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The Stinger is a very good value for a hunting bow. It has everything you need; speed, consistent and accurate shootability and its priced under $300. With six inches of draw length adjustments, this bow can fit a wide variety of shooters and could be a great first bow for beginners. Combine the short axle to axle length with the smooth draw and this bow is going to work well in the tight quarters of a ground blind or treestand.


Depending on the model year of the Stinger you purchase you may or may not have a choice in finishes. Older models are finished in either Mossy Oak New Break-up or Mossy Oak Treestand, while the 2011 model has choices of Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity or Skulz Camo. With any of these finishes the buyer will get a durable finish that will not fade.

Limbs & Riser

The riser on the Stinger is a fairly simple design but this partially enables PSE to keep the cost of the rig so low. The shape comes from CNC machining to the 6061 T6 aluminum, which is attached to the limbs through machined aluminum limb pockets. The precision engineered limbs used on this bow are pre-stressed to optimize performance.


The Stinger is equipped with the Vibracheck rubber grip. This grip gives a soft comfortable feel but also helps to suppress vibration. On the down side, this grip is wide and can induce some torque. If you are not a fan of this grip it can be switched out with any of the older PSE grips, plastic or wood, which ever you like best.

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Eccentric System

The Stinger has utilized a few different cam systems during its productions time. The current Stingers uses PSE’s new HP cam, which like previous models, is designed to be easily adjustable, have a smooth draw cycle and produce consistent shots. The difference is that the new HP cam has an increased IBO speed to 316 fps. Each cam system allows draw length adjustments with the use of just an allen wrench. Past models also allow let-off to be adjusted from 80% to 65%, while the 2011 model has a fixed let-off at 75%.

Draw Cycle and Shootability

The Stinger flaunts a smooth draw cycle thanks to its single cam performance system. This rig is also well balanced upon release; however it does have some noticeable vibration. The addition of a string stop and stabilizer will suppress this vibration to the point that it is negligible, keeping the bow quite quiet. Furthermore, the very forgiving brace height helps make it easy to shoot for even the most inexperienced archer.

PSE Stinger vs. PSE Brute

The PSE Stinger and the PSE Brute are two very similar bows. The main difference between the two is in the design of the riser; the Brute has more machine work and thus is a more stable riser and has a lighter mass weight. In the new models the Brute also has a better grip and parallel limbs. However, both models use the same cam system along with featuring very forgiving brace heights, thus they both shoot accurately and fire arrows at similar speeds. The price difference between the two bows is only $100. Many archers choose the Brute over the Stinger because of the slightly better shootability and the extra features it has. However, for another $100 you can start to climb into PSE’s Bow Madness line up, which are said to out shoot both of the above bows all day. Still, if you are on a tight budget and are looking for a good hunting rig, the Stinger may fit the bill.

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Good Hunting Bow

The Stinger is built for the hunter on a budget. Its short axle to axle length makes it great for in the ground blind or in a treestand. Additionally, it is lightweight making it a desirable bow for spot and stalk hunting as well. This bow may be built into a small package but it packs enough power and speed to take down any game the hunter desires.


The Stinger is a simple bow. It does not have all the bells and whistles the higher end bows do but it will get the job done. However, adding a couple inexpensive components will help this bow shoot like one that costs a lot more. Combine its price point with its shootability and you have a great bow for beginners and experienced archers alike. This rig can also be a great fit for teens because it has 6 inches of draw length adjustment to grow with the shooter. Because of its affordability and shootability some hunters, especially those that travel to hunt, purchase the Stinger as their back-up hunting rig. All in all, this bow is a bow that does not cost “an arm and a leg” and will do what you need it to do.

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