7 Best Glock Sights (Complete List)


One of the first upgrades you can do to a Glock is adding the best Glock sights. The standard Glock sights are lacking, and many people do not like them.

Adding the best Glock sights will increase your accuracy and be able to shoot quicker, especially if you are used to a three-dot sight setup.

Because of the popularity of Glocks, there are a lot of options, and this post will recommend the best Glock sights you can buy.

This post will review the best Glock sights for every generation and model.

Best Glock Sights

Why Upgrade Your Glock Sights?

Nothing is better than upgrading and modifying guns and especially Glocks. Now I will say from the factory, out of the box, they are great guns, and you can take it to the range or use it for home defense, and it’s ready to go as is.

However, upgrading your Glock will make it better and more user-friendly to your specific preference.

Swapping out the sights is a quick and easy upgrade. There are a lot of different options to choose from.

If you are getting older and your eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be, getting some bright or high-contrast iron sights will help you aim.

Also, adding a night sight is great for home defense or concealed carry.

Upgrading your sights can be done fairly inexpensively and are worth it.

Increased Accuracy

Best Glock Sights

You can shoot what you can’t see, and having some high-visibility sights will help you shoot more accurately.

The square notch that comes standard on all Glocks as a rear sight is okay. It leaves a lot of room for improvement.

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The more traditional three-dot sight setup and is what comes on most pistols and is what most shooters have become accustomed to.

Again, higher visibility iron sights and better contrast from the front to rear sight will increase your accuracy potential. This also depends on the shooter. If you can’t shoot, to begin with, then you need to practice the fundamentals, and no amount of accessories or upgrades will fix bad techniques.

Shooting Faster

Best Glock Sights

You can pick up a sight picture quicker if you have better aftermarket sights on your Glock.

This will allow you to get on target quicker and transition between multiple targets quicker. Again, being able to see the sights and line up the front and rear is easier with raised or high-visibility sights.

With proper training and practice, you should notice a significant difference in your shooting speed with upgraded Glock sights.

How To Replace Your Glock Sights

Best Glock Sights

There are two ways to change out your Glock sights. First, you can take your slide to a gunsmith or certified armorer, and they will do it for you.

This is easy, but they will charge you a fee, and you might have to wait a while, depending on how many work orders they have ahead of you.

The other option is to do it yourself. This is fairly easy as long as you have the proper tools, and I can’t stress that enough.

Being the way I am, impatient, the first time I swapped out pistol sights, I didn’t have the proper tools, and it wasn’t pleasant. I almost destroyed my sights and slide.

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I pretty much beat the sights off with a hammer and punch. Almost destroyed both.

So learn from my mistakes and but the proper tools if you are doing it yourself.

Best Glock Sights

You will need a sight pusher tool and a vice installed on a workbench. You may need a small punch set and a screwdriver set.

Be aware that the rear sight groove is thicker on one side, so when removing and installing the rear sight, it will only come off one way and go on that same side.

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