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Nestled along the Arkansas River in Southeast Colorado, OutWest Adventures stake claims to some of the best Waterfowl hunting grounds in Colorado. We provide you the unique opportunity to come out and hunt Canada Geese and Snow Geese as well as ducks and Sandhill Cranes. With the liberal bag limits of 50 Snow Geese, 5 Canada Geese, up to 7 ducks and 3 Sandhill Cranes per person, you can bet you’ll get a full day’s hunt. Waterfowl hunts start mid-November and go through the late light-goose conservation season in April.

Our decoy spreads range from thousands of Silosock decoys to 900 GHG full bodies for those late season birds. Unlike other snow goose outfitters, we never leave our decoys out and run hunters into the same decoy spread day after day. OutWest takes pride in setting out a fresh decoy spread each and every hunt. This allows us to set the spread based on current wind direction as well as matching the characteristics of the geese in the area. Our strict wildlife management practices of not over-hunting one particular lease ensures your hunt will be a success. We allow each lease to “rest” at least 2-3 days which further increases your success.

A day’s hunt consists of meeting early at a local convenience store, grabbing some coffee and snacks before heading to the field. If you’re staying the night, we suggest the Roadway Cow Palace Inn in Lamar. The drive out to the field can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. We will then set the decoys, grab the guns and get ready for the days hunt. Most of our hunts take place close to roost ponds, where we’ll have a chance to shoot birds all day long. Birds will come off the ponds to feed around sun rise, giving us the first opportunity to decoy the bigger flocks. After the birds feed they’ll come back to the ponds where we’ll have our second crack at them. Then mid-day when the birds are on the water, they’ll get up and “mill” around. This will give us the opportunity to decoy singles and smaller flocks. Lastly, being setup close to water also gives us the opportunity to decoy migrating geese as well. At days end well pick up the spread and head in for dinner and discuss your next OutWest hunt.

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OutWest can accommodate individual hunters all the way up to groups of 10 per pit. The price per hunt is $300.00 per half day (12:00 PM) and $350 for a per full day per hunter. We offer a $100 discount for kids under 16. Corporate rates for businesses/groups over 10 are available upon request. Waterfowl hunts do not include meals or lodging. If you prefer to skip setting/picking up decoys, we can accommodate this for an additional fee. The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife requires a small game hunting license, Colorado State waterfowl stamp as well as the Federal waterfowl stamp. Waterfowl stamps are required for anyone over the age of 16 years old. The Federal stamp is not required if you’re hunting during the late snow goose conservation season. One day small game licenses are available as well. Before hunting migratory birds in Colorado, you must go to www.colohip.com to get your HIP number. This number must be recorded on your license. If you’re hunting Sandhill Cranes, you can get the permit number on the same website. For information pertaining to licenses, bag limits and all other rules and regulations, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website at www.cpw.state.co.us. See ya in the Blind!

Contact Jeff Travis at (719) 688-1185 for more information

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