How to choose a grip model – Custom Bow Grips and Archery Accessories


1) Are you shooting barebow or oly recurve?2) would you consider your hands small, normal or big?3) Would you consider your hands skinny , normal or “meaty” ?

Do you have any form photos ? (where you shoot?) These are mainly to see which way you hold the grip (the Korean style or the 45 degrees knuckles).

In general, the master is a good all-rounder, low torque grip. The master will also fill that pleasurable point in the center of your palm too . You’ll know when you have your hand correctly on itThe tax evasion is a little more pronounced in the bottom of the palm and would be best suited to a Korean style shooter. It also puts pressure on your wrist kinda likea ball grip would. You can imagine the Tax Evasion as those bulky handles that come on the wooden takedowns but with a heavily modified lifeline. Best for “meaty” hands

The Caerus gives more definition to the middle of the palm, with a thin throat. Best for recurve. Defined lifeline (unlike the W&W grips :/ )The Kteenos is for large hands as the lifeline goes straight down to accommodate that big hand. Still, a slim throat.

The Master would support/fill more on the upper side of the palm, while the kteenos would support the lower parts more.The Caerus is in the in-between of these two.

The thumb positioner is by default added in the Master and Kteenos, but can be added to the others as well! The positioner is a welcomed addition to almost all gripsbut there are some people that do not like it! It gives a sense of direction and a reference to the center of the grip. One certain reason to NOT include it, is a non standard thumb physique. In all other cases it is a bonus. On those options, there is the lifeline option as well. While at the Master it is a no brainer, it is not really needed on the tax evasion. The lifeline ridge is only 0.7mmin height so it does not go further in your hand than your skin tissue. It is not really felt when shooting, just when “locking” your palm on it. (meaning that you usethe lifeline ridge while sliding the grip on your palm, to find the position. Once you start putting pressure on it, it disappears)

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Regarding height: have you shot without a grip at all ?You can try shooting grip-bare, you might like it getting a kick in the bones more. if you get out the grip, due to pressure going in the lower part of the palm, it feels more “kicky”. Like a recoil

See if you get the urge to “fill in” your grip. This is is usually done without noticing. just keep your mind on your grip to see if you do such an adjustment subconciouslytrying to find a different position. not completely relaxed and “surrendered”

The above is a guide to feel where your current grip lacks support or definition. Depending on that, you can go with one of the standards. I’d say you stay away from the kit just yet, as you might want to first be sure of what you are looking for.

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