Top 12 Best Electronic Coyote Calls

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If you’re a coyote hunter, you know that a good predator call is a necessity. However, in today’s market, a lot of products are advertised as the best coyote call, and they aren’t even close.

So, how can you know which product will serve the purpose? How can you choose among hundreds of products available online?

Simply keep reading.

Hunting coyotes isn’t easy, whether you do it to protect your property, or for sport. These animals are intelligent, cunning, and agile, so it’s incredibly important to have the best electronic coyote call you can get.

Getting the best coyote call isn’t easy. Which specs are essential, and which aren’t? Which features are a must-have, and which ones are there just for show?

That’s why I’m here to help. I did the research, I have the experience, and I tested every popular predator call out there. Before we continue to the best coyote call list, I’ll explain what you need to pay attention to when purchasing a predator call.

I had a lot of time to test many coyote calls, and only 12 made it to this best predator call list. I find that these are, at the moment, the best coyote call devices on the market.

If you’re short on time, here are my top 3 coyote call picks:

The Best Electronic Coyote Call List and Their Main Features

ICOtec GC300

electronic coyote call buying guide Top 12 Best Electronic Coyote Calls The first thing that surprised me with this model was its low price tag while offering features of a lot more expensive unit. In my honest opinion, this is the best coyote call device for this price, and it is even among the better ones in the higher price range. This little guy lets you play two sounds at the same time. Don’t you think that can be useful? Just consider it for a moment, and you’ll realize that when you’re hunting a pack animal, you’ll want it to hear multiple calls at once, so it comes. This electronic game call can withstand both heavy rain and snow, and its remote has a range of astonishing 300 yards. That means that you can place it wherever you want, and then move to find a good location for yourself. Loud, cost-effective, portable, and absolutely deadly, this ICOtec call is the one that you will want. Although ICOtec isn’t a famous brand, this newcomer decided to take the game to a whole new level. They developed some of the best electronic coyote calls, and they don’t show signs of slowing down.

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Primos 3756 Alpha Dogg

This trustworthy and sturdy coyote call was amazing to try out. The material it is made of is top-notch, and it can withstand some serious damage, even in most extreme conditions. But does that make it the best predator call? I liked the rotating speaker; it’s an incredibly useful feature. It lets you play the sound as if it is coming from every direction at once. Sounds amazingly realistic and dynamic, and it makes the coyotes incredibly curious, which means that they become less careful when approaching it. On the other hand, if you don’t like that, you can always set this call to send the sound in only one direction. The remote control that comes with this model lets you control it from a nice distance. Handling is simple, and the high-quality color display makes it even easier. With 64 sounds that come on this, you are bound to be successful. If that’s not enough for you, this device is programmable, so you can add up to 1000 different sounds. Another handy thing is the fact that this comes with an auxiliary jack that lets you use the motion decoy.

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ICOtec GC320

Before I tested this model, I heard that predator hunters believe it is the best predator call in its price range, and I wasn’t sure that was justified. Until I gave it a shot. It’s not simply an electronic call, it is combined with a decoy, and it has very useful features. This model comes with over 20 programmable calls that sound very realistic to me, and I’m already used to these devices. The sound quality is more than decent, although it isn’t incredibly loud. You can play a few sounds at once, to create an urge to react. If you need more volume or higher sound quality, this device comes with an auxiliary jack.

The decoy this device comes with is ICOtec PD400 which comes with useful night lights. These provide sufficient illumination, and they have an automatic run option that’s really useful for hunting predators. Another helpful thing that comes with this device is a remote control that has a 300-yard range.

If you like carrying something light and durable when you’re on the move, this combo model feels like the best coyote call choice.

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Primos Dog Catcher

This compact, lightweight device is something you can easily carry with you on a coyote hunt. The price is more than affordable, and the quality of this best predator call list entry surpasses it by far. It comes with basic features such as growls of several different predators coyotes might perceive as a threat. That includes foxes, male coyotes, as well as bobcats. This electronic coyote call has 12 different sounds, and, although basic, it is just enough for a hunter. It is also able to play two sounds at once. That makes the call more realistic, and your prey more likely to respond. I like that you operate it simply via buttons. No complicated screens and instructions. No technological wonders, just a simple device you can use on the go.

What I like the most about this call, is its 150-yard range that, for me, means that I don’t really have to have a clear line of sight.

That is the best coyote call for beginners while being absolutely acceptable for pros as well.

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FOXPRO Shockwave

Foxpro offers absolutely outstanding devices, and this coyote call is no different. It is among the best predator call devices I have ever used. Shockwave comes with a long list of useful, unique, features. It is designed to help hunters store data and customize their hunt. That isn’t simply a predator caller, but also a data analysis tool. This high-quality, durable product is amazingly loud thanks to its four powerful speakers. Fortunately, that’s not all. You can use this call to mimic the movement of a predator by switching the sound from one speaker to the other. You can also set the pitch, which is useful because by changing it, you can get a predator to respond to you. This device works great in different weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about rain or snow. It comes with 100 predetermined sounds, and space for a 1000 more that you can add yourself.

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ICOtec GC101XL

When I saw the price of this product for the first time, I have to admit, I didn’t expect much. It’s one of the most affordable units of its sort, and I thought it simply couldn’t be any good. It can’t belong on my best predator call list. I was wrong, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Compact, and surprisingly durable, this is the best coyote call for hunters who prefer convenience. 12 high-quality prey sounds are there to attract your prey, while a 5-watt speaker is more than enough to reach the coyote. You get every sound you might need to attract a coyote, plus, this device can play two sounds at once. Although small, I have to say it offers nice options and is really one of the best electronic coyote call devices I have used. It comes with a remote control that has a 100-yard range and has a remote holder, so you can’t lose it.

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FOXPRO Banshee

This monster is something every pro will want to get. It is light, loud, and amazingly simple to use when you bear in mind the number of features it sports. When I took this one out for a test run, I was seriously surprised. Within minutes at full volume, I had a coyote show up! Pup distress and growls combo worked like a charm. So now you know I had a good reason to put it on this best predator call list.

Banshee comes with 100 different sounds, and it can store 200 more. That means that you get enough space to customize this predator call to your liking. The remote control has a rather big screen that you can read easily with any lighting. Another handy feature is the integrated USB port that lets you connect this caller to your computer.

Next to all of that, I really like the 3-year warranty that comes with this product; it shows that it is really built to last. Even if it weren’t as good as it is, that fact alone would have earned it a place on this best electronic coyote call list.

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FOXPRO Inferno

This best electronic coyote call list entry is among the lightest I’ve had the chance to use. It weighs only 1.5 pounds, and that’s with the batteries. It has 75 different sounds straight out of the box, and it allows you to store 125 more. Wonderfully portable and full of features, this is the best electronic coyote call for those who need the perfect price/quality ratio. Materials used for Inferno are high quality, and a 3-year warranty shows that the company stands behind that. The remote comes with an LCD screen that makes this caller easier to use, and a number of options that pros will know to appreciate. The speaker itself is more than powerful enough. Thanks to the high quality of vocalizations, it will attract coyotes from afar. If you want something light, yet powerful, this is the best predator call for you.

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FOXPRO HammerJack

Do you want something that goes above and beyond? Then this is the best predator call for you. Foxpro is well known for the quality of its vocalizations, durability of materials, number of features, as well as clarity and volume of its speakers.

This model is living up to the brand. It comes with 100 sounds, 111 free sounds, and room for 300 sounds total. I like that the company included the Fox Bang feature that maps your caller automatically to a predetermined setting after you fire your weapon. Foxcast feature offers hands-free calling, and Fox Jack decoy comes in the box. The dual amplified speaker system packs enough power to be heard wherever you are. Another great thing is the remote, which has a great range and is easy to use. With these features and more, this model had to make it to my best electronic coyote call list.

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ICOtec GC500

If you’re searching for something different, something that has unique sounds, then this ICOtec model is the best coyote call you can get. When ICOtec first started making their own callers, I didn’t believe that a company that started off as a decoy producer for Foxpro could offer much. Luckily for me, they did, and they keep doing so. This caller of theirs is programmable, it comes with 24 calls, but you can have up to 200 on it. I really like that it can be used for other predators, not just coyotes. The speakers emit loud, sharp, clear vocalizations, while the remote has an amazing range and is really simple to use. It offers a programmable call feature, and the possibility to combine several different animals sounds at once. I liked how real the sound was, and if I weren’t the one playing it, I would have believed it was genuine. GC500 is really the best electronic coyote call in that regard.

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Primos 3755 Turbo Dogg

First of all, I liked the camouflage, and then I started looking into the features of this model. If you need the best electronic coyote call device for heavy predator and coyote hunting, this is the best model for you. It comes with a 25-watt amplifier that boosts the volume by 25 percent. It comes with 36 incredibly realistic vocalizations that will definitely intrigue your prey to investigate. The great thing about the speaker is the fact that it delivers sound without distortion to a great distance. However, that’s not the feature that got me bought. 4 Expert hunt files that are preprogrammed are my favorite feature of this caller. These files are 20-minute sequences that are made to increase call effectiveness. The remote that comes with this model has a 150-yard range and is really simple to use.

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This model is a replacement for a very popular Foxpro model, ‘Fury’ that held the title of one of the best predator call models for a long time. The TX-1000 remote is here combined with a standard call body and Kryptek Highlander camo. Although its design isn’t among my favorite ones, this is the best electronic coyote call for people who like an old-timey design on their coyote call. Fusion comes with 100 high-quality vocalizations, and it can store up to 1000 sounds. The dual amplified speakers are amazingly loud and will handle every call with ease, including mountain lion, owl, and bear growl sounds. So regardless of your surroundings, your prey will be able to hear you and will come running. The remote is full of features such as FOXBANG, FOXMotion, FOXFusion, and FOXData. It basically does everything for you. It has indicators for moon phases, temperature, barometer, battery level, as well as a timer. When you realize the full potential of these features, you’ll probably wish you heard of this coyote call a lot sooner. I immensely like the fact that this product has a 5-year limited warranty, it really speaks volumes about its durability and quality. Is it the best electronic coyote call? Well, that’s up to you to decide, but I really liked it.

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I tried out all of these, and the best electronic coyote call is tough to determine. In the end, it is all up to you. Your choice should rely solely on the purpose you have in mind. The best predator call isn’t always the most popular one, but the one that will be the best for your needs.

You have 12 of the best coyote call options right here, and I hope that I’ve at least helped you to make an informed decision.

How to Buy The Best Coyote Call For You

Coyotes are smart animals. In fact, they are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for. That means that hunting them can get tricky at times. And, if you live in rural areas, you might be aware how big of a pest they can be. Coyotes don’t have predators that can slow down their breeding rate. Sure, bears, wolves, and cougars will take one out if they get a chance, but that doesn’t do much to control the population.

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If the coyote population grows too much, no animal is safe in the area those coyotes live. And that includes any pets you might want to have. There are multiple records of coyotes hunting both for livestock, and pets of people in rural areas. So, if you want to protect your own, you will have to take the coyotes out. If you can afford it, I would always recommend hiring professionals. However, if you are keen on doing it yourself, there is a couple of things you should buy. The first thing you will need is an adequate weapon, which is rather obvious. And, the second one is the best coyote call you can find.

You could go into the forest yourself and try to hunt that way, but that is not the safest way to go hunting for predators. Of course, coyotes don’t attack people, at least in my experience. In fact, they are very similar to dogs. However, if you find yourself in a forest with predators, you might not be as safe as you should be. And, why risk it? You can buy the best coyote call you can find to lure them into the open.

Pros have had great success with old school calls. However, the new technology allows modern hunters to use electronic calls. And, the best electronic coyote call will usually outperform the traditional ones by a long shot. But first, let’s take a close look at what these calls actually are:

What are Electronic Predator Calls?

One thing I am sure we all know – technological advances are changing the world we live in. And, when electronic calls came out, they just blew the traditional calls out of the water. Now, I do understand that veteran hunters might still not like them. They prefer the feeling of simply hunting by using mouth calls. But, if you buy the best predator call, you will be able to get flawlessly sounding calls every single time.

Essentially, they are incredibly simple devices that play sounds. You use them by setting them up as lures and turning the sound on. These electronic calls come with a variety of different sounds you can use to attract animals. Usually, those sounds are either prey distress calls or mating calls of the same species as the predator you are hunting.

Factors to Look for When Buying a Coyote Call

Buying an electronic call might sound incredibly simple. After all, they really aren’t complicated devices. But, there is usually a lot more to it than what you would expect. In fact, I was quite surprised when I first started looking into these. It turns out, there were a lot of things to consider while looking for the best predator call online. To start off, these are the most basic things you have to think about before we even get to the features.

Electronic or mouth-blown?

If you’re new to this, mouth-blown models are the most cost-effective, beginner-friendly ones. However, if you want to start big, or are looking for a new coyote call, electronic models should be your weapon of choice. Electronic coyote calls have numerous options, and they can keep operating costs down to a minimum.

The Price

The very first thing you have to figure out is how much money you are willing to spend. Sure, you want to get the best predator call you can find, but, are you willing to spend that much? The best coyote call can cost quite a bit of money. And, if you can afford it, then great, but, if you can’t, going with something that doesn’t fall under the definition of the “best predator call” is still not an issue. In fact, many companies make excellent affordable models that can easily compete with even the best electronic coyote call.

The Brand

Now, I am usually not the person to chase brand names when I’m buying stuff. However, you really shouldn’t just focus on getting a cheap call. There are several powerful brand names that sell a lot of units. Go through the reviews of their products to choose the best one for yourself. After all, it makes sense, a brand that has been around for a while will usually be the one to offer the best coyote call.

Single or multi-speaker?

When choosing the best predator call for your needs, you need to bear in mind how big of territory are you looking to cover. Multi-speaker devices give a wider range and make the calls sound more realistic than single-speaker ones, while single speaker models usually have an aux-out. However, some of the best coyote call models I used had only one speaker, so the make and the brand are also important.

The Durability

The next factor you should consider is durability. You don’t want to have to buy a new predator call every couple of months. That is why you should aim for the best electronic coyote call in your price range. You want to get a tough call with excellent battery life. Any damage your call takes can negatively affect the sound it produces. Not to mention that having your battery die during a hunt can really bring you down.

You need something that will last you a long time if you want to go coyote hunting seriously. Cheap plastic is great for single-use purposes, but in the long run, you’ll want something sturdier. The best coyote call devices are sturdy enough to withstand rough conditions, rain, and snow.


That is a great feature. Programmable units can be updated via a computer. That means that you can both add and remove coyote calls. The best coyote call devices give you a lot of free memory and additional programming options. These devices offer you the maximum call selection, and they can be used for all of your hunting needs.

The Design

One thing I have to hammer into people’s minds whenever I talk about electronic calls is that design matters. You want your electronic call to be portable, lightweight, and difficult to notice. After all, even the best electronic coyote call will do you no good if the coyote spots it from a mile away.

As such, most coyote calls are thus very light, and easy to transport. However, not all try to use camouflage. Most calls are simply small enough for you to hide them in the grass. And, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is fairly effective, and it is a cheap solution. However, some of the bigger, more powerful calls cannot be hidden that easily. That is where camouflage patterns step in. If a speaker is using a good camo coat, it will do the job just fine.

The Features

And, we finally get to the individual features some callers offer. And, I know what you might be thinking: “Calls are simple tech, even the best coyote call can’t have many features.” And I agree, even the best predator call is still a very simple device. But, there are, in fact, several features you should check out while searching for the best electronic coyote call out there. Let’s list some of them out.

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The Remote Control

I have to put the remote as the first feature to look out for. I know, it sounds weird to put something as “irrelevant” as the remote control in the first place. However, having a good remote is incredibly important for the success of your hunt. If you ever had issues with the remote, you know how true that is. Even the best electronic coyote call fails if the remote is not good enough to keep up.

Namely, the first issue you can have is that it won’t reach the device. That leads to you not being able to play the sound, and simply wasting the day of hunting. The same might happen if you are unable to stop the sound in time or lower the volume. If you were blasting your call at full settings for a while, it would attract predators. However, as they get near, they will realize the sound is too loud to be real prey. And, naturally, they will escape. The thing you should do to avoid that is lower the tone to realistic levels after a while.

The next issue that might come up is caused by having a counter-intuitive button arrangement. The best coyote call for you will always have a very intuitive remote. The important bit is the ability to control your device without having to look at the remote control at all. Looking down to check your button placement can make you misalign the shot. And, if you miss once, that coyote is not coming back.

Some of the best predator calls actually have color screens on their remotes. Essentially turning their calls into computers. They give you the ability to customize the experience thoroughly.

The Speakers

The speakers are the most important part of a predator call. And, it makes sense, if you want to have the best coyote call, you have to use the best speakers. The only reason I didn’t start off with the speakers is that they are obviously incredibly important. You want your electronic call to have speakers capable of luring in animals from great distances. If you get the best electronic coyote call for your needs, animals will be able to hear it from over a mile away.

However, power is not all you should think about. Namely, just having powerful speakers, doesn’t mean you have the best predator call out there, especially if your speakers distort sounds at higher volume settings. So, if you actually want to get the best predator call, make sure the sound is clear at all times.

While we are at speakers, I would also recommend going for a call that has directional speakers. It makes the setup that much easier. Of course, I understand, those might get a bit expensive, so, if they are out of your budget, disregard the directional speakers. They are very convenient once you learn how to utilize them.

The Sounds

The sounds these coyote calls offer is what separates the low-cost versions from the best predator call a man can find. If you are starting out, and you want to try and save some money, a call with 12 sounds will do the job just fine. But, if you know what you want, and you plan on buying the best electronic coyote call out there, you will need more.

And, thankfully, there are calls that come with 60, 70, and even a hundred different sounds. So, if you are willing to reach for your wallet, and buy the best predator call out there, you can really get a good selection of sounds. Take, for example, the Primos Alpha Dogg, which might be the best electronic coyote call out there. It comes with about 75 calls. However, it also allows you to add up to a 1,000 sounds from their professional library.

The next sound-related feature you should check out is the possibility to play multiple sounds at a time. This feature can help you have successful hunts even when the predators are very careful. At a low-end of the product cost, you should expect the ability to play up to two sounds at the same time.

However, on the high end, where the best predator call is, it gets much better. Namely, some of the calls actually come with “expert hunts” combinations of tones that were created by experienced hunters. These hunts are simple, easy to use, and scarily effective. Calls that are in the running for the title of the best predator call usually come with audio in jacks that let you use your own sounds.

Which Coyote Call is Right for Me?

This question is the most common one I get from people who want to know more. However, it is not an easy question to answer. There is no single product that is the best predator call. After all, you have already seen how many factors come into play when picking the best coyote call for yourself. My personal favorite is the Primos Alpha Dogg. It is not the most expensive, nor is it very cheap, but it very well might be the best electronic coyote call out there. However, there is a fair bit of personal preference at play here. So, if you really want to get the best predator call for your needs, you will have to do your own research.

How to Get the Best Use of Your Coyote Call

The very first thing I would recommend is getting the best electronic coyote call you can afford. From there, start by using the distress calls to their greatest extent. Coyotes are cunning, but they are also not picky eaters. They will consistently rush towards prey that is in distress. The next tip would be to mix it up once you get some experience. Change the type of prey you are using, and even add in some other sounds, if the device allows it. Here is an article I wrote that will explain all of this in detail.

Position yourself about 30-50 yards away from the call and make sure you are not easy to spot. I also like to bring the volume down as the coyotes get closer to make them more curious. Bear in mind that, if the sound is too loud, it might spook them. Also, don’t let the coyotes get too close to the call. If they see it and recognize what it is, they will start running. Now, if you have experience hunting, you might still be able to take them out. However, most people find running coyotes to be too tough of a mark. Not to mention that coyotes are smart enough not to fall for the same call twice.

The next tip I would give you is to turn the call off from time to time. Namely, coyotes might notice the repetitiveness of the call. So, what I like to do is turning the device off at random moments and waiting a couple of dozen seconds before turning it on again.

If you can, try to direct the sounds you are using and not blast them too loudly. That way, you can assume that the coyotes will come from that direction. And that means that there is less ground for you to visually cover as you hunt.

In the end, I want you to remember, even if you did take the best electronic coyote call out there, you would still have to do the heavy lifting there.