8 New Compound Bows for 2022 | Deer & Deer Hunting


One of the most highly anticipated hunting gear category launches each year is the compound bow, and 2022 produced another great crop of flagship offerings.

1. Bear Refine EKO

2022 compound bows

The new Bear Refine EKO is durable, dependable and fast, at 342 fps. This model is 33 inches axle to axle and has a 6.375-inch brace height. Draw length ranges from 26.5-30.5 inches and draw weight ranges include 45-60 or 55-70 pounds. The bow weighs 4.4 pounds. This model also offers increased let off adjustability at 75, 80, 85 or 90%. Bear also went to lengths to reduce vibration, and this model reflects that. Overall, it’s a great-shooting hunting bow. And it’s hard to beat the price.

MSRP: $999.99


2. Bowtech SR350

2022 compound bows

The new Bowtech SR350 is an excellent option for bowhunters. This offering shoots a blistering 350 fps. It has a draw length range of 25-30 inches and peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds. It has an axle-to-axle measurement of 33 inches and brace-height measurement of 6 inches. The bow weighs 4.4 pounds. Even hitting such high speeds, it doesn’t sacrifice much to get it there. Despite the top-end speed, it still shoots incredibly smooth and has minimal vibration.

MSRP: $1,299


3. Elite EnVision

Elite Envision e1646838945647 8 New Compound Bows for 2022 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The new Elite EnVision checks in at 334 fps (IBO). It is 31 inches axle to axle and has a 6.875-inch brace height. The bow has a draw length range of 23.5-30.5 inches and peak draw weight range of 40-75 pounds. This bow is made for micro adjustments, and even can change the draw length in quarter-inch increments. That’s something other bows don’t have. Other areas of the bow are adjustable, too, including the let off.

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MSRP: $1,199.99


4. Hoyt Carbon RX-7

Hoyt Carbon RX 7 1 e1646849924267 8 New Compound Bows for 2022 | Deer & Deer Hunting

Those who like Hoyt will love the Carbon RX-7. It’s an excellent compound bow. It’s built on the longstanding Carbon RX foundation but includes some great technologies that breathes new life into it. The HBX Pro Cams are very quiet while still generating excellent speed and kinetic energy. It also includes two Shock Pod locations, which help reduce vibration and noise, an in-line picatinny sight rail, integrated rest mount, and optimized quiver mount location. It even has a new grip angle, which decreases negative input from your palm. Looking at its specs, this bow is 30 inches axle to axle, has a 6.25-inch brace height, shoots 343 fps, and weighs 3.9 pounds. It’s also offered as the Carbon RX-7 Ultra, which is 34 inches axle-to-axle, has a 7-inch brace height, shoots 334 fps (ATA), and weighs 4.3 pounds.

MSRP: $1,849


5. Mathews V3X 29

2022 compound bows

The Mathews V3X 29 hits up to 340 fps (IBO). It’s a smooth, quiet, accurate compound. This model is 29 inches axle to axle, has a 6-inch brace height, and weighs 4.47 pounds. It has a draw length of 25.5-30 inches. It has draw weight options of 60, 65, 70 and 75 pounds. Interestingly, this bow allows hunters to mount a dovetail sight through the bow’s riser, which eliminates the need for an external bracket. This helps decrease its footprint and increases stability. Furthermore, the new Stay Afield System (S.A.S.) allows hunters to safely remove or repair strings and cables in the field without using a bow press. All that’s needed is a small, lightweight emergency kit.

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MSRP: $1,199


6. Prime Inline 5

Prime Inline 5 1 1 e1646843460362 8 New Compound Bows for 2022 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The Prime Inline 5 has a 342 fps IBO rating, which is moderately fast considering other bow options in the field. It has a 6-inch brace height and weighs 4.5 pounds. This model has a 26- to 30.5-inch draw length and a very adjustable 30- to 80-pound peak draw weight. This model is also 35 inches axle to axle, which is made for bigger shooters. Pair that with the extreme adjustability the rest of the bow has, and it’s a unique combination that few other bow models offer. This bow is also offered as the Inline 1 and Inline 3, which have different axle-to-axle lengths, brace heights and IBO ratings.

MSRP: $1,249



PSE EVO XF e1646843554895 8 New Compound Bows for 2022 | Deer & Deer Hunting

PSE’s EVO XF is another excellent bow that’s new for 2022. The EVO XF offers increased performance over past models, thanks to precision engineering, field testing and fine tuning. It includes an all-new dual screw mounting attachment, which increases consistency and stability. A new limb vise pocket also improves durability, rigidity and stability. This bow also includes the new E2 and S2 cams, which are specifically designed for maximum energy transfer from limbs to arrow. It even has a new bearing system to increase longevity. The EVO XF has either a 6.5- or 6.75-inch brace height and measures 29 5/8 inches axle to axle. This bow also has 80-90% let-off, shoots up to 345 fps (ATA), and weighs 4.3 pounds. Draw length ranges from 27.5-31.5 inches. Peak draw weights can be 50, 60, 70 or 80 pounds, model depending. This bow is also offered as the EVO XF 33, which is 33 inches axle to axle, has either a 6.75- or 7-inch brace height, shoots 340 fps (ATA), and weighs 4.5 pounds. Draw lengths range from 26-30 or 28.5-32.5 inches. Peak draw weights are 50, 60, 70 or 80 pounds.

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MSRP: Unknown


8. Xpedition Archery Smoke

Xpedition Archery Smoke e1646843807940 8 New Compound Bows for 2022 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The new Xpedition Archery Smoke delivers incredible speed. It’s the fastest bow they’ve produced, perhaps the fastest hunting compound bow ever, and rockets out of the gate at a meteoric 370 fps. It has a 32-inch axle-to-axle length and a 5.375-inch brace height. It has either 60 or 70 peak draw weights, 28- to 30-inch draw lengths, and weighs 4.4 pounds. This bow is adjustable, too. Let off ranges from 75-80%. And you can thank its hybrid cam and innovative design for the top-end speed. All said, those who are interested should know these bows are limited edition and will only be available while inventory lasts.

MSRP: $1,099


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