How To Catch Bass In Summer | Strategies For Summer Bass Fishing

Video best bass lures for summer morning

Live bait

Live bait will generally produce more strikes from the lethargic summer fish. Wild or domestic Shiners and shad are usually the best baits to catch fish consistently. In addition, live bait will usually help attract the big bass that may not have been eager enough to move from their holding spot for a lure. Other popular forms of live bait are crawfish and worms, which both usually work and will attract fish even while it’s hot out.

Are Summer Bass Smaller

Often the bass caught during the summer seems to be smaller fish; this doesn’t mean there aren’t big bass to be caught, but smaller bass are more abundant during the summer season because they can withstand the heat better than big fish since their bodies require less oxygen to function.

Since smaller bass has a higher tolerance for warmer waters, they usually hang out higher in the water column than the big bass.

If there isn’t much vegetation or spots with the cover providing a good amount of shade, then more than likely, the big bass will be in deeper water, and fishing a drop-off or other deep areas will provide the best shot at a big bass in the summer.

Final Thoughts From The Pros

  • Bass are most active around dusk and dawn during the summer or whenever the sunlight is reduced, which puts them at an advantage over most prey. The cooler water temperatures in the early morning or late evening will spike both the prey and the bass activity.
  • Look for and target transition points within the features of the fishery. For example, look for sudden drop-offs with deeper water, heavy cover, brush piles, or current.
  • Largemouth bass will usually congregate in shady spots to cool off as the summer temperature spikes. So you may have to head deeper if there aren’t any shallower shaded areas for the fish to gang up in.
  • If fishing deep water areas for big smallmouth bass, be prepared to get hung up and lose a lot of tackle. This is another reason to look for shady areas or thrive on the small bass that roams closer to the surface.
  • Another pro tip is to keep the bait in the strike zone longer when summer bass fishing. When water gets hotter or colder than usual, there is less oxygen in the water, which slows down the metabolism of the local bass, which means less energy. Therefore, it’s essential to slow down your retrieve and keep the bait in the strike zone longer for a better chance at a bite.
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The Ultimate Summer Fishing Adventure

Experience the best summer fishing with a professional guide to take you where the bass hangs out to stay cool during the summer. Your guide will teach you all the insider tips based on years of experience, showing you how to catch fish regardless of the time of year. Even on hot summer days, most locations can produce if you know where to look. Spend relaxing time on the water catching numbers of bass or hunting to catch big bass that avoid the heat.

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