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“My son and I had our third two day trip with Steve last week. We highly recommend that you book a trip with Steve. I have fished with professional fishing guides, charters, and lodge owners for over 50 years and truly know and understand the difference between them taking me fishing and those who are working and applying experience that gives one the best opportunity to catch fish and a great learning experience as well. Steve Lytle will pull out all stops in doing just that for the anglers who ply the waters with him. You will have an excellent chance to catch master angler fish as Steve has them dialed in and will put you in the finest locations, and teach you the techniques and correct presentations to catch both good numbers and some monster fish. He is absolutely intent on giving you the best fishing opportunities possible. If you have not fished with him you are missing a chance to fish with a professional who will put you into the fish. In the trips we have made we have always come away with many fish, a lot of varieties of fish, and another education in the art of CATCHING FISH and many TROPHY-MASTER ANGLER FISH. Please allow Steve to put you into a fun, educational, and onto a fish catching day or two on the water. In my years of fishing extensively in California, fresh and saltwater, Mexico, Alaska, and Canada I can truly say that Steve ranks among the best, as a professional angler that gives you a memory filled day of angling. Among the finest guides in the world. Give him a call but let me warn you to book as early as possible as his available dates fill in quickly each year. Get out their and enjoy a trip of a lifetime. You will be biting to come back again for sure!!!”

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Dennis Coats, June 4th, 2017

“Steve, never a dull moment. The last 5 years fishing-awesome time!!!”

Daniel Wilson Jr. , July 8th, 2016

“I had the opportunity to fish with Steve on the 14th of this month. It was chilly but Hands down one of the funnest, action packed fishing days I’ve ever had. I fish on a daily basis but Steve is a super nice guy with a TON of knowledge making a day on the water very memorable. 5 stars for sure. Just let me say, I WILL be back on his boat very soon. Thank you Steve for the time and effort you put in making sure your customers have a great time.”

Luke Garcia, May 14th, 2016

“I had a blast and learned so much from Steve, he was very helpful when I needed help. We will be returning to fish with him every year.”

Joseph Summers, May 7th, 2015

“My wife and I booked a trip with Steve this past summer and had an absolute blast catching wipers, never caught a fish like a wiper they don’t just bite they just take it and peel off the drag. We had a great time with Steve, highly recommend him.”

Bill Berns, December 15th, 2015

“Had an amazing time! Will be making this a yearly trip with the guys in my family!”

Christian Frank, July 22nd, 2015

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