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Ground blinds made from natural materials have been around forever because they work. On public land, they offer many advantages over pop-up blinds. Watch to find out the reasons why. Public & Pressured Land Deer Hunter with John Eberhart. Season 1. Episode 10.


Deer & Deer Hunting presents an online hunting show for real-world hunters who chase whitetails on public hunting land and highly pressured private parcels. This series features one of America’s top public-land hunters — John Eberhart of central Michigan. Eberhart is a master bowhunter who has taken dozens of trophy whitetails over the years while hunting highly pressured lands throughout his home state and other locales.

Public & Pressured Land Deer Hunter with John Eberhart will air a new episode every Tuesday for 26 weeks on deeranddeerhunting.com, the DDH Facebook page and DDH YouTube channel. Every week, John will take viewers step-by-step through his process and strategies for researching, scouting, preparing and hunting mature bucks on highly pressured land. The topics he covers and the tips he provides in this exclusive hunting show will include how to select potential hunting properties, hunt pinch points, scout security cover and deer habitat, choose hunting stands, interpret rubs and scrapes, scent control, gear and much, much more.

John’s tips and tactics will help white-tailed deer hunters anywhere in the country hunting on land with extreme amounts of competition. He can back it up with real-world experience, since he has never paid a dime to access any property, and never hunted with an outfitter, over bait or over a food plot. He relies solely on his scouting and time-tested strategies to get within bow range of mature bucks year after year.

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While there are thousands of hunters with several-record book bucks taken in lightly hunted states or off spectacular pieces of managed properties, what separates John’s accomplishment of having 50 record-book bucks from 32 different properties (31 in Michigan and 19 from out of state) from any other hunter in the country is that he’s always exclusively hunted on public and knock-on-doors for free permission properties.

For information on John’s three instructional books, four instructional DVD’s, or on his two-day in-field/classroom seminar workshops, which are all targeted at making hunters in heavily pressured areas — or anywhere for that matter, become more successful, please visit: www.eberhartswhitetailworkshop.com or www.deer-john.net.


Whitetail BehaviorDeer & Deer Hunting presents an exclusive look inside the mind of a white-tailed deer throughout all four seasons. View never-before-seen footage of all aspects of whitetail behavior and learn more about how deer see, smell, hear and react to danger. You’ll also learn how and why bucks react to certain stimuli during the rut. Included in this video:

-Practical and comprehensive information on the whitetail’s senses: sight, sound, smell and taste

-Expert analysis on how deer react to danger

-Exclusive video of rutting bucks making rubs, working scrapes, chasing does and battling for supremacy Insider tips on how and why deer communicate with each other

-Crisp, clear audio of deer vocalizations

All of this will help you better understand how deer behave in real hunting situations and, ultimately, will give you a step up on knowing which tactics you can use to outsmart the biggest buck of your life.

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