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Many of you are probably aware of the sick and disgusting practice of hunting predators with dogs thanks to an article printed in the Summer 2008 edition of C.A.S.H (Coalition to Abolish Sport Hunting). The cruelty inflicted on the wildlife is clear, but what may be less clear to some is the horrendous abuse of the dogs. No one could do a better job of describing the cruelty inflicted upon these dogs than the hunters themselves, so much of what you will read comes directly from their web forum discussions.

The wounds covering these poor dogs faces and chests were inflicted by terrified wildlife in an attempt at self preservation in the name of “fun.”

Notice the blood covering the chest and legs of the dog on the right, while the other dog gazes with love and trust at his cruel owner

The traditional method of hunting coyotes and foxes with dogs has the hunter release a pack of hounds to search out and chase the wildlife. A wide variety of dog breeds are used as the chase hounds, but the primary concern is that the dogs be fast, as their job is to keep the coyote running until it is exhausted. Once the coyote is exhausted a second group of dogs is released to tear the coyote apart, these are the kill hounds. The dogs often sustain serious injuries while fighting the coyote and are at high risk for the contraction of parasites and disease including rabies. Hunters have no regard for the health and well being of these dogs, they run them in the snow and subfreezing conditions, and make light of the dogs suffering.

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Although the dogs are often wounded, exposed to parasites and diseases, and sometimes killed, this is the way it ALWAYS ends for the coyote or fox.

In order to train the dogs to chase only the hunter’s preferred game, the hunters use shock collars. Nitro223, who has his own hunting board, recommends the following to prevent dogs from chasing unwanted prey. ” I would also collar both of them with a good shock collar and if I saw them on a deer [chasing a deer instead] I would try my very best to make it the worst experience in their life. In other words shock them on the highest setting til they quit or the battery goes dead.” If the hunter doesn’t have a shock collar Foxdog449 recommends throwing rocks at the dogs to correct unwanted behavior.

The hunters also have ideas on how to get the dogs to stop barking in the kennel… “He seems to get messages quick for he barked when I chained him and I had to shoot him with my bb gun and he shut up… I have been using the hush bb gun method all these years… I bet I have worn out two or three red riders over the years” several other hunters then went on to agree with this poster and to praise this method of “training”

Not all dogs show a natural propensity for violence, and many have to be encouraged. Kbaden recommends “If you can shoot a yote without killing it and turn your dogs on him, that would help you figure out which dogs will fight and which wont!” Most hunters believe that if you want good hunting dogs your best bet is to have your own pups, those pups who are not good candidates are euthanized. ” Yeah we do spend a lot of time at the vet. We always put at least 3 dogs down.” Salmonslayer2010 on

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Another, less common, type of coyote hunting is also becoming more popular. In this type of hunting, the dogs are used as bait to draw coyotes towards the hunter who then shoots the coyote. An article entitled ‘Coyote Doggin’ by Cal Taylor has this to say about lure dog hunting, “A family group of coyotes has an extreme territorial instinct and if a strange canine shows up in their territory, they will do their utmost to remove the intruder from the area and protect their pups from harm… In trying to remove the dog from their territory, coyotes will chase it back to a waiting hunter.” The level of depravity that a person must have to use an animal’s instinct to protect its young, to lead it to slaughter is inconceivable. It is not at all surprising that those same individuals would feel no remorse in essentially using their dogs as live bait for a pack of coyotes. Later in the article, the author goes on to say, “Be aware that your dog must be physically able to defend himself if confronted in the open by angry coyotes…”; Making it clear that the dog is at all times in serious danger.

This horrendous “sport” in all its forms is still legally engaged in, but we ask that you use your voice to help to stop it. Both the dogs and the wildlife involved deserve better than what the law currently allows.

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