Best 2 3/4 Inch Turkey Loads [Reviewed]


When choosing the correct shot sizes for turkey hunting, you might know that you should reach for a size such as a #5 or #6 to increase your shot power. But, it’s also important to choose the most effective load. Both 2 ¾, 3, and 3 ¼ inch loads are the most common.

What’s the benefit of a 2 ¾ inch turkey load? This turkey load gives you enough power for reaching the maximum turkey hunting distance. When coupled with the right choke, it gives you a dense pattern so you can make a clean kill the next time you go turkey hunting.

With this in mind, you might wonder what the best turkey loads are. Here’s our guide to four of the best 2 ¾-inch loads.

2 ¾-inch Turkey Loads FAQ

Now that we’ve featured some of the best 2 ¾-inch turkey loads to buy to enhance your hunting, you might have some questions regarding shotgun chokes and gauges. Let’s explore them.

Is a turkey choke tighter than a full choke?

A turkey choke tube can increase your chance of accuracy because it improves your shotgun’s performance. It provides a denser pattern than a regular full-choke tube that might’ve come with your shotgun.

When you use a denser pattern, this ensures you can get more pellets into the bird’s vital organs, increasing your chance of making an instant, clean kill instead of wounding the turkey. This is especially important if you consider that turkeys have large bodies which are covered with dense feathers and therefore aren’t easy to penetrate.

When compared to a full choke, a turkey choke is slightly tighter. A full choke is .030 of an inch tighter than a cylinder choke, while most turkey chokes on the market will be .030 of an inch tighter than a full choke. A tighter choke is beneficial because it keeps the gun’s pellets together when fired.

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What is the best gauge shotgun for turkey hunting?

When it comes to shotgun gauges, a popular debate among hunters is whether a 12- or 20-gauge is more effective. Both have their pros and cons, and you can find quality hunting guns in both gauges. Let’s explore them so you can choose the best one for you.

A 12-gauge shotgun can accommodate larger shells which give you more pellets to increase your chances of striking the turkey’s vital organs. It’s also versatile, as you’ll be able to find more shell sizes and loads. However, a drawback of the 12-gauge shotgun is that it produces quite a bit of recoil. This makes it less-than-ideal if you don’t have much experience with using it to hunt.

By comparison, a 20-gauge shotgun produces less recoil. This makes it easier to shoot as you won’t move around from the vibration, which can cause you to make less accurate shots. If you have a small frame, using a 20-gauge shotgun will be more comfortable to handle. However, this gauge doesn’t offer as much versatility as the 12-gauge alternative.

When it comes to hunting turkeys at distances of 40+ yards, you can increase a 20-gauge’s effectiveness by loading it with TSS ammo. This type of ammo, known as Tungsten Super Shot, is a tungsten alloy material with greater density than regular tungsten as well as lead. It gives you increased effectiveness, making the 20-gauge as powerful as the 12-gauge shotgun.

Related Questions

What turkey choke works with TSS?

When choosing the best turkey choke for TSS ammo, generally you’ll do well with a choke of between .660 to .665 constriction. This works effectively with larger lead shots, such as the #4 and #5, which makes it versatile.

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Can you shoot turkey with a #2 shot?

While a #2 shot size works well for some birds, you should avoid using it when hunting turkeys. This is because it doesn’t provide enough pellets to give you a decent firing pattern for long-range shots. To find out more, read our guide, “#2 Shot for Turkey Hunting: Is It a Good Idea?”

Is a #8 shot size good for turkey hunting?

You should avoid using a #8 shot when turkey hunting. This shot is more suitable for hunting smaller animals. To find out more, read our guide, “Are 8 Shots Good for Turkey Hunting?”


If you’re ready to go turkey hunting and want to find the best 2 ¾-inch load, this guide has provided you with four of the best ones on the market.

We’ve also answered some questions you might have, such as what you should know about turkey chokes and what gauge shotgun you should use when hunting turkeys to bag more of them.


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