Best New Compound Bow Accessories for 2024


From rests to sights to releases to stabilizers and quivers, bowhunting accessories have grown by leaps and bounds. The best new compound bow accessories for 2024 include rests and sights that mount to the back and front of the face of bow risers, quivers that hold micro-diameter arrows like glue, and carbon-fiber stabilizers that squelch noise and post-shot vibration. And when you find the right release, extreme accuracy follows.

Best New Releases for Bowhunters

Apex Gear Verdict Single Jaw BOA, Dual Jaw BOA, & Tellus Open Hook BOA

Apex Gear releases for bowhunters

Apex gives index-finger lovers options in 2024, and we’re excited about these wrist-strap-style releases as part of the best new compound bow accessories for 2024. Each features the BOA Fit System, ensuring exact comfort around the wrist and repeatable settings—no Velcro and buckles to stretch out. All three releases sport heads that pivot out of the way when not in use, a feature every bowhunter will applaud. The Verdict is a single-jaw release with a black polished steel jaw, trigger, and a torque-free head that rotates. The Terminus is a dual-jaw index finger with low friction CNC stainless-steel machined jaws and a crisp, sear-less firing mechanism. Rounding out this fantastic trio is the Tellus. This open-hook style index finger promotes rapid D-loop attachment, and it’s fitted with a forward trigger position that allows the archer to find and feel the trigger early in the shot cycle to reduce target panic.

T.R.U. Ball Centerline Release

Tru Ball Centerline Bow Release

T.R.U. Ball always has the goods, and 2024 is no different. Enter the Centerline Release—a wrist-strap index-finger winner with a straightforward design that promises no-fail use. The bail position to wrist-strap-position connection was created to reduce torque. The Tri-Star hook system utilizes a sports magnet that automatically resets this hook-style shooter every time it’s triggered. The Centerline comes standard with the Globo-Swivel (G.S.) strap that allows the archer to select different hole settings for finger reach that are spaced 3/16-inch apart.

Best New Arrow Quivers for Bowhunters

Octane Vault

Octane Archery vault quiver

Quivers don’t get much love, but they should. Get a bad one and your arrows will fall from your bow, your broadheads will rattle, and your bow balance will go to hell. Octane’s Vault is a multi-position quiver that’s extremely compact, lightweight, and German-tank tough. Weight is controlled by the Carbon Hybrid Frame, which also adds an element of strength, and the Oversized Quick Detach Lever Lock makes it fast to take off the quiver off and put it back on. The quiver is available in Mossy Oak Breakup Country or standard black.

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SEVR Max Grip Five-Arrow Quiver by TightSpot

SEVR Max Grip Five-Arrow Quiver

TightSpot makes one product—quivers—and they have created some of the best arrow-holders over the years. SEVR partnered with TightSpot to create the Max Grip and it makes the cut as one of the best new compound bow accessories for 2024. This quiver was engineered to perfectly hold arrows tipped with expandable, fixed, and hybrid-style broadheads, and was specifically crafted to hold SEVR’s Lock-and-Pivot blade system. Capable of holding five arrows, the quiver sports TightSpot’s all-new vented hood, and TighSpot’s patented three-way adjustment system allows the user to position the quiver tightly to the bow. BullDog arrow grippers are individually adjustable to ensure absolute and exact arrow pressure, and the included second arrow gripper is adjustable for positioning around bow accessories. The total quiver weight is 11 ounces, and the overall length is 16.5 inches.

Best New Stabilizers for Bowhunters

Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer

trophy ridge shock stop stabilizer

Not too long and not too short, Trophy Ridge’s new-for-2024 Shock Stop Stabilizer measures 8 inches long and contains dampening technology that marries perfectly with a carbon-fiber build to reduce post-shot vibration. The Shock Stop comes with two removable 1-ounce weights for increased customization, and a wrist strap and mounting bar are also included.

Apex End-Game Stabilizers

New Apex End Game Stabilizers

We love the name because the movie was incredible, but make no mistake, these 6- and 8-inch stabs are worth their salt in the lineup of the best new compound bow accessories for 2024. Both improve bow balance for increased accuracy, and both come with adjustable 1-ounce stainless-steel coated weights so archers can customize and find that “just right” out-front weight setting. The lightweight carbon-fiber build of the Apex End-Game cuts down on weight while boosting durability, and dampening rings between the weights absorb noise and vibration.

Best New Sights for Bowhunters

APEX Gear Aegis Fiber Optic Detachable Bracket & Standard Bracket Single-Pin Sights

Apex Aegis Compound Bow Sight

Single-pin fanatics will love the 1.8-inch ID aperture housing and single .019″ vertical pin design of APEX’s Aegis Fiber Optic Detachable Bracket & Standard Bracket Single-Pin sights. The Detachable Bracket costs a few more greenbacks. Still, the five-position rail that inserts and locks down into a bow-mounted clamp means easy sight removal for safe transport during storage and a customizable housing-from-riser distance. The Standard Bracket has all the bells and whistles, but archers get a trio of mounting options on a direct-to-riser frame instead of a detachable bracket.

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TRUGLO Veros 3-Pin

tru glo veros 3 pin bow sight

Three-pin sights are popular for many reasons. First, housing clutter is reduced, and three seems to be the magical number for setting pin distances of 20, 30, and 40 yards—common ranges in the whitetail woods. However, shooters can customize the three moveable pins on the Veros. RizeWrap angled fibers hold increased light to ensure maximum pin brightness in low light, and the Pro-Brite pin design further boosts pin visibility and ensures durability. Mid-bracket elevation and windage adjustments make sighting in easy, and the Tru-Touch soft feel technical coating reduces game-spooking noises.

Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie PM

Spot Hogg Picatinny Mount Fast Eddie Sight

Spot-Hogg does things the right way, and thus is the reason for their cult-like following. For 2024, the Fast Eddie legend continues with the all-new Fast Eddie PM. Wearing a Pic-Mount bar that attaches directly to the front of many modern-day bow riser Picatinny-rail systems, the Fast Eddie PM reduces overall bow weight, ensures absolute lockdown, and is tough as nails. The Fast Eddie PM has 2nd- and 3rd-axis leveling, comes with MRT sight rings, and is available in Spot-Hogg’s Single-Pin, Double Pin, Triple Stack, and 3-, 5-, or 7-Pin housings. The 6061 aluminum finish is a fade, chip, and scratch-resistant Type II anodized hard coat, and bowhunters get all the same features that have made the Fast Eddie a tried-and-true sight.

Best New Broadheads for 2024 [First Look]

Black Gold Mountain Lite Dual Trac

Black Gold Mountain Lite Dual Trac Compound Bow Sight

Get two aiming points and maximum housing visibility and movement with Black Gold’s Mountain Lite Dual Trac. Designed to keep bow weight down while boosting maneuverability, the ML base is compact and uber-light. The .019-inch Pro Pins are fitted with a narrower pin throat that ends in a perfectly matched rounded pinhead that creates less target blackout. The Dial of Death feature allows archers to instantly dial to pre-determined yardages with a dual indicator system for short and long yardage reference. The Mountain Lite Dual Trac comes with 54 sight tapes, and the PhotoChromatic shell perfectly adapts pin brightness to any lighting condition.

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Best New Arrow Rests for Bowhunters

QAD Integrate MX

QAD Integrate MX Drop Away Arrow Rest

No, QAD’s Integrate MX isn’t all-new for 2024; however, you can’t not mention it, as the design forever changed rest mounting. The Berger Hole is out, and riser-mounting is in, so almost every top-tier bow manufacturer has adopted QAD’s Integrate Mounting System. The rest is designed to mount to a pair of dovetail slits in the bow’s riser, which means no mounting blocks and screws, cutting down on accessory and bow weight. With adjustable windage and elevation of .0019 inch per click, the rest promises tunability, and its function is second to none. The launcher is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, and QAD includes launcher arm liners that prevent direct arrow-to-metal contact.

Hamskea Epsilon w/ C.O.R. Riser Interface Bracket


To reduce weight, boost tunability, and create a streamlined connection between the riser and rest, Hamskea gives compound shooters its Epsilon w/ C.O.R. Riser Interface Bracket. The C.O.R. bracket allows the rest to be mounted in line with the riser via a system that locks into the dovetail slits in many of today’s flagship bow risers. Detent micro-tune ensures additional windage and elevation adjustments, and Zero Tolerance technology eliminates lateral shaft movement. An elastomeric Rebound Dampener helps mitigate the shock transferred from the limb to the rest during the shot. Hamskea’s Delta V Arrow Guide and Riser Mounted Arrow Glide are included.

Vapor Trail Archery Gen Integrate 8X

Vapor Trail GEN INTEGRATE 8X Limb Driven Arrow Rest

Capable of mounting to the Integrate Mounting System found on almost every modern flagship compound, Vapor Trail’s Gen Integrate 8X is sleek and compact, weighing only 4.1 ounces. Made in the U.S., the rest is available in 14 interchangeable colors, and the Full Capture Cage has a side gate for quick and efficient arrow loading. The cage itself is crafted from carbon with a rubber over mold to ensure longevity and stealth, and the rest’s free-floating launcher arm supports the arrow for 70 percent of the shot cycle, which means increased accuracy.

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit V Max

Trophy Ridge V MAX Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

Not your standard Whisker Biscuit, the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit V-Max gives fixed-rest lovers increased accuracy and efficiency. The V-shaped design centers the arrow and prevents side-to-side movement, and the perpendicular bristles reduce vane drag, increasing arrow speed and accuracy. Tool-less miro-adjust windage and elevation further sweeten the pot.

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