Best Head Torch For Fishing 2024: A Total Fishing Tackle Review

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Best Head Torch For Fishing 2024: A Total Fishing Tackle Review

If you are one of the many anglers who fish into the hours of darkness, then there a few must have items that will make your life easier and safer. A good quality head torch will ensure you can fish effectively at night and help prevent you from tripping, slipping, or falling.

We have put together a list of the best carp fishing head torches, covering all price points and with a variety of features!


Well, 20 years ago yes. But now, there are a myriad of features, charging options, power options, battery duration and tons more to consider! For many anglers, a basic head torch is just fine but there are a few considerations to take into account that are very specific to angling.

Beam colour is very important. When angling, a white light can not only be very intrusive to other anglers, but in some situations, it may well affect your fishing as well. A head torch that has a red beam will be easier on the eye for you and your neighbours, as well as maintaining your night vision better than a white light.

Battery Duration/Charging. If you are planning on fishing for longer periods, like a weeklong French trip for example, then you will need to ensure your head torch doesn’t run out of power after 3 or 4 days. Spare batteries are easy to carry and are relatively inexpensive, but a rechargeable head torch is kinder to the environment and can be charged off a battery pack in your bivvy during the day when a head torch is not required.

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Beam Distance. For most of us, the head torch is likely to be used in and around your bivvy. A long beam distance may not be top of your list of features but if you are an angler who regularly walks a fair distance during the hours of darkness, then a more powerful beam may be a good idea. This option is great for river anglers who fish the first few hours into dark before retreating to the car, often walking a long way through fields and down unlit country roads. In this scenario, a more powerful beam is essential, as it is for those carp anglers who are fishing large pits that allow the use of a boat. A long distance, more powerful beam is also a great asset in that situation.

With all this said and done, what is the best head torch for fishing? Well, because of the variety on offer and the vast difference in price, it wouldn’t be fair to pick one so we have chosen three head torches at three different price points that we think will cover all the bases.

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Ok, so there you have three head torches that cover all price points. But, if we had to pick our favourite it would be the Ridgemonkey VRH150X.

Alongside the twin colour output and variable brightness levels, the hard-wearing rubberised outer and IP64 water and dust resistance makes the VRH150X an essential item for your fishing, camping and hiking trips.With adjustable brightness ranging from 30-160 lumens, the VRH150X is perfect for dark nights and overnight stays. The headtorch also features a clever night location setting which enables you to keep the headtorch on at 1% power, ensuring that you can easily find your headtorch in the dark.

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Andy Grenfell