The Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for Various Boat Styles

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Not all trolling systems are made the same. You have to choose a trolling motor with a spot lock for your angler. The best spot lock trolling motor improves your recreational fishing experience because it has a GPS coordinate that prolongs fishing time and less hustle with current and wind.

Furthermore, a trolling motor with a GPS anchor allows you to virtually anchor your boat through a remote or foot pedal. Only a push of a button or stepping on the pedal will automatically direct your trolling motor. The spot lock holds you in your position despite the presence of wind and current. Check out the following features:

What trolling motors have a spot-lock? You’ll find the best trolling motors with the spot lock feature in this list.

Top 7 Spot-Lock Trolling Motor Reviews

1. Minn Kota Ulterra Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Minn Kota B01M5E489I The Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for Various Boat Styles

Since I always launch my 17-ft fiberglass bass by myself, this spot lock trolling motor 24v brings so much convenience. Minn Kota is consistent in making the best trolling motors!

With its auto-deploy function, it’s the right equipment for solo fishing trips. It pulls the boat around without giving me so much trouble, and anchoring becomes a breeze as well. Based on my observation, it’s ideal for flat water.

Another thing I’m grateful for is that it keeps my boat in the same spot, even though it’s windy. This trolling motor can either be controlled through the remote or the foot pedal. Either way, I find them user-friendly.

It could have been better if the pedal was softer to step on. Anyway, I prefer using the remote. Although there’s a touchscreen remote, users can also install a fishfinder if they like.

Using this trolling motor helps me achieve an efficient fishing experience. I find it easy to control in different fishing conditions. Fishing around reeds is not a problem at all.

Furthermore, the device is composed of the i-Pilot GPS anchor, 80-lb, 24-V thrust, heading sensor, multi-function foot pedal, cable, and mounting hardware. The available shaft lengths are 45 to 72 inches. I think it’s a big advantage that it works with universal sonar.

2. AQUOS Hawsing Black Cayman Trolling Motor

AQUOS Haswing Black Cayman 24V The Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for Various Boat Styles

A powerful trolling motor doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money. Even though it’s on the affordable side, this Aquos model has a lot of power and thrusts to push my 2,500-lb boat. It never fails to assist my boat with a smooth and jarred-free launch whether I’m in saltwater or freshwater.

Due to varied power settings, changing to the desired speed is convenient. There’s a 10% increment in each setting. Adjusting the power easily with the remote responding quickly and a foot pedal as another method to control the motor.

The power and toughness of this 24V motor are remarkable as it can move boats that weigh up to 4,000 lbs. It has a 54-inch shaft made of aluminum alloy that is suitable for different boat types. We may not need any composite shaft.

Aside from its power, it has more features for comfort and convenience. It has a handle so I can carry it from boat to car and vice versa. The base is removable so it’s an advantage during storage while my boat is being covered.

3. MotorGuide 941700170 Xi5 Wireless Bow Mount Trolling Motor

MotorGuide 941700170 Xi5 The Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for Various Boat Styles

As an excellent spot lock trolling motor saltwater, this MotorGuide model functions smoothly. It is usable in various types of vessels and fishing styles.

This trolling motor goes through diverse bottom wrecks and structures. I’ve been using this for a long time, and it proves to be strong against stumps and beatings. The shaft may bend, but it doesn’t easily break. I think it’s the reason why the 72-inch shaft comes with a lifetime warranty.

Besides, the 105-lb peak thrust is what my boat needs. Therefore, besides being the best saltwater trolling motor, I’d like to applaud its shaft and power steering ability.

The wireless control is superb as we can operate the motor in any boat section. Its pinpoint GPS is accurate, so key features like anchoring, cruise control, and heading lock are on point.

I’ve noticed how this trolling motor can still hold even when facing rough seas. These things follow from any of the three steering choices: hand-operated, electric steer, and foot-controlled cable steer.

As we continue using this Minn Kota spot lock trolling motor, we’ll discover that it has a state-of-the-art steering transmission. It contains ball bearings that lessen wear and tear and friction.

4. Minn Kota 1363565 Riptide Bow-mount Trolling Motor

Minn Kota 1363565 The Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for Various Boat Styles

This spot lock trolling motor 24V is unique due to being a digital maximize among Minn Kota trolling motors. It can run 5 times longer than the regular trolling motor in just a single charge. Therefore, I always prefer this over Minn Kota saltwater trolling motors like Minn Kota Riptide Terrova and Minn Kota Ultrex.

To further conserve the battery, boaters can dial the applicable speed. In this way, I can save power to extend the battery life within a day of fishing. It has a type of propeller that we can’t just find in any trolling motor.

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This propeller is called Weedless Wedge 2. It has blades that continue with power without hacking and chopping, which drain the battery. The 70-lb thrust from this trolling motor is enough for my boat.

Sadly, it’s not enough for larger boats as it has only a 54-inch shaft. I’ve even added a composite shaft from Minn Kota as well to my boat. I’m happy using it with my 20-ft Wellcraft Scarab, as launching is always simple and smooth.

The wireless remote control promises convenience as we can control the steering and speed of this motor by just pressing the buttons. Moreover, the remote is compact and waterproof.

5. Haswing Cayman Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor

Black Haswing Cayman Motor electrico de 12V The Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for Various Boat Styles

I’m glad to find a new trolling motor from Black Haswing because it’s a 12-volt trolling motor that works flawlessly with boats that weigh up to 2,750 lbs.

The high-quality parts speak for its overall performance. Both the remote and motor are responsive while the wires are thick which suits my liking.

The motor goes for a swift ride in open water. I usually troll the whole day but it doesn’t wear out the battery. When I go fishing, the trip usually lasts for 10 hours and the battery is at 50%.

Besides the remote, it’s easy to control the motor through the pedal. But I prefer the remote since it works and responds quickly in different sections of the boat. It can push my boat well while I control its speed. Also, it has a depth collar that can change the depth simply, securely, and quickly.

Assembling and installation of this trolling motor are pretty straightforward. I must admit that I watched some instructional videos before installation just to be sure. Unlike other trolling motors that are mounted further back, take note that it hangs above the bow for 5 inches. Hence, we can make good use of its 48-inch shaft.

It has a quick-release bracket for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Everything is convenient with this trolling motor since the speed and depth can be controlled.

6. Garmin Force Trolling Motor

Garmin Motor Force B07YCC69BL The Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for Various Boat Styles

There are several reasons why this anchor lock trolling motor is better than the ones that I had before. The spot lock is always efficient in dire need with its 50-inch shaft.

Garmin spot lock trolling motor demonstrates strength when I go on a spring fishing trip on a large lake because it doesn’t fail to hold despite the blowing wind. I finished the whole trip for the entire week without hassle.

I’m grateful for this motor in making me stable within my fishing position. That’s why I only have all praises for the anchor lock as it makes a difference when launching my 20-ft boat.

It’s a 24V motor with a maximum thrust of 100 lbs. With all the features that were mentioned, it’s a motor that can be used for saltwater and freshwater. Besides its flexibility, it’s easy to use by making it function by remote or foot pedal.

The foot pedal doesn’t have a cable but it doesn’t feel weird. I think Garmin Force did a good job in applying stimulation that can be felt from the usual cable controllers. Anyway, the remote is as efficient as the pedal.

I can attest that this is indeed a brushless motor as it’s quiet. This feature is apt for fishing in shallow waters because no noises can fluster the fishes. There will only be a whirring sound when we put it on level 8 or 9.

7. PARKHO Haswing 50736-137B Boat Electric Trolling Motor

PARKHO HASWING Motor electrico The Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for Various Boat Styles

This trolling motor comes with a safety buckle on its charging cable for emergency use. I can just unplug the buckle when turning off the motor. It can be used when an angler shallow water anchors since it has a quiet, brushless motor with a 54-inch shaft.

I stayed in the same position on the river despite the strong wind because of the accurate anchor lock. I don’t detect any resistance from it whenever I go fishing so the boat won’t likely spin. Also, currents or waves can’t make the boat go astray.

When the boat moves 6 feet away from a specified location, the trolling motor will automatically go back to it. It runs with a Smart navigation system that can be connected to the smartphone that’s either iOS or Android.

But if our phone runs out of battery, wireless remote control can be used to have a grip on steering, speed, and propulsion. Additionally, I can adjust the speed based on my preference. However, this can’t be controlled by a foot pedal.

What is a Spot Lock Trolling Motor


A spot lock trolling motor works with a GPS that can keep you in your chosen spot. You’ll only need to press a button to activate the spot lock so it can work with GPS to detect a certain area and maintain the position that you like. It’s the best trolling motor with advanced functions to promote convenience.

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The other remarkable feature of a spot lock trolling motor is letting you virtually anchor your boat. A good example of this is Minn Kota’s i-pilot. Once you press the button, the motor automatically engages so you can be within a few feet of your chosen spot despite wind and current around.

Types of Spot Lock Trolling Motor

This motor is mounted on the boat’s bow, as the name implies. Beginners should get this one if they want to be intermediate anglers in due time as they can gain more remarkable fishing experience from it than any other trolling motor. It’s also suitable for medium to large boats.

The strength of this motor is the possibility of control and maneuverability. It happens since the control is on the thrust location. Therefore, this setup guides your boat to face the current while the motor pulls it through the water. When you can fully control your boat, fishing becomes productive.

Though it’s a smaller motor than the foot-control type, it’s more reactive and reliable. As a small-size trolling motor, it’s great for small vessels. Many kayak anglers like this. Since you control it using your hand, there will be less mess in your deck.

You need to step on to pedal to make the motor work. It’s a requirement that is tiresome for some anglers. On the brighter side, your hands are free, and you can use them while fishing.

This type of motor is more durable and cost-effective than the hand-control. Most traditional anglers prefer this as it’s the older trolling motor model. You can find a wireless foot pedal on some electric trolling motors.

A remote comes with a trolling motor and it’s linked with electric foot controllers. The early models were wired but they become wireless nowadays. However, a wireless remote or I-pilot remote from Minn Kota is a part of most electric trolling motors.

The wireless version typically has enhanced GPS functionality and Bluetooth connection. Minn Kota’s I-pilot has these key features and you can also connect it with Humminbird fish finder if you want to.

A brief description for this type of trolling motor was previously given but since it’s making a fuss in the trolling motor industry in the present, it should be discussed further. With the latest technology, you can find these key features in many trolling motors.

  1. Handheld remote
  2. Apps managed via Bluetooth on smartphones
  3. Has a multifunctional display so you can control the motor and other electronics in your boat

It’s attached to the back part of your vessel where the transom is with a clamp-on bracket. Just like a gas boat motor, this type of motor is controlled by hand or steered by a tiller.

It’s usually preferred by small boat owners for kayaks or canoes. Moreover, it’s easier to control than most trolling motors that are mounted on the bow.

An engine mount trolling motor is attached to the outboard engine and it’s practical if you don’t have much space to spare on your deck. However, it’s the most challenging trolling motor to control.

Even mounting it to the outboard engine is not a piece of cake. It’s controlled through a wired remote, which means there’s limitations and challenges. You can set the speed and motor direction. In the case of steering, you have to use a wheel.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Spot Lock Trolling Motor

Benefits from the best trolling motor

This is the greatest strength of spot lock trolling motors and it’s the reason why these motors become a game changer for anglers. Since you don’t have to worry about the stability of your boat, you can focus on fishing without distraction from anchoring and necessary manual boat control.

It’s still convenient to go fishing even though the wind and current are strong. Furthermore, you can save time moving to and from different fishing spots. Spot lock can save your favorite fishing spots and take you there within 5 feet scope. Only the best trolling motors can deliver these advantages to you.

Trolling helps a lot to catch more fish and spot lock trolling motors make it much easier for you. You can catch and look for prey within structural transitions. There’s no need to watch any mapping device or fish finder.

You can set your trolling motors to go through certain contour lines. This makes it even safe to fish in dangerous areas such as coastal waters with rocks and riptide currents.


The drawbacks will occur if you take your spot lock trolling motor in an inappropriate fishing area. I’m referring to the location with thick vegetation or a shallow bay with mud flats.

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The trolling motor will churn the vegetation and frighten the fish and this leads to an unsuccessful fishing trip.

Buyer’s Guide

When going through selections of spot lock trolling motors, here are the key features that you have to be attentive to.

The best trolling motor has enough thrust to push and move your boat. It’s one of the power tools that make a difference. If there’s inadequate motor power, the GPS anchor can’t function accurately when determining the boat’s position.

Too much thrust is not also good as the motor will travel and even get past the marked location on GPS. Based on a rule of thumb, a 100-lb boat weight needs a 2-lb thrust. 30% more thrust is necessary with the presence of strong current and wind.

You can refer to the NADA directory if you’re not sure about your boat’s weight which includes the load as well.

There are various shaft lengths on trolling motors and you have to make sure that you get the right one. If the shaft is too short for your boat, the propeller won’t submerge. When it’s too long, it will likely churn up mud in shallow water.

Note that the recommended maximum shaft length is 12 inches. Still, it all depends on the height of your boat’s deck when over the waters. Here’s a guide for you regarding shaft lengths.

Bow to line distance Water line recommended shaft length 0 to 16 inches 36 inches 16 to 22 inches 42 to 45 inches 22 to 28 inches 46 to 52 inches 28 to 34 inches 53 to 62 inches 34 to 44 inches 72 inches 44 to 64 inches 87 inches

A bass boat generally needs short shaft lengths of 45 to 55 inches. As expected, a longer shaft in the maximum length of 87 inches suits large boats. Many kayak anglers would opt for a shaft that is 24 to 36 inches. You may get a composite shaft for an extension.

Sonar compatibility is also essential when getting a trolling motor. The major sonar brands recognized by many are Garmin, Humminbird, and Lowrance. Although they’ve been pointed out, you still have to find out the compatible one with your boat.

MotorGuide Xi5 is a motor that is compatible with every sonar brand. You also have the option to get universal sonar as it’s compatible with any motors.

Care and Maintenance

Here are some easy ways to maintain the optimum condition of your spot lock trolling motor.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cheapest spot lock trolling motor?

Minn Kota Riptide PowerDrive and Haswing Cayman GPS are the cheapest spot lock trolling motors. They are available at around $700, however, the retailing prices can be as high as $1200. With the advanced technology incorporated in these motors, it’s no surprise that they are quite expensive.

Will spot lock work without a heading sensor?

Yes, because the spot lock mainly works with GPS controller and I-pilot connection or I-pilot link with Minn Kota and Humminbird. These are the usual things that you can find in a Minn Kota trolling motor.

Can you add a spot lock to an existing trolling motor?

You can add a spot lock to an existing trolling motor. It’s like doing an upgrade by adding the I-pilot or I-pilot link. A kit of I-pilot or I-pilot consists of a new control unit cover, I-pilot control cables, wireless remote, and 2 lanyards.

The installation is straightforward starting with the removal of four screws on the control unit cover. The cover should be unplugged from the control head so you can place the I-pilot. Some motors may require more work on the wires but it’s just a basic job.

Spot lock and i-Pilot: What’s the difference?

Spot lock is one of the functions of i-pilot, a GPS that works with a remote. They’re different but they’re connected to work together. Furthermore, there’s an I-pilot link that has everything an i-pilot has and it can be connected to a Humminbird.

How long does spot lock last?

The duration varies as it’s based on how hard the spot lock works. If the speed is consistent on being over level 6, it can last long enough. If there’s a strong current, it can work for 3 to 4 hours.


The best spot lock trolling motor has the right thrust and shaft length for your boat size. Also, sonar compatibility should be available. It’s worth having a spot lock feature because it makes fishing convenient and easygoing because of automatic functions.

It takes you to areas that you like even on some difficult ones. A spot lock is consistent with its roles even though there’s a strong current and wind around.

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