Best Budget PCP Air Rifles – Top 7 Affordable Air Guns (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)


While most shooting enthusiasts would tell you that the real experience of a hunt can only be felt when you have a traditional shotgun, I would like to tell you otherwise. There is nothing better than a good old PCP air rifle. 

Not only am I saving a lot on pellets after the switch to these air guns, but it was also very easy to get one as it’s not considered a firearm.

I also got to choose from a wide variety, since they are legal. As a fan of rifles, I felt like a kid at a candy store while looking at all the models and coming across some really impressive numbers. 

This is why I have made this very listicle about some of the best budget PCP air rifles I came across. If you are interested, feel free to read on!

Best Budget PCP Air Rifle

I like to do my research when I make a gun purchase – not just for getting my hands on the best deals but also to learn more about how the rifles I do not buy would compare to the ones that I will. 

Here is the list of the best budget PCP air rifles that you can find on the market. 

1. Air Venturi Avenger

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If you were saving money up for a traditional gun, consider changing your priority to buying the Air Venturi Avenger PCP gun instead. 

Not only is it decently priced at around $300 (changes may vary according to store and website), it has a lot of extra features that outshine what you might get in a regular shotgun.

At a decent .22 caliber (5.5 mm), the gun has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. With a weight of around 6lbs, the gun is a beautiful, matte-like black color along with a fully shrouded barrel. 

The stock is synthetic and the gun even has a Picatinny rail section on the front of the stock for mounting accessories like lasers and bipods. 

The PCP is a repeating air rifle that has an external regulator up to 3000pst/210 bar and a max fill pressure of 4351 psi/300 bar. The trigger is adjustable and comes with a safety manual. The shooting experience has a phenomenal response from users as the gun seems to have it all – appearance, speed, accuracy, and consistency.

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The following is a compilation of the accuracy of the Air Venturi Avenger when used with different types of pellets. 

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPEAccuracy
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)884.18 FPS36.71 FPEGreat
JSB Diabolo Exact(10.34 Grain)978.75 FPS22 FPEGreat (best for long-range)
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme(9.57 Grain)935.83 FPS18.61 FPEBest
JSB Jumbo(18.23 Grain)970 FPS38.1 FPEBest
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)919.55 FPS27.53 FPEGreat (best for long-range)

As you can see, domed-shaped pellets like H&N Field Target Trophy and JSB Diablo Extract are the best for your Air Venturi Avenger. 

It is no doubt that with its consistency, accuracy, and price, people are loving the Air Venturi Avenger . 

The best part feature of this gun is probably the number of extra features it has and how adjustable it is with accessories. If you are a beginner at PCPs and shooting, I recommend you get this gun as a starter. 

  • Affordable
  • Great accuracy
  • Lightweight and continuous shooting
  • Lots of additional features
  • Great appearance
  • Stock adjustability
  • Need to empty air to decrease regulator

2. Beeman QB Chief

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The Beeman QB Chief is another affordable PCP that allows you to get more for a lesser amount. The rifle has a max velocity of 1000 FPS (in .177) which allows this stylish gun to shoot up to 50 rounds at .177 cal and 35 rounds at .22 cal

The PCP is a bolt-action, single-shot gun that comes with a safety manual for protection as well. 

Owners of this gun have commended how smooth the gun’s trigger adjustment is and how, with a little modification, they could achieve great accuracy. 

With a 2000 psi fill pressure, the gun gives powerful shots with each reloading. The gun also comes with an included fiber optic sight that they can mount on the 11mm Dovetail rail. 

The following table is a test done to show how different pellets work with the Beeman QB Chief PCP air gun. 

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPEAccuracy
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)999.97 FPS46.95 FPEBest
JSB Diabolo Exact(10.34 Grain)978.75 FPS22 FPEGreat
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme(9.57 Grain)935.83 FPS18.61 FPEBest
JSB Jumbo(18.23 Grain)970 FPS38.1 FPEGreat
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)919.55 FPS27.53 FPEGreat 

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Considering the fact that this rifle comes with such prominent and powerful features, you might assume that it is priced expensively. However, this budget-friendly gun is priced at around $250 (changes according to sellers) which is a decent price for a good gun. 

Another additional feature of this gun is its traditional looks, which appeals to fans of regular rifles. As a combination of good looks, affordability, and accuracy, the Beeman QB Chief will definitely leave you shocked with its great performance. 

  • Maximum 2000 FPS at an affordable rate
  • Classy, traditional design with wooden stock
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Adjustable
  • Value for money
  • Hard to load for some owners
  • Comparatively louder than other rifles

3. Benjamin Fortitude Gen 2

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If you are someone who enjoys the feel of an adjustable rifle at hand, the Benjamin Fortitude Gen 2 might just be the air gun for you. 

Priced decently at around $320 (depending on the seller), the PCP comes with a lot of features that can give competition to a lot of high-end guns out there.

The company Benjamin is known for its great guns, and the Fortitude Gen 2 combines the best features of all its good guns. 

With a regulated 3000 PSI cylinder, it allows you to shoot consistently for about 10 rounds. With a maximum velocity of about 950 FPS, reviews have said that the gun is built for long, consistent shot strings. 

Another treat for its buyer is its many adjustable features. The Fortitude Gen 2 has an adjustable spring tension which can be tampered with to get more power. Those who want more shots can counter-adjust it to reduce velocities and get up to 200 shots. 

Weighing just around 5.3 lbs, it is easy to carry even in the roughest of weather as its stock is made to mount a sling. The following is a table to show the performance of the Benjamin Fortitude Gen 2 air rifle. 

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPEAccuracy
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)729.69 FPS25 FPEDecent
JSB Diabolo Exact(10.34 Grain)978.75 FPS22 FPEGreat
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme(9.57 Grain)946.49 FPS17.05 FPEBest
JSB Jumbo(18.23 Grain)785.78 FPS25 FPEDecent
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)876.24 FPS25 FPEGreat 

With so many features and additional add-ons, the Benjamin Fortitude Gen 2 makes for a great beginner’s rifle, as well as a perfect weapon for plinking enthusiasts. This is the gun that you can practice with for hours on end. Not to forget, company Benjamin is a renowned manufacturer that you can easily trust when buying your first rifle. 

  • Great accuracy
  • Affordability
  • Ambidextrous stock
  • Highly adjustable with all sorts of accessories
  • Includes sling mounts
  • Lightweight
  • Stock is made of plastic

4. Hatsan Flash QE

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If you are a plinking enthusiast like me with your backyard as your training field, I recommend getting the Hatsan Flash QE. 

This air gun is a silent killer that allows you to shoot at great accuracy with its amazing features that come at the affordable price of just about $320 (changes may vary according to sellers). 

The bolt action air rifle has a maximum velocity of 1250 FPS at a .177 caliber which gives you high accuracy and power at a very affordable rate. 

Although it is a great gun for plinking, it is also well suited for taking out on a hunt as it is suitable for all weather conditions with its synthetic, skeleton stock. 

The gun is lightweight, with a lightness of only 5.9 lbs. It also comes with a fully shrouded barrel and a quick fill nozzle that prevents the wastage of any gas in case the rifle comes in contact with a force. 

Hatsan Flash QE is regulated at a rate of 2900 psi that allows for at least 35 shots per fill. 

The following is an accuracy test conducted to understand the performance of the Hatsan Flash QE air gun. 

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPEAccuracy
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)923 FPS40 FPEGreat
JSB Diabolo Exact(10.34 Grain)1023 FPS24.03 FPEBest
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme(9.57 Grain)935.83 FPS18.61 FPEGreat
JSB Jumbo(18.23 Grain)993.94 FPS40 FPEGreat
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)1108.37 FPS40 FPEBest

With 2 indexing magazines and a single shot stray, Hatsan Flash QE combines everything you need in a beginner’s PCP rifle to give you the best performance and plinking experience. 

  • Skeletonized synthetic stock
  • Anti-knock out system that prevents wastage of gas
  • Adjustable cheek piece and wheel
  • Many features at affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • No regulator
  • Magazines are not the best

5. Umarex Gauntlet

Best Budget PCP Air Rifles - Top 7 Affordable Air Guns (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)

Umarex is a popular gun brand and the Umarex Gauntlet is one of its best products – fortunately, at an affordable price of around $329 as well. 

The rifle gives its user a good balance of weight, accuracy, and great power in each of its immense shot strings. 

The Umarex Gauntlet has an onboard regulator tank of around 3000 psi that allows it to shoot with great accuracy and power. The gun has been tested and the results show that you can achieve the following number of shots based on each caliber – 60 (.22 cal) and 70 (.177 cal). 

You can get up to 10 shots each round and the moderated barrel will let no sound disturb your neighborhood when you are on a hunting or plinking spree. 

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The trigger is adjustable and the dovetail rail is about 11mm. The following is a test conducted on the accuracy of the Umarex Gauntlet.

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPEAccuracy
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)661.25 FPS20.53 FPEDecent
JSB Diabolo Exact(10.34 Grain)945.49 FPS20.53 FPEGreat
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme(9.57 Grain)982.79 FPS20.53 FPEBest
JSB Jumbo(18.23 Grain)712.07 FPS20.53 FPEDecent
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)794.05 FPS20.53 FPEDecent

Another forgettable but very useful feature is its adjustable cheek piece. Most of the time, even if your gun has great numbers, it can be difficult to enjoy when you are not comfortable holding it.

  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Silent and consistent
  • Highly adjustable
  • Affordable and stylish
  • Highly accurate
  • Slightly heavy

6. Gamo Urban

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The Gamo Urban PCP air rifle has been commended as a good starter gun for beginners as it has all the basic, necessary features one requires in a rifle. 

The gun comes with a removable rotary magazine and has 11mm dovetail grooves. It looks sleek and the barrel is hammer-forged into its modern design.

The maximum velocity is around 800 FPS which allows the rifle to shoot multiple times in rotations. The gun has a built-in air pressure gauge which has a quick-fill port system and comes with an integrated Whisper Maxxim silencer at the front end. 

As you can tell, the manufacturers have not only taken into consideration adding great features to this rifle, but also made sure it was designed practically and attractively. 

The Shock Wave Absorber (SWA) has a rubber recoil pad that also keeps your shoulder safe from recoil and reduces the action by up to 74%. 

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The following table is a test on the Gamo Urban to test its performance and accuracy. 

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPEAccuracy
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)717.33 FPS24.16 FPEGreat
JSB Diabolo Exact(10.34 Grain)799.03 FPS14.66 FPEBest
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme(9.57 Grain)618.03 FPS8.12 FPEDecent
JSB Jumbo(18.23 Grain)772.46 FPS24.16 FPEBest
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)783.06 FPS19.97 FPEBest

The rifle takes care of its owner’s safety and it is great to have a rifle that works silently and powerfully as well. Although its 3-Medium loudness makes it appropriate for pest hunting, the Gamo Urban is more beneficial for stealthily hunting and catching prey. 

  • Affordability combined with adjustability
  • Practical design that is also helpful
  • Shock Wave Absorber
  • Ambidextrous thumbhole
  • All-weather stock
  • Stiff triggers for some people

7. Diana Storm Rider

Best Budget PCP Air Rifles - Top 7 Affordable Air Guns (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)

The company Diana has been a dependable manufacturer of airguns since the year 1892 and it is a recommendable brand for budget-friendly PCPs. 

The design resembles that of a regular gun with a synthetic wooden stock and an integrated muzzle brake moderator. 

The maximum fill pressure of the regulator is 2900 psi and the gun is a bolt action type of weapon with an adjustable trigger. The maximum muzzle velocity is around 1050 FPS (.177 cal) which means that one filling will allow you to have at least 40 shots. 

The gun is lightweight at the size of 4.6 lbs, so your hunting experience will be an easy one. 

The rifle comes with a manual, a 9-shot magazine, and a black, synthetic stock for your gun. Since its firing sound is very low at a 2-Low-Medium, this gun is perfect for use at any time of the day. 

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The following table is a test on the performance of the Diana Stormrider air rifle and its accuracy. 

PelletVelocity (FPS)FPEAccuracy
H&N Baracuda Match (21.14 Grain)744.14 FPS26 FPEDecent
JSB Diabolo Exact(10.34 Grain)1048.02 FPS25.22 FPEBest
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme(9.57 Grain)935.83 FPS18.61 FPEGreat
JSB Jumbo(18.23 Grain)1005.03 FPS40.9 FPEBest
H&N Field Target Trophy (14.66 Grain)893.60 FPS26 FPEGreat

The trigger is a comfortable one and the rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. 

Overall, the rifle puts together a great package for whoever uses it and is a comfortable pick for both the new and the experienced. 

  • Adjustable and affordable
  • Silent
  • Flexible purpose
  • Comfortable
  • Little loud compared to silenced air guns.
  • Small size of magazine.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing better than a good old PCP air rifle. While I do enjoy using regular shotguns and the whole process of shooting with them, I would choose a cheap PCP air gun over one of those heavy-on-the-pocket-and-hands weapons any day. Ever since I got myself one, I have taken every chance to go out, aim and shoot.

While those around me might not be pleased by my newfound love for plinking ever since I got a PCP, I really wanted to share all about these amazing budget rifles with those who might share the same enthusiasm for these weapons as me. 

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