Bowtech vs. Mathews Bows: 11 Pros and Cons to Help You Decide

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Mathews bows bowtech bows archery bow and arrow set

Bowtech Archery and Mathews Archery are two of the top competitors in the bow market. They are both known for their presence in the field of bow technology innovation and for developing some of the best bows out there.

Since both of these brands are on the high-end scale, you will definitely find the quality and the performance you’re looking for. There are many archers all over who are dedicated consumers to both these brands, and both brands have a reputation for having high-value products.

If you’ve heard about these two companies from your friends, teachers, etc., and you’re wanting to get a bow from one of these companies, it may be difficult understanding the differences between these two brands.

So I put a list together of 11 Pros and Cons to Help You Decide if you want to purchase a Bowtech or a Mathews bow. We’ll discuss a certain category of a factor that is important to consider before making your purchase, and talk about which brand is the winner of the category.

This will be kind of like a Battle of the Bands, but this time a Battle of the Bows: featuring Bowtech Archery and Mathews Archery.

Let the games begin!

Origins of Bowtech

So before things start to get bloody, let’s talk a little bit about each of our opponents for this competition.

Our first opponent, Bowtech, was established in 1999 by Kevin Strother and John Strasheim, and their first bow model was released in 2000, which was received with increased orders and archers who were hungry for more.

Mathews bows bowtech bows archery bow and arrow set

“Refuse to Follow,”

– The Bowtech company motto

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, since their first bow model release, Bowtech has grown to be one of the top bow manufacturers in the world, with 300 workers at their main facility and is the parent company to several other smaller bow manufacturers, like Diamond Archery, Stryker Crossbows, Excalibur Crossbows, etc.

Bowtech prides themselves on making all of their products right here in America, and supporting American industry as well as maintaining world-class design in their bows.

Origins of Mathews

The second competitor in the Battle of the Bows, Mathews Archery, was created in 1992 by Matt McPherson in Austin, Minnesota. McPherson grew up as a kid loving archery, and often because he was too poor to buy one for himself, he created bows that he could shoot when he was in ten years old!

When Mathews Archery was established in 1992, no one could’ve imagined that this small business would become one of the world’s best bow manufacturers, and a leader in bow technology as well.

Now located in Sparta, Wisconsin, Mathews Archery strives to keep themselves always improving and bettering their company and their products for their customers.

Quick Comparison Between Bowtech and Mathews

Bowtech vs. Mathews

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1. Innovation

Bowtech Bows

Bowtech is known for being one of the best when it comes to creating new bow technology. Bowtech has over 20 different patents for different technologies, including one of their most famous technologies, the Binary Cam system.

The Binary Cam System was patented in 2007 by the company’s research and development director, Craig Yehle. The Binary Cam System is related to the pulley system in the compound bow, and the Binary Cam System features two cams at the top of the pulley system that are stuck together.

This revolutionary Binary Cam System changed the way that dual cam systems were seen, as it eliminated almost all the disadvantages that a dual cam system had because of the desynchronization of the two cams, while still preserving the speed and quality that the cams provide to your shot.

In fact, this innovation was so revolutionary that it was added to the list of the most important evolutions in bow technology history.

Because of the vast amount of technologies that Bowtech has brought to the archery manufacturing world, it has created a name and a reputation for itself by being one of the most influential and one of the best.

Mathews Bows

While not as many as Bowtech, but tying closely around 18 different patents, Mathews Archery has also brought a number of new bow technologies to the archery manufacturing table. The most famous of all of these is the Solocam.

The Solocam, if you can guess, is the complete opposite of a dual cam system and the Binary Cam System developed by Bowtech. The Solocam is a single cam system for compound bows, and it provides a more accurate shot while having a lighter bow and making the shot significantly quieter.

While the Solocam system is not as fast as the Binary Cam System is, the Binary Cam is also louder and heavier than the Solocam system.

Mathews continues to produce new technologies that make their bows better and better.

Winner: Bowtech

While the companies created around the same number of patents, Bowtech has more of a reputation and more impact on the archery world because of their technologies, like the Binary Cam System.

Although this one was a close one, and it can be difficult to say which company has better technology, it can also depend on what you’re looking for for a bow. You may prefer a quieter bow rather than a fast bow, but that’s up to your own personal opinion.

2. Accuracy

Bowtech Bows

Bowtech prides itself on being on “an entire company obsessed with accuracy,” so you would imagine that the accuracy of their products is something that they take into careful consideration.

Bowtech tests every bow before they sell it at retail stores or ship it to their consumers. They also specialize in their bows having dual cam systems and being some of the best with the patented Binary Cam System.

Because the majority of Bowtech’s bows are dual cams with the Binary Cam System installed, they add extra weight to the bow and therefore add more power and speed into the shot.

In addition to the weighted dual cams, in the case of the new Realm SR6 and Realm SS, a front-heavy draw cycle is also included, which makes the bow have even more power, and thus increased accuracy.

Most archers know that heavier bows make for fewer mistakes and better accuracy, as the heaviness of the bow automatically corrects little miscalculations and therefore increases the likelihood for a well-aimed hit.

With the emphasis on accuracy and power, in their bows, Bowtech really does a great job assuring their customers of a bow that guaranteed not to disappoint.

Mathews Bows

Mathews Archery generally specializes in single cam bows, with their specially created and patented Solocam technology. With the release of the recent Vertix, the new Engage grip was developed to increase comfort and to reduce the risk of bow torque.

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Mathews also hand-tests each of their bows countless times before they are released to the public and sent to their consumers. So you can rest assured that your purchase will result in satisfaction.

The technology unique to the Mathews company is the Solocam technology, which makes a bow more light, compact, and accurate despite its weight.

Many archers still love and cherish their Mathews bows, as they know that the bow will bring them the results that they desire.

Winner: Bowtech

Since one of Bowtech’s priorities is to provide their consumers with a bow that has pinpoint accuracy, you can see that they follow through with their promises. The unique Binary Cam System technology makes the likelihood of an accurate shot even higher with it’s added weight.

When the newly released Realm SR6 and the Realm SS were tested by Outdoor Life, the Realm SR6 was rated as “excellent”, while the Mathews Vertix was rated only as “very good”.

While Mathews bows are still great and accurate enough for most, some people still struggle with the single cam system and making their shots accurate with the usage of it.

Since Bowtech is a “company obsessed with accuracy,” it’s no surprise that their bows are some of the most accurate out there.

3. Speediest Bow

Mathews bows bowtech bows archery bow and arrow set

Bowtech Bows

This year Bowtech came out with the Realm SR6 and the Realm SS. The Realm SR6 is this year’s newest speed bow and is nothing to sneeze at. The advertised IBO speed for this bow was 352 feet per second, making it a very impressive bow.

Although the Realm SS was technically created for a really smooth and silky draw, however, it’s still incredibly fast, with a speed of 336 feet per second.

The famous Binary Cam system makes the bows have a much faster shot as well, as it produces more power, so bows that employ this technology are likely to be the most speedy.

Mathews Bows

Mathews new bow that has everyone buzzing this year is the Vertix. Last year Mathews released the Triax, which also had the archery community abuzz with its state-of-the-art technology and speed.

However, the Vertix is the new and improved version of the Triax, and it has an impressive IBO speed of 343 fps. The Vertix is also supposed to have a really smooth and comfortable draw while still preserving the speed of the bow.

Winner: Bowtech

If you consider the official speeds of the two newest bows from Mathews and Bowtech, then you’ll notice that even though it’s a close call, that the Bowtech’s newest Realm SR6 comes out on top. Both companies have great bows for speed, but my call for this round is Bowtech.

4. Costs

Bowtech Bows

While the Realm SS and the Realm SR6 are priced at around $1,099 each, these two bows are not the most expensive out of all of the Bowtech bows. Since the company is a world-class bow manufacturer and producer, they often have an expensive price tag attached to their products.

For example, the Bowtech Reckoning Compound Bow, which has come out this year as well, features the Deadlock technology but ranges in price from $1,399-$1,499. Many of their finest bows are in the $1,000 range, although they also offer cheaper options from them as well as their other companies.

However, Bowtech is a parent company for Diamond Archery, which is a much cheaper option for bows and other equipment, which can vary from the $200-400 range to the $500-700 range.

The company offers fine products, and that often includes with it a higher price that comes with the quality.

Mathews Bows

As for the Mathews Vertix, having been newly released this year, the price of the bow is retailed for and advertised for $999. The Vertix is actually priced on the higher side of Mathews products!

Generally, you can find a decent bow from Mathews starting from the $200-400 range to the $700-900 range. Although still technically considered a high-end bow, the bows that Mathews Archery offers normally don’t go higher than $1000 a piece.

Winner: Mathews

I’m sure that there are some people out there who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on their equipment, but I think that for most people, spending over $1,000 on a bow going to hurt in the wallet.

So for us normal people who are trying to manage a budget, the bows offered at Mathews Archery are a more economical option.

5. Comfort

Bowtech Bows

Bowtech newest and most impressive bows released this year have undoubtedly been the Realm SR6 and the Realm SS. With thousands of raving reviews, the Realm SR6 and the Realm SS have been the results of many efforts to make the best bow that Bowtech could make.

But as for comfort, the Realm SS is really the fruits of Bowtech’s efforts. With the Realm SR6 as the speed bow counterpart, the Realm SS is supposed to be the bow with the most comfort and ease. The SS in the bow’s name even means “super smooth.”

The most noticeable feature of the Realm SS that makes it so special is the draw curve of the bow’s draw cycle. Often when you are drawing a speed-bow, there is a hump or a hill that you have to go over in the draw cycle, where you have to exert a little more force to be able to get the bow at full draw.

However, with the Realm SS, the draw curve is super smooth, as the name says, and has virtually no hump whatsoever. This makes the shooting experience much more enjoyable and easier for the shooter.

Although let’s not ignore the Realm SR6. It still has a very comfortable draw cycle and easy draw curve, but the Realm SS is what really takes the cake.

Mathews Bows

At Mathews Archery, the company has a philosophy of out-doing itself every time it releases a new product. In the promotion video for this year’s new Vertix, you hear an explanation from Matt McPherson, CEO of the company, talking about the vibration of the bow.

He says that every year they started with a certain amount of vibration in their bows, and referred it to being like a whole piece of a paper. Each year, the company strives to halve the vibration, just like tearing the paper in half. Eventually, the vibration that they have left ends up being tiny!

So you can figure with that sort of imagery that the company has really strived to make their bows the most comfortable ones out there. And the Vertix is a product of that dedication to have the most comfortable bow.

With 20% less vibration than that of the popular Triax released last year, bowhunters and archers everywhere that the Vertix has the best amount of vibration since the Triax.

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Outdoor Life says that the Vertix “was completely dead in the hand when shooting,” and that the new Engage grip “provide(s) a more comfortable feel,” to the bow.

Winner: Mathews

With the release of the new Vertix this year, Mathews has really upped their game when it comes to making their products more and more comfortable for their consumers and making their experience more enjoyable.

While Bowtech has also improved their game when it comes to comfort with the improvement of their draw cycles, Mathews has really outdone themselves this time.

6. Ability to Fix

Bowtech Bows

Bowtech bows are known as some of the best quality bows on the current market. They have a lifetime warranty on all of their products, and that includes the free fixing of their products if there are any issues due to workmanship or materials.

If you register your bow with the company, as long as the bow was not sold over the Internet, then you automatically qualify for a lifetime warranty on your bow.

If you ever experience any problems with your bow, again, due to the workmanship or materials of the bow, you can contact your local dealer, who will examine your bow and determine if your bow needs to be sent back to the company, or if it can be fixed by parts sent to the dealer.

If there are indeed problems that require the bow being sent back, the company will fix it for free. All information should be available through the Diamond or Bowtech dealer.

Mathews Bows

As for Mathews Archery, if you register your bow online or through your retailer within the first year of purchase, you are also qualified for a limited lifetime warranty on your bow.

If you have any problems with your bow, then you can contact the nearest retailer and work with them to fix your bow. The company will provide parts and/or instructions in order to fix any problems you need, although independent retailers might be subject to charge you for their services.

This does not include any damage that comes from the bow being used or mishandled, and only includes certain portions of the bow, hence which is why the lifetime warranty is limited.

Winner: Both!

Both Mathews and Bowtech have very similar processes when it comes to fixing problems with your bow. If the bow is damaged due to the building process or the materials the company used, then the company can help you with the process of getting your bow fixed.

7. Versatility

Mathews bows bowtech bows archery bow and arrow set

Bowtech Bows

Bowtech specializes mainly in compound bows, and also owns another company called Stryker Archery and Excalibur Crossbows which, like their names, are crossbow-producing companies.

If you are looking for a recurve bow it’s best to stop right here, because Bowtech doesn’t make them.

Their website displays their main products, bows and accessories, but it fails to guide the complete beginner to what bow they will want and need for their specific purposes.

So while they do offer a variety of different products to choose from, and own a couple of compound bow companies, it’s hard to say that the company offers a versatile, as well as easy to understand guide for their consumers looking to make a purchase.

Mathews Bows

Sorry recurve archers, Mathews also only sells compound bows and owns a company that sells crossbows. But Mathews does a really good job organizing their bows and providing versatility in their products, which makes purchases and options for purchases easier for customers to identify.

If you access their website, when you click on the bows section, sections for hunters and competitive archers will pop up. You can go from there based on your primary reasons for purchasing a bow, and it will display options that are recommended for you.

In addition to that, there is also a bow builder that enables you to customize and create a custom-made bow, just for you! This can make a bow that has more meaning and is adapted to your tastes!

Not to mention, their new Vertix includes a new Switchweight technology, which basically means that you can switch your draw weight on the bow with the simple twist of a few screws and adjusting the weights on the bows themselves to address a wide range of archers.

Winner: Mathews

Bowtech has a lot of products to choose from, but Mathews nails it when it comes to providing options and customizations for your bow. They are the winners when it comes to providing versatile products for their consumers.

8. Altogether Quality

Bowtech Bows

While Bowtech is one of the top brands in the market, in recent years there has been a multitude of limb failure complaints by various consumers.

Most of these complaints have been about limbs breaking or coming to them in really poor form, or shattering through a couple of shots.

Although it seems like there are fewer complaints by consumers as of late, so it may be possible that Bowtech has fixed whatever the problem with the limbs was, but there still is that history of limb failure within the company’s products.

Bowtech still offers some of the best, most high-quality products, and many archers are very happy with them.

Mathews Bows

Mathews Archery has preserved a good reputation of high-quality products through their career. Like most bow manufacturing companies, Mathews Archery has had its share of limb failure complaints.

However, they are far and few in between, as Mathews strives to make their products the most reliable and of the highest quality.

Winner: Mathews

Both of these companies work their best to make sure that their products are of the highest quality and reliability, however, perhaps because of the more wide-spread accessibility, Bowtech has had more complaints of technical difficulties with their bows.

Mathews reputation, as well as their priority on quality products, has really been something that makes them stand out in the market, as well as prove that price doesn’t always mean the best quality.

Mathews bows bowtech bows archery bow and arrow set

9. Weight of Bows

Bowtech Bows

Bowtech is known for their Binary Cam System, which unifies the synchronization of dual cam systems and adds more weight to their bows so as to add more power.

So you would think that their bows are heavier than most, right?

Actually, the Realm SR6 and the Realm SS are only 4.3 lbs.

Surprising right? I thought so too.

Mathews Bows

Mathews Archery is known for their unique Solocam technology, which makes it so the cams on their compound bows are singular, and thus is supposed to provide a lighter, more comfortable experience for the archer.

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However, if we’re comparing the Realm SR6 and the Realm SS, then we find that the newly released Vertix is actually heavier. It’s not by much, but the Vertix is actually 4.67 lbs.

Winner: Bowtech

Although a little unexpected, for the purposes of this article, the winner of lighter weight bows is Bowtech. Now, this might not be the case for all of the Bowtech bows and all of the Mathews bows, but if we compare the current best two bows that the companies have to offer, Bowtech wins.

And this could be a good thing or a bad thing based on how you look at it. Some archers might want a heavier bow, and some might want a lighter bow. You decide.

10. Great Customer Service

Bowtech Bows

Bowtech is known to have an excellent customer service group, that cares about their customers and is very helpful to those who are seeking it. They provide a website with FAQ and information for any problems you might be experiencing.

There are very few complaints about their customer service and they will take care of any problems you might be experiencing.

Mathews Bows

Mathews Archery, however, has a core value of putting people first before anything. They focus on making sure that they take care of their employees in their company. They dedicate themselves to creating a happy customer base by creating the best products in the market.

Mathews puts a lot of effort in making sure that when they are developing a product, they think about the people and the customers they’re making it for.

Winner: Mathews

With a company like Mathews dedicated to valuing the people in their lives more than anything, you know that Mathews will for sure take care of you as their valued customer.

11. Design

Bowtech Bows

This year’s new release of the Realm SR6 and the SS were both beautiful models. The models were both super sleek and come in a variety of different colors to choose from. The models also come with two different settings to choose from, Performance or Comfort.

The grip is minimalist and low profile, and also comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The overall design is simple and elegant, with customizable features as well.

Mathews Bows

The newest Vertix has more of a boxy body and is a lot sturdier than the Realm SR6 and the Realm SS are. Some people don’t like the boxy limbs and build of the Vertix, but it’s up to your own preferences.

The Engage grip is also a little bulky, and stands out a little more, but is incredibly comfortable. The design of the Switchweight technology makes it simpler to change your draw weight on your bow.

Winner: Bowtech

This is more of a matter of personal preference than anything, but I thought that the Realm SR6 and the Realm SS was a more attractive model than the Vertix. I like the minimalist look, and I like how you can choose different settings based on your personal feelings.

And our final score is: 5 to 5!

Since there was technically a tie in the Ability to Fix category, Mathews Archery and Bowtech tie in my book!

So while there are so many things that differentiate the two companies, both Mathews and Bowtech are individually great companies. And a lot of this is based upon personal opinion and preference, so you decide!

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Best Mathews Bows

I wish I could tell you which Mathews bow is best, but the answer is going to change depending on who you ask and what they are using it for. It’s very subjective. Even so, their top selling bows are as follows…

  • Mathews VXR Series: This series is renowned for their speed and accuracy and are best sellers to hunters, as well as target shooters.
  • Mathews Traverse: The Traverse has outstanding performance, and is very similar to the Halon 7.
  • Mathews Triax: The Triax is known for its compact design and quietness, which makes it a favorite among hunters who need a maneuverable and stealthy bow.
  • Mathews Vertix: Offering a combination of speed, accuracy, and forgiveness, the Vertix is another popular choice for both hunting and target shooting.
  • Mathews Halon X: The Halon X series is known for its speed and power, making it a great choice for those who value arrow velocity.

Best Bowtech Bows

The Carbon One is Bowtech’s first flagship carbon bow. It boasts Bowtech’s renowned DeadLock Cam System, which simplifies cam adjustments for precision tuning.

Another innovative feature of the Carbon One incorporates Flip Disc Technology to effectively grant you the versatility of two distinct bows in one. You have the choice between Performance and Comfort settings on the mods, enabling a customized draw experience.

Bowtech’s primary goal was to engineer the smoothest draw with minimal vibration in a carbon bow. Achieving this, the cleverly designed riser, complemented by Orbit Dampeners and Dual Lock Pockets, effectively nullifies any vibrations during the shot, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

Two other popular Bowtech bows are the following…

  • Bowtech Revolt: Known for its smooth draw cycle and accuracy, the Bowtech Revolt was a favorite among both hunters and target shooters.
  • Bowtech Realm X: This model was appreciated for its versatility, with a good balance of speed and shootability, making it suitable for various archery disciplines.

Optimal Draw Length For Your Mathews or Bowtech Bow

There’s a general guideline for determining suitable draw lengths based on your height.

It’s important to note that these guidelines are approximate, as not all individuals of the same height will have identical wingspans. However, if you’re looking for a starting point, the following table provides a helpful reference for the range you should consider:

  • Height: 4’8″ – 5’0″ -> Approximate Draw Length: 23″ – 24″
  • Height: 5’0″ – 5’4″ -> Approximate Draw Length: 24″ – 25.6″
  • Height: 5’4″ – 5’8″ -> Approximate Draw Length: 25.6″ – 27.6″
  • Height: 5’8″ – 6’0″ -> Approximate Draw Length: 27.6″ – 28.6″
  • Height: 6’0″ – 6’4″ -> Approximate Draw Length: 28.6″ – 30.6″
  • Height: 6’4″ – 6’8″ -> Approximate Draw Length: 30.6″ – 32″

It’s essential to remember that if your personal measurements don’t align precisely with this chart, it doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong. It’s wise to recheck all your measurements and, ideally, try out various draw lengths to determine the one that feels most comfortable and effective for you, rather than relying solely on what you’ve been advised.

With the correct draw length, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your archery experience.”

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