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New to mouth calls? Get a value pack with the best beginner mouth calls specifically designed for you to be calling turkeys into your lap in no time!

The STRUTT’N Ridge Beginner’s SeriesTM (3 Pack) has the best beginner mouth call, our single reed Greenhorn, which is specifically designed to allow ANYONE to quickly become a proficient mouth caller.

The Beginner’s Series is simply the best beginner mouth call 3 pack on the market. Allowing you to save money and weeks of frustration while quickly building perfect mouth call mechanics and progressing to a full rasp call.

Each call is hand stretched for the perfect balance between ease of use and exceptional sound quality. See the difference for yourself, you won’t go back!

Calls in this 3 pack (clickable links):

  • STRUTT’N Ridge Green Horn (1 Reed)
  • STRUTT’N Ridge Sweet Talker (2 Reed)
  • STRUTT’N Ridge Combo Cut (3 Reed)

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Additional Product Details:

STRUTT’N Ridge “Green Horn”TM: The STRUTT’N Ridge “Green Horn” diaphragm call is a single reed turkey mouth call made for beginning and seasoned turkey hunters alike. It is simply the best beginner mouth call on the market.

Everyone is caught up on multi-reed calls with extravagant cuts, and it starts many beginning turkey callers off on the wrong foot, and they never recover. The truth is, a single reed mouth call is all you need to kill turkeys.

STRUTT’N Brand entered the market with a single thought, “Produce a diaphragm turkey call that’s built for the beginner, but produces sounds professionals expect; The STRUTT’N Ridge Greenhorn is just that!”

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We went back to basics, added attitude, and a slight rasp. This sweet sounding single reed mouth call doesn’t mean “simple sound”. This is the best beginner mouth call, because it requires only slight internal diaphragm pressure with less tongue control than multi-reed calls. The Greenhorn, is not complicated, it’s easier to learn and it’s easier to use. Already proficient with a diaphragm? No worries, the Greenhorn produces soft realistic yelps, purrs, clucks, wines, kee-kee runs and other sounds produced by wild turkeys.

Whether putting a diaphragm call in your mouth for the first time or practicing for your next hunt, this call’s construction allows you to easily perfect the correct tongue pressure, tongue position, air pressure, and volume required to master and accurately mimic the sounds of wild turkeys.

On your next hunt, the call’s light rasp and soft subtle sounds gives you the capability to put a wily Ole Tom in the bag!

STRUTT’N Ridge “Sweet Talker”TM: The STRUTT’N Ridge Sweet Talker is a double reed turkey mouth call suited for the beginner, yet its sweet mid-tones still produce sounds expected by professionals.

STRUTT’N Brand introduces its second call in the “Beginner Series”; the STRUTT’N Ridge Sweet Talker. This diaphragm call allows the beginning caller to advance to the next level of turkey calling, but allows the professional caller produce sounds that can win on stage. The Sweet Talker produces slightly deeper tones, yet not raspy. This mouth call requires a little more internal diaphragm pressure with more tongue control than single reed calls.

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The Sweet Talker is easy to learn and easy to use. Like the Greenhorn, it produces sweet sounding yelps, purrs, clucks, cutts, wines, kee-kee runs and other sounds produced by wild turkeys.

STRUTT’N Ridge “Combo Cut”TM: The STRUTT’N Ridge Combo Cut is a triple reed call built to be our most versatile turkey mouth call. It is suited for all skill levels, and it allows you to do it all, whether you want to get loud, soft, or bring some rasp!

STRUTT’NTM Brand introduces its third call in the Beginner Series 3 Pack; the STRUTT’N RidgeTM Combo Cut. This easy to master triple reed call completes the beginner’s turkey calling progression to “proficient”. This versatile turkey mouth call also allows the advanced turkey hunter make “stage winning” calls that will take any trophy.

How to Use a Turkey Mouth Call: To replicate a hen yelp begin by placing the call in the roof of your mouth with the latex reed facing forward, the rounded edge of the tape facing backward and the 1/8” half-moon tab facing down. Press your tongue against the latex and “huff” to move air between your tongue and the reed. Using tongue pressure to create a high pitched sound, drop your tongue resulting in a “yelp”.

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