The Best Subscription Boxes for Outdoor Enthusiasts


If you’re anything like me, you love getting things in the mail. And subscription boxes are the gift that just keeps on giving, whether they’re for yourself or a friend.

While most subscription boxes are full of health and beauty products, there are a number that are designed with outdoorsy folks in mind. We’re talking a smorgasbord of stellar gear like sleeping pads, camping lanterns, flashlights, trail snacks, and more.

Whether you are someone who loves backpacking, fitness, the latest gadgets, or just plain being outside, you’re sure to find something you love in one of these tailored-to-the-outdoors boxes.

Subscription Boxes 101

So, what exactly is a subscription box? Typically, they’re boxes filled with multiple products delivered on a regular basis — monthly, quarterly, or annually.

There’s also usually some sort of a theme to the box that ties the products together: beauty, fitness, food, camping, hiking, goodies for pet owners, etc. And oftentimes, they offer a discount if you subscribe for the entire year. Discount or no discount, it can also be cheaper to get a variety of gear in one of these boxes than if you were to buy each item separately via a store or online retail.

How They Work

The way subscription boxes work varies from company to company, but for the most part, you start off by selecting your plan. Some boxes allow you to make a one-time purchase, but most are designed to be delivered monthly or quarterly.

If they offer different themed boxes, you’ll pick which type you’d like to receive. Some give you the option to customize certain items, or choose a box plan based on price point. After that, you’ll enter all of your payment info and the boxes will just start showing up!

After getting the basic information covered, let’s check what are the best subscription boxes for outdoor adventurers.

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The Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes

Best for Explorers: The Nomadik

nomadik gear

The Nomadik box is for those who like to get outside and explore. There are options for monthly and quarterly subscriptions, and also multiple theme choices. If you’re not sure which theme is right for you, Nomadik offers a gear quiz to help you determine which box is best suited for your adventure style.

Each box contains a curated mix of outdoor gear, often debuting new brands and products at a fraction of the cost. Another fun feature is that each box comes with an outdoor challenge to inspire your next trip.

Check Price at The Nomadik

Best for Paddlers and Anglers: Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post

Regardless of what type of box you’re looking for, Bespoke Post probably has you covered. With home and kitchen to outdoor options, Bespoke Post has something for everyone.

Its outdoor boxes include options for hiking, fishing, and diving, with a fun mix of gear in each. Boxes cost $49 a month, and each month you have the option to customize styles and colors, swap for another box, or skip the month entirely. The Bespoke Post online shop also sells lots of fun gear à la carte.

Check Price at Bespoke

Best for Runners: The Runner Box


Founded by a group of athletes in 2013, The Runner Box is the first subscription box geared specifically toward endurance athletes. They recognize that training is tough, so their focus is to provide easy access to endurance nutrition and gear.

Their team of athletes works to stay on top of the latest trends, flavors, and seasonal must-haves and pack them into one, convenient box. Boxes are delivered bi-monthly, with options to pay for 6 months or a full year upfront in order to receive discounts.

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Bonus for cyclists: If biking is more your thing, they offer a Riding Box option as well.

Check Price at The Runner Box

Best for Survivalists: Battl Box

Battl Box subscription box

Battl Box is all about the gear you need to survive and thrive in the outdoors. Hand-picked by a group of outdoor professionals, Battl Box is full of outdoor, survival, EDC, and other cool gear.

Battle Box has four different options available at a range of prices: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. Examples of items included in the boxes are provisions, safety whistles, solar-powered lanterns, first aid kits, sleeping pads, pocket knives, and many more items that can be used in your daily life or saved for a survival situation.

Similar to any of the subscription services we’ve listed so far, Battl Box has an online store where you can purchase survival gear essentials.

Check Price at The Battle Box

Best for Hikers: Hiker Crate

Hiker Crate

Hiker Crate is a monthly box full of the goodies you need to stay fueled and prepared while on the trail. Each month, a box is delivered to your doorstep, containing five to eight different hiking-related items.

Boxes include tasty hiking meals/snacks, hiking gear, and accessories. When you sign up, you have the option to pay for the month or subscribe for multiple months or a year to receive a discount. If you like to hike, the Hiker Crate has the gear to keep you covered on the trails all year long.

Check Price at Hiker Crate

Best for Women: Wild Woman

Wild Woman

It often feels like the outdoor industry is male-dominated, so it’s nice to have a box specific to female adventurers. The Wild Woman box was created to make the outdoors feel more accessible and inclusive, whether you’re a hardcore adventurer or simply enjoy spending your weekends outdoors.

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The monthly box includes a combination of gear, body products, and fuel to power and inspire your time outside. You can opt to pay month-to-month or select one of the prepay options to receive a discount. In addition to the box, Wild Woman has an online store with past boxes and extra merchandise up for grabs.

Check Price at Wild Woman Box

Best for Surfers: Beachly

Beachly subscription boxes

As the name suggests, the Beachly box is for those who enjoy life at the beach or along the coast. With men’s, women’s, and a beauty option, each box comes with curated, beach-inspired apparel, accessories, and beauty products.

Beachly boxes ship quarterly for $99 per quarter and contain over $250 worth of merchandise. Beachly designs its boxes around the seasons so relevant gear will arrive before or along with any changes in weather.

Members can also shop Beachly’s online store, where there are plenty of more beach essentials and accessories to buy. Beachly also partners with Sea Trees to work to restore kelp forests and in protecting the ocean overall.

Check Price at Beachly

Best for Van Lifers: The Happy Glamper

The Happy Glamper

If you’re a fan of camping but prefer it to come with all the bells and whistles, then the Happy Glamper is the subscription box for you. Each season, the Happy Glamper puts out a new box inspired by a different region of the United States.

The box contains four to seven items made by local artisans and includes things like glamping gadgets, health and beauty items, books, and jewelry.

If you’re looking for a way to take your camping to the next level and support different artists, look no further than the Happy Glamper subscription.

Check Price at the Happy Glamper

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