What is Chaturbate and how it works


If you feel curious about what is Chaturbate and how it works, stay with me. You will learn lots of things about Chaturbate.

what is chaturbate

What exactly is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a website that allows users to broadcast themselves and earn money through tips and subscriptions from viewers.

To make money on Chaturbate, you will need to create a performer account and complete the verification process. Once your account is verified, you can start broadcasting yourself and earning money from tips and subscriptions from viewers.

To increase your earnings on Chaturbate, there are several things you can do.

First, you can promote your Chaturbate profile on social media and other platforms to attract more viewers to your broadcasts.

You can also offer special features or services, such as private shows or custom content, which viewers can pay extra for. Additionally, you can participate in Chaturbate’s affiliate program, which allows you to earn a commission for referring other performers to the platform.

It is important to note that making money on Chaturbate, or any other platform, requires hard work and dedication.

Success on Chaturbate, like on any other platform, is not guaranteed and will depend on a variety of factors, such as the quality of your content, your ability to engage with viewers, and your dedication to promoting your profile.

Chaturbate is a website which combines 2 things: Chatting and masturbation, as the name suggests. Currently is the world’s largest adult cam-site with a healthy advantage over its rivals.

The website was launched in February 2011 and has increasingly become a very popular site with members and broadcasters alike.

It is the most followed cam site online with 489,000 followers on Twitter. Currently, it keeps growing on all levels so it still is an excellent choice for anyone willing to watch or broadcast.

Now I’ll explain what are Chaturbate’s best features from a broadcaster point of view and also from a viewers point of view.

Chaturbate is a platform that features hundreds of chat rooms from around the world. You’ll see a live amateur webcam stream in each chat room.

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For instance, by clicking here, you can view the current most popular stream on Chaturbate right now. You’ll find a model trying her best to make money in front of thousands of horny viewers.

Chaturbate makes it easy for both, allowing to tip your favorite broadcasters in exchange for a performance. But not everyone has time to see all shows to the end.

Good cams shows can last for hours. If you are in a hurry, you may not want to waste hours waiting for a free show to go down. In that case, I suggest you try one-to-one private shows instead.

How to use Chaturbate?

When you enter a chat room, you’ll find that on the screen video takes centre stage with a sidebar for users to talk with each other directly and exchange messages with the ‘broadcasters.’

Chat rooms are divided into five major categories:

  • Female Cams
  • Male cams
  • Transgender cams
  • Couples
  • Featured

All these categories are self-explanatory so I won’t say more about that. The featured category shows homepage cams because those get the most traffic. That’s where you’d want to be in.

With tags, each broadcaster can also classify what’s her/his show is about, making it much easier to find what you are looking for.

There are common tags such as bbw, teens and anal, as well as more unique ones for those exquisite viewers.

You can also filter cams by geographic region, but remember that most broadcasters won’t disclose their real location for privacy reasons.

I am a spectator. How does Chaturbate work?

Registering is fully free and will allow you to view most cams but there are premium shows that may require an extra payment.

Private shows can be paid using tokens, the usual currency on all cam sites.

Broadcasters will encourage viewers to pay tokens in order to see something included in the broadcasters’ tip menu.

Tokens may also be used to purchase pictures and videos from a broadcaster, even when she/he is offline. Many broadcasters also include their personal Amazon wishlists so true fans can know what to buy to their favorite models.

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What is Chaturbate Pro?

Chaturbate recently launched a new type of subscription called Chaturbate Pro. For $19.95 a month you get:

  • Clean Ad-Free Interface
  • Custom chat font & colour options
  • Private messaging
  • Anonymous tipping
  • Animate room images
  • 200 free tokens ( worth $20.99 )

Is it worth it? Chaturbate Pro is basically like buying a basic 200 token pack, but with some more perks.

If you are an active Chaturbate user that spends around 200-400 tokens per month on the site, I recommend you to try this new subscription, because you get more bang for your buck with it than just buying tokens only.

What’s the real value of Chaturbate’s tokens?

Click here to view in detail how much Chaturbate tokens are worth.

As a model, what should I look out for?

Here’s one of the things you might not know about this site. Chaturbate uses a colour coding scheme.

Site participants are categorized depending on how many tokens they have and how frequently they spend them, as well as more information about their site activities. That means that members names on the right-hand side will appear colour coded.

This is extremely useful for broadcasters as it provides information to recognise which members are likely to tip.

Also, broadcasters are much more likely to respond to a suggestion to perform from someone who frequently gives tips than to accept suggestions from someone without tokens. Categories are as follows:

ColourDescriptionRedThis is the chat room moderator. Usually is a person chosen by the broadcaster to help her keeping beggars and idiots out of the room.OrangeMeans that person is broadcasting in their own room.GreyIt means that this member has no tokensGreenMeans that this member is a fan of that roomDark BlueA member who has spent at least 50 tokens in the las 2 weeks.Light BlueA member who has spent between one and fifty tokens in the last 2 weeks.Light PurpleA member who has spent at least 250 tokens in the last 2 weeks.Dark PurpleA member who has spent at least 1000 tokens within the last two weeks.

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So now you know it. As a viewer, you need to have some tokens in your account to be taken seriously.

No broadcaster will fulfil your desires with an empty pocket. They know whether you have tokens in your account or not so don’t be stingy and buy some!

Want to broadcast? Check out these guides

Having success on Chaturbate is something definitely possible but that requires work. Check out how much money you can make on Chaturbate or the latest tips to improve your shows.

Why Chaturbate is so popular

I think Chaturbate is enormously popular because of the relationship that it creates between broadcasters and followers. It was the first cam site that exploited this area and years after it’s easy to see they were right.

As a broadcaster, you can not only get tokens from your fans but gifts too. You just have to create an engaged enough audience willing to buy your whims.

Conclusion. Is Chaturbate worth it?

Absolutely. Chaturbate’s popularity right now is in all-time high and nothing indicates that’s gonna change short term. From my experience broadcasting, it can be a nice experience and it can make you lots of money.

If you combine that with other appearances on sites like OnlyFans you may very well in place to improve your financial position drastically, but to do so, you must first know what viewers want and work hard until you get the hang of it.

It took me a few weeks before making significant money so my final advice is to keep at it, never give up and ask for help if you need to. Here on this site, we are open to help any of you who needs help broadcasting. Send us a message through the contact form or leave a message in the comments section.

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