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We all have seen LED pole Lights in the commercial space, it has just become the part of our daily travel life and these lighting appliances are the main source of light at night. But, Do you ever think from where the concept of LED pole lights came?

It all started when the ancient Romans used lamps filled with the vegetable oil and placed them outdoor space and one person was there who watched them and fill them when required.

There are one person dedicatedly have the job to look after those lamps and make sure that those lamps wouldn’t run off and always have sufficient oil to lit them up.

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The first mass initiative to enlighten the streets was done by the Henry Barton first, Mayor of London. Passed the order that all houses who faced towards streets must hang the lanterns outside the door when night falls. After this Paris was the first one whose streets got enlighten up at night.

The First Organized Street Lights

After the lanterns, the first extensive system of street lighting system used coal gas as a fuel. William Mudrock in 1802 started the era of most energy-efficient lighting. After several experiments in 1807 London was the first who install these gas streets lights for the first time.

And guess what? “Baltimore” was the first city in the United States who started using gas for streets lights in 1816 and after 1820, Paris also started these lights for the outdoor areas. Those street lights were designed in a way, so that gas could easily be passed through the poles.

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There was a man who worked as a lamplighter to lit up all the pole lamps when it needed and turn it off in the daylight.

ancient lamp Ancient To Modern Light Source – LEDMyPlace

The Advancement of Street Lights

Arc Lamps was the first electric outdoor lights which were introduced in 1878 in Paris named Yablochkov Candle. Firstly, these electric street lights have replaced 4000 pole lamps approx. It was so convenient to use that it illuminates the wider area. In 1890, more than 130,000 arc lights installed in the residential area.

But these Arc lights haven’t stayed for a long time because it contains two major defaults.

Firstly, these light emitted very strident and intense lighting to space which installed at places like industry, factory areas, and dockyards. These arc lights were too bright for the people and it affected their eyesight.

Secondly, these arc street lights weren’t last long because of the carbon electrodes burns rapidly that lead to costly maintenance.

What Light Sources Used Before LED Pole Lights?

After the failure, of arc light at the end of the 19th century, the incandescent light bulb came into the market. On 3 February 1879, the first incandescent pole light came into use for the single night and New castle became the first city street in the world lighted up by an incandescent pole light.

Cleveland, Ohio was the first city who successfully testify 12 incandescent pole light around the public square road on 29 April 1879.

incandescent pole light Ancient To Modern Light Source – LEDMyPlace

For, the period of time incandescent bulbs is being used as a primary light source for the streets, until the advent of metal-halides and sodium-vapor bulbs. These both fixtures emit enough amount of light and have high melting-point as well. So, they can last more period of time in comparison to the incandescent light bulb.

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What’s New???

We’ve come so far and finally reached to the latest street lights available at the present, LED Pole Lights. These LED pole lights are an energy-efficient fixture that enlightens the outdoor areas.

These LED Pole Lights can replace both metal-halide and sodium-vapor fixture. Further, these light fixtures have the life efficiency of 50,000 hours and can last up to 5 years with a low maintenance cost.

led pole light 1 8955c945 b1d1 4651 871e d5e175770abe Ancient To Modern Light Source – LEDMyPlace

These LED Pole Lights consist of ETL certification and matches the new safety standards made by the US government. These pole lights are DLC and RoHS certified as well. RoHS certification ensures that these pole lights do not contain any harmful materials such as lead and mercury which makes it totally eco-friendly.

These lights come with additional accessories such as motion sensor and dusk to dawn sensor which makes this operator free and helps to reduce energy consumption.

If we have a look at the evolution of lighting fixtures, we have come so far and it is still more to cover.

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