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Finding Your Next Fish Hooks: A Buyer’s Guide

Fishing hooks may seem far simpler than the rod or the line, but they’re actually just as complex, with different shapes and styles for different folk. This buyer’s guide should help you figure out what type of fishing hook you need.

What Is a Fish Hook?

A fish hook is a hook that’s attached to the line of your fishing rod. It usually holds some form of bait and is responsible for actually catching the fish. Depending on the type of hook, it can either be used to ensure you get that catch or be used to catch fish with minimal damage.

Why Is It Important To Have a Fish Hook?

It lets you fish efficiently

Some people may think that it’s impossible to fish without using a hook, but that’s not the case. You only really need to ensure that the fish actually gets caught, so in theory, catching fish with bait attached to the line is enough, provided that it doesn’t let go. Of course, this is rarely the case, and you’ll need a hook to ensure that the fish doesn’t escape once it falls for the bait.

Fishing with fish hooks is a lot better than fishing with other methods such as spearfishing or fishing with nets. For one, it’s a relatively easy way to fish – spearfishing requires extreme accuracy and reaction time, for example. It also doesn’t damage fish nearly as much as something like spearfishing.

It allows you to fish more dynamically

Fishing hooks are made differently, with some designed in specific ways for specific reasons. For example, a circle hook is designed to minimize damage to the fish as much as possible, whereas knife edge hooks are made for maximum penetration, guaranteeing that the fish never escapes the hook. These differences can change the way you fish drastically, which will allow you to be prepared for all sorts of situations.

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Tips When Using a Fish Hook

Get hooks of different sizes

Hooks can vary not only in type but in size as well. Depending on the size of the fish you’re aiming for, you’ll want to pick the size that best suits the given situation. This will take some time to learn, but eventually, you’ll figure out which hooks are too small or too big for your catches.

Have a few different hook types ready

Even though you can technically go fishing with just one type of hook, it never hurts to have a few different types available. This will allow you to change your strategies if your current hooks aren’t cutting it. For example, if you aren’t having success with actually luring in fish, then a jig hook could present the bait in a more natural manner to entice potential fish.

What Are the Different Types of Fish Hooks?

Spear point hooks

Spear point hooks are some of the most common hooks available today. This is because it’s a great hook that will work in most situations. It’s got decent penetration power, which means that while it’ll keep the fish secure, it won’t cause too much damage, either. Novices will find spear point hooks very easy to use and are great for teaching people how to fish for the first time.

Knife edge hooks

Knife edge hooks are designed for penetration. The barbs point away and are incredibly sharp, ensuring that once it sinks into the fish’s flesh, it stays there. Unfortunately, this also means that the fish will be damaged quite a bit, so if you’re trying to catch a fish safely, then this isn’t the hook for you.

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Needle point hooks

Needle points are very different from knife-edge hooks. They sink in fairly easily and are designed to cause minimal damage to the fish. They’re still fairly effective at keeping the fish on the hook, but you’ll need to get used to them to really use them well.

Jig hooks

Jig hooks stand out because of the fact that they have a right angle near the eye. This allows the hook to move in the water fairly easily. The natural motions of the hook will allow the attached bait to seem more natural as well, increasing the chances of a bite.

Treble hooks

Treble hooks are hooks that look more like anchors than actual hooks. They are designed to ensure you get a good catch no matter where the fish bites, with three hooks instead of one. Of course, this will cause quite a bit of damage to the fish, so keep that in mind when using them.

Baitholder hooks

Baitholder hooks are the type of hooks you use if you want to, well, use bait. There are barbs close to the eye that ensure the bait doesn’t go anywhere while underwater.

Worm hooks

Worm hooks are specialized hooks designed for worms specifically. The design allows the worm to be attached to the hook while making it appear natural.

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