Best rechargeable flashlights of 2024


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We tested hundreds of flashlights and headlamps. And each has been run through our extensive battery of tests, including runtime, output, and beam distance measurements. We test flashlights to help you make an informed decision on the best flashlight or headlamp to fit your needs. Unlike other websites that say “researched the best” …. which means, they read Amazon product reviews. Fail!

This list doesn’t contain flashlights that just run on rechargeable batteries. All flashlights can. All the flashlights in this list are thoroughly tested, and can be charged without taking the batteries out!

Flashlight collection

Unlike the authors of most of the “Top 10 best rechargeable flashlight” lists you will find on the internet, our team has collectively owned and reviewed hundreds of flashlights with decades of experience. Many of those Top 10 lists are written by people with little knowledge of flashlights or first-hand experience with them, evidenced by their very poor recommendations (no, that 1,000,000 lumen zoomable flashlight you see on Amazon is not a great flashlight). Below are our recommendations for the best rechargeable flashlights on the market. So, if you want the best, make sure you read the full review to see if it fits your needs.

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Best small USB flashlight

Best rechargeable LED flashlights with 18650 batteries

Some of the best USB-C rechargeable flashlights

Best rechargeable flashlight with 32650 battery

Top 3 Brightest rechargeable flashlights with most lumens

FAQ about Rechargeable torches

Are these really the best rechargeable flashlights?

Although new flashlights are popping up in online stores almost daily, it’s impossible to test and review every single flashlight on the market. This list is not exhaustive but represents the best and most-requested flashlights. 1Lumen strives to provide you with the latest and most thorough reviews, so if you would like to see a particular light tested, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll have a look. We are always open to suggestions and try to provide you with the best and brightest. Our goal is to have the “best rechargeable flashlight list” on the Internet.

Any words of caution?

When looking for a rechargeable flashlight, proper care and handling are important factors to consider. Although rechargeable flashlights are pretty safe, most of them still contain lithium batteries, and lithium-ion batteries can cause fires or even explode if mishandled. Always consult the user manuals for safe handling and use of lithium batteries. It’s dangerous to try charging disposable batteries in a flashlight!

Should I buy a rechargeable flashlight or lithium ion batteries on eBay, Amazon, Banggood, or Aliexpress?

A word of advice: Buy at your own risk. Most flashlights sold on eBay are an unknown brand and rely on slow Micro USB or USB-C charging systems, non existent low-voltage protection for the lithium battery, dodgy electronics, and sometimes really poor quality. Spend the extra money and get a rechargeable flashlight from a reputable brand like Thrunite, Astrolux, Mateminco, Fenix, Olight, and Acebeam. The same rule applies when buying lithium ion batteries. Always buy batteries from reputable sellers, and be sure to only purchase name brand batteries from Samsung, Sony, LG, Molicel, and Sanyo/Panasonic.

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Types of rechargeable flashlights

There are currently 3 main charging solutions for flashlights, and each of them has pros and cons. So, before you purchase a flashlight, make sure you know what type of rechargeable flashlight fits your needs. You only know how you want to use your flashlight. Choosing ‘the best ones’ depend solely on your requirements.

Here are the 3 types:

  1. With USB ports (Micro USB, USB-C)
  2. Magnetic charging (Proprietary systems)
  3. DC Power adapter (Kind of proprietary)
  • What are the Pros & cons of Micro USB and USB-C Charging

  • What’s the deal with Magnetic charging?

  • What are some benefits of DC Power Adapters/Barrel Jacks?

  • Anything else interesting to note?

  • How about rechargeable headlamps?

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