Why Do Air Rifle Shooters Wear Suits?


When you see someone participating in an air rifle shooting competition, you may notice that they are wearing a particular type of clothing. This clothing is not just for show – it serves a specific purpose that helps the shooter to be successful. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why air rifle shooters wear suits and how it helps them to improve their performance.

What’s with the funny outfits in the Olympic shooting?


The first reason why air rifle shooters wear suits is for support. The jacket and pants are usually made from a stiff material, such as canvas, which helps to support the shooter’s body and minimize movement.

This is important because small body movements can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the shot. The shooting jacket and pants also have rough material on contact points, such as the elbows and shoulders. This helps keep the muscles from getting tense while holding the gun.

Another reason why air rifle shooters wear suits is for consistency and accuracy. The shoes that shooters wear have very stiff, flat, oversized soles, which keep the feet from moving.

Lastly, the gloves that shooters wear help to protect their hands from getting blisters or calluses from holding the gun tightly for an extended period of time.

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You can listen to Gold medalist Ginny Thrasher explaining more here:

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