John Doe Archer just laid down a whole bunch of Benjamins and is grinning from ear to ear as he admires the new state-of-the-art compound bow he just purchased. But your job as an archery retailer is far from finished. Now is the perfect time to reap the full profit of that sale by cross selling all those accouterments that will make that bow and its owner the very best they can be. He will leave your establishment with everything he needs to be a successful shooter/hunter, and you’ll add to your bottom line. And first and foremost, that means adding a bowsight to the shopping cart.

There are a wide variety of bowsights designed to consistently put bowhunters and competition shooters on target. As far as bow accessories go, this is a big-ticket item, with prices ranging from $100 to well over $400. Here are six prime examples.

Apex Gear Magnitude

CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the ambidextrous five-pin Magnitude bowsight from Apex Gear is available in detachable dovetail mounting bracket or fixed mounting bracket designs.

It delivers consistent accuracy and easy tuning with an adjustable second and third axis level and micro-adjustable windage and elevation controls. Its 2-inch aperture boasts a new glowing shooter’s ring design with vertical and horizontal gaps that improve peep alignment in bright daylight and in low light “dawn and dusk” hunting scenarios. All Magnitude sights utilize the Pro•Brite pin design that increases brightness without crowding the sight picture and include the Revolve rotary LED sight light for increased illumination.

MSRP: $119.99/Standard mount; $139.99/Detachable dovetail mount

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CONTACT: www.apex-gear.com

Custom Bow Equipment Trek Pro

The new CBE Trek Pro bowsight allows archers to fine-tune their rigs at 30 and then 60 yards and then simply affix one of the 14 included laser-engraved aluminum sight tapes to ensure accuracy at any distance in-between.

With first, second and third axis adjustment, the Trek Pro is suitable for right- or left-handed shooters, and it features a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum design with a carbon fiber extension dovetail sight bar for numerous mounting positions. It also features a sliding rheostat cover to further optimize pin brightness in all lighting conditions. Its 12 inches of fiber optics are protected within CBE’s Blade Pin design, which are available in .010- and .019-inch versions and one-, three- and five-pin configurations.

MSRP: Starts at $329.99

CONTACT: www.custombowequipment.com

HHA Sports Tetra Max

With the HHA Sports Tetra Max sight, bowhunting success is a simple four-part process — Range it. Dial it. Shoot it. Tag it. Once the sight is calibrated, determine the range to the target and turn the yardage wheel to the correct distance to dial in the shot. Draw back and place the desired pin on target and then release the arrow.

The Tetra Max is available in a single or four-pin setup using .019 or .010 pin sizes. Scope size options include 1.375-, 1.625- or 1.75-inch versions, all with an integrated monster green housing alignment ring with a built-in level. The sights all have a mechanical rheostat with the option to add a burst light for low-light conditions.

MSRP: $379.99-$469.99

CONTACT: www.hhasports.com

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PSE Archery DR Micro

The Black Mountain DR Micro bowsight by PSE Archery features five .019-inch full-capture sight pins in a durable 1.75-inch lightweight scope housing, toolless micro adjustments for windage and elevation, and an adjustable micro bubble level. All parts are CNC-machined and hand-fit to exact tolerances.

The DR Micro sight is assembled with a proprietary quiet bushing system to eliminate vibration. Second- and third-axis adjustments optimize performance in any hunting/shooting situation. It also features a 90-degree rear-facing sight scale and dovetail mount.

MSRP: $99.99

CONTACT: www.psearchery.com

Trophy Ridge Digital React

For 2022, Trophy Ridge has introduced Digital React one- and three-pin bowsights powered by Trophy Tech technology, featuring a highly visible LED screen with a digital readout of targeted distances. React technology is fast and efficient for sighting-in a bow for the first time. In 10 minutes or less, shooters can have their bow dead-on from 20 to 100+ yards.

Both single- and three-pin Digital React sights are available in right- and lefthand configurations with customizable screen colors, brightness and distance increments and up to five profiles that

can be saved for unique arrow setups. All Digital React sights come with an instruction manual, quick-start guide, backup sight tapes and a 6-foot USB charging cord and plug.

MSRP: $359.99/Single pin; $379.99/Trio.

CONTACT: www.trophyridge.com

TruGlo Archer’s Choice Range•Rover M4

The Archer’s Choice Range•Rover M4 from TruGlo is a hybrid bowsight design that combines the diverse range adjustability of the original Range•Rover and Pro LED with the multi-pin configuration of the recently introduced Versos sight. Its sight hood and five-pin assembly are enhanced with TruGlo’s reliable fiber-optics to deliver crisp, highly visible aiming points in all legal shooting light conditions.

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The M4 also works as a slider sight — ideal for those hunters who might typically shoot closer distances for whitetail hunting but need to transition to longer distance shooting for western hunting or 3-D shooting without changing their bow or sight system. Sixty pre-printed yardage tapes are included to calibrate any bow and arrow combination.

MSRP: $135.99

CONTACT: www.truglo.com

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