are technical, but hopefully, you will find something that will help you elevate your shooting game.

Remember that shooting accurately with a bow sight still requires you to develop proper archery form.

Tuning is Important

When it comes to shooting, the setup definitely matters. If your bow sight falls out of adjustment easily or isn’t adjusted properly, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for.

It can be a frustrating process to tune a compound bow, especially if you’re a beginner, and it takes patience, effort, and time to learn how to do it the right way. Your results won’t be satisfied until you’ve learned how to properly tune a bow. If the bow isn’t tuned right, your aim means nothing.

We like to use the walk back tuning method to get our bow, arrow rest and bow sight in tune.

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Click here for a guide to the best beginner compound bows.

Shoot Relaxed

You will cause strain on your muscles if you shoot a lot of arrows in a short period of time. Make sure that you give your muscle a bit of time to rest between shots. Even though it might not seem like a couple of seconds will be of any help, taking a bit of time to relax can help in preventing muscle strain. Shaking is a result of muscle strain, which decreases your accuracy.

Squeeze Don’t Pull

In order to shoot as accurately as possible, you are going to want to use a high quality bow release. These archery release aids utilize a trigger for releasing the bowstring smoothly. Learn to gently squeeze the trigger, letting the release surprise you, rather than pulling the trigger, which results in an inaccurate shot.

Change Your Shooting Platform

You need to practice shooting from an elevated platform if you’re a treestand hunter. If that isn’t an option for you, you can shoot from your deck or have a ladder stand in your yard to create a downward shooting angle. You need to practice finding your anchor point, bending at the waist, and maintaining a consistent grip while you’re shooting at a downward angle.

Avoid Eye Strain

Eye strain is something that will decrease the clarity of your sight. If you happen to be shooting outdoors, then this issue will definitely be prevented. It’s a good idea to block the light with a hat or use sunglasses if your eyes can’t take bright light well. Something that will make it more difficult to focus is the bright light that will cause eyestrain.

Eyestrain is something that should be considered by indoor archers as well. Even though you won’t have any problems with the light from the sun, there are plenty of other issues that can lead to eyestrain.

For example, looking at a screen such as your phone for a longer period of time can cause a strain on your eyes. Another cause can be focusing on a specific object for a longer period of time. For this reason, we would recommend that you take a break every once in a while to give your eyes some rest while you’re aiming.

Shoot with Two Eyes Open

Professional archers typically shoot with both of their eyes open.

You have better vision when you’re using both of your eyes and this will give you a very clear advantage. You might have noticed this if you’ve ever visited an optician for an eye exam. The eyes work to create a clearer image when you open both of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bow Sights

How do I Pick a Bow Sight?

You need to consider the features and the price of the bow sight when you’re making a purchase. The first thing you need to determine when choosing the right bow sight for you is the type of bow that you will be using. You will need to determine the distances you intend to shoot and the type of hunting you plan to do. A good quality bow sight will help you become a better shooter, so it’s important that you choose wisely. A good quality sight will give you clear aiming points when you’re shooting in low-light conditions and they are also easier to dial in.

What is a Good Affordable Bow Sight?

A good affordable bow sight is the Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight .Make sure that you don’t overlook pin brightness and that you look for several mounting positions in the riser-attachment bracket, as well as being able to individually adjust each of the pins. Another important thing is that the product is durable and doesn’t get completely beat up after a couple of seasons of hunting.

What is the Best Long-range Bow Sight?

The best long range bow sight is the IQ Bowsights Micro 5-Pin.

When searching for a bow sight model with long-range, you need to pick a moveable model. You can choose between a multi-pin movable or a single-pin movable. But something that is a must is dial-to-the-yard capability. Make sure that the moveable-pin sight you choose doesn’t make any noise and rattle. Some other features a long-range bow sight must have are second and third-axis adjustability and a dovetail bar.

Do I Need any Tools to Adjust my Sight?

There are some bow sights that use an Allen wrench for adjustments but most modern models make it easy for you by offering a tool less adjustment. Apart from the Allen wrench, you don’t need anything else when it comes to adjustments.

What Are the Advantages of Single-pin Bow Sights?

The most notable advantage that a single pin sight has is the clear sight picture they offer. Aside from this benefit, a single pin sight has better performances when you’re shooting from a long distance and they can be dialed in to hit precise distances.

We do need to mention that there are also some disadvantages. These are the fact that they aren’t capable of adjusting the distance at full draw and they are a bit too slow in certain situations.

Happy hunting!


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