Best Guns & Gear of SHOT Show 2022 [Guide]

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I walked about 42 miles in five days, according to my smartwatch. Not because I’m trying to be healthy, but because I’ve been zombie shuffling through the halls of SHOT Show 2022.

So, let’s talk SHOT!

Double-Decker of Pain
SHOT Show looked a tad different this year. (Photo: NSSF)

It was a weird show. Many prominent vendors like Beretta, Sig Sauer, Springfield, and many more didn’t attend.

Empty booths were everywhere, and attendance seemed much lower. No complaints from me — no little carts ran my feet over.

SHOT Show 2022 Girsan Hi Power
These things are terrible

While SHOT Show 2022 was different, it wasn’t without its merit.

We saw several new releases from major and minor companies, plenty of weird guns, and superb optics.

Today we will dive into the fruits of my walking labors and discuss the best of SHOT 2022.

Best Guns & Gear at SHOT Show 2022

1. FN High Power

2022 is the year of the High Power.

Browning’s classic design has seen production by Springfield, FN, and Girsan. Springfield pulled out of SHOT 2022, but Girsan and FN proudly showed their take on the Hi-Power design.

SHOT Show 2022 Girsan Hi Power
Girsan Hi-Power

The Girsan MC P35 is about as classic as a Hi-Power gets. There are no fancy doodads, no major revamp, just a Hi-Power clone at a low price point.

The MC P35 Match took a different route.

Girsan installed an extended beavertail, a beveled mag well, a rail, adjustable sights, and so much more to modernize the design a fair bit.

SHOT Show 2022 FN High Power
SHOT Show 2022 Girsan Hi Power

FN changed the Hi-Power so much they are calling it the High Power.

They modernized and improved the design with significant changes. This includes a longer grip with a 17-round magazine, a larger ejection port, modern sights, an extended beavertail, a non-bite hammer, and more.

SHOT Show 2022 SW CSX
FN High Power

It was changed so much there’s no parts commonality with other Hi-Powers.

With an MSRP above $1,300, it’ll be interesting to see how the world handles the High Power.

2. Smith & Wesson CSX

If you ever wanted to see what a cold release looks like, look no further than the CSX.

SHOT Show 2022 SW CSX

The Chief’s Special X was released to no fanfare and very little information from Smith & Wesson. However, it turned out to be a neat little gun.

It’s a micro-compact like the Sig Sauer P365 with a 10-round flush-fitting magazine. The gun uses a single action-only design with an all-metal frame.

SHOT Show 2022 Ounce

It’s a very 1911-like design — small, way smaller than I thought.

The trigger left something to be desired, but I’m intrigued with this little gun.

3. The Ounce

The first floor of SHOT is often referred to as the dungeon. It’s a tight, crowded area full of big and small vendors. Here I found a pistol called the Ounce. It’s the weirdest gun I’ve ever seen.

SHOT Show 2022 Ounce Folded
The Ounce

It’s a semi-automatic, bullpup, fixed, top-loaded magazine that fires .22 LR and folds in half.

Yep, It’s bizarre but incredible. A father-son team of mechanical engineers designed the system, and you have to see it to believe it.

SHOT Show 2022 Barkeep
Ounce Folded

It’s a dedicated deep carry gun that folds to eliminate the need for a holster and to avoid traditional printing. I’m excited at the prospect of hands-on time with the Ounce.

4. Barkeep Boot

The Heritage Arms Barkeep premiered last year, shrinking the barrel of a Heritage Rough Rider to a mere 2 inches.

SHOT Show 2022 KelTec P15
Barkeep Boot

Well, someone said that’s still too big and cut off another inch. They also took the sights with them and trimmed the “plow” grips into Bird’s head grips to reduce even more size.

The Rough Riders are all priced affordably, and the Boot is no different. It’s downright useless but looks like a ton of fun.

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5. KelTec P15

KelTec innovates all the time, and people forget they jumped on the CCW train very early on.

The P15 further reinforces their ability to innovate with a micro-compact pistol more akin to the P365XL and Glock G48 than the tiny guns.

SHOT Show 2022 polymer 80 p320 2
KelTec P15

As the name implies, the gun has 15-round magazines but also a flush-fitting 12 rounder.

KelTec designed several variants, including metal and polymer frames and an optics-ready model. Interestingly, the 14 ounces this thing weighs on top of the fact it’s only 0.875 inches in width.

That’s thinner than a 90s model.

6. Polymer 80 P80 PF320

Polymer 80 has long been about the build it yourself crowd, but they did something different this year.

The P80 PF320 is a complete firearm built on the P320 platform. Like most Polymer 80 handgun products, they revamp the ergos.

SHOT Show 2022 Aero a700

It’s a Gucci P320 with a very aggressive grip texture and big beavertail. It clings to the hand and feels natural. As you’d expect, the gun’s optics cut and has this massive, oversized magazine release.

I already have a P320, but I might grab this grip module. If you want a P320, the PF320 is mighty tempting.

7. Aero Precision A700 Rifle

This company might be known for its AR-15 designs, but Aero Precision seems to be expanding well beyond that these days. The A700 rifle system is their first try at a bolt gun.

They approach it the same way they approach ARs, with builders in mind.

SHOT Show 2022 AK 105
Aero a700

Shooters can build their own with Remington 700 actions, Savage barrel, and three-bolt face sizes to accommodate a wide variety of calibers.

The chassis is all Aero and well thought out for precision shooting.

8. Palmetto State Armory AK 103

PSA dived deep into making AKs as late and is making AK configurations never before available to the public.

This includes the AK 100 series. Their latest, the AK 103, brings us the rifle configuration of the modern 7.62x39mm gun.

SHOT Show 2022 spc9
PSA AK-103

On the range, the muzzle brake did a fantastic job of mitigating recoil. And the gun was surprisingly accurate.

It handled well, comes with folding stock, polymer furniture, and a magazine. It’s as close to the Russian one as we can get without breaking some laws.

I’m not a huge AK guy, but I love the AK 103.

9. B&T SPC9

From the Swiss firm B&T, we get the new SPC9 carbine — Special Purpose Carbine.

B&T originally built the gun for a particular contract in Europe but decided importing it to the American market was worth it.

MP5 Die Hard

The SPC9 blends aspects of the AR-15, the MP5, and the APC series. We get a very AR layout complete with a buffer tube and AR charging handle. Its buffer is completely different and comes from B&T’s APC series.

The gun has an APC lower receiver, which allows the end-user to choose between a Glock, B&T, and Sig Sauer magazine platforms.

Its MP5 likeness comes from the forward-placed charging handle. Users can pick and choose what charging handle they wish to use.

SHOT Show 2022 BA 30
It’s like the MP5…but not.

The SPC9 will be sold as a rifle, SBR, and PDW-style SBR.

10. Bushmaster BA30

Bushmaster is back! They seem to be trying hard to get back that former glory.

The company started the show with an odd pick — the BA30. This gun combines an AR-10 with a straight-pull bolt action rifle to give you the best of both worlds.

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SHOT Show 2022 Meta Tactical Apex
BA 30

This includes a smooth back and forth bolt, the modularity of an AR, and the precision of a bolt gun.

The BA30 was a blast to shoot, and between the BA30 and the Savage Impulse, I’m in love with straight pull bolts.

11. Meta Tactical Apex

Have you ever wanted to turn your Glock into a bullpup carbine? Well, good, you are among friends.

I also shared that desire but didn’t know it until I met with the Meta Tactical guys at SHOT Show 2022.

SHOT Show 2022 Apex Glock
Meta Tactical Apex

The new chassis and barrel system allow you to convert your Glock to a carbine with no drama.

You’ll replace your Glock barrel with a 16-inch model, drop the Glock in, close the system up, and you’re good!

SHOT Show 2022 Quattro 15

Glock will be the first model of the system — following that, we’ll see Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Sig, and 1911s in the future.

12. Desert Tech Quattro-15

Desert Tech made an interesting choice with the Quattro-15 and Quadmag-53.

This proprietary lower accommodates a 53-round quad stack magazine slightly shorter than a 30-round PMAG.

SHOT Show 2022 Quattro mahs
Quattro 15

The lower can also accommodate an adapter to feed standard AR mags and interfaces with any standard upper.

SHOT Show 2022 Retro Riot Gun

Using the Quadmag-53, shooters can carry a combat load with four magazines rather than seven. The receiver will cost $299, and the magazines run $74 each.

13. SDS Imports Retro Riot Guns

If you want a break from the high prices of the weapons above, let’s look at the ultra-cool Retro Riot Guns from SDS.

SHOT Show 2022 Chaos
Retro Riot Gun

These imported pump-action shotguns have all the riot features you’d ever want – including ghost ring sights, an optics rail, wood furniture, a heat guard, and of course, a bayonet.

I was impressed by the ultra-slick action of these guns. And while they’re a little silly, they are a ton of fun.

SHOT Show 2022 Genesis

They come in both black and Marine coat. Worth mentioning that the total price hasn’t been revealed, but the guys at range day promised a low cost.

14. Kalashnikov USA Chaos

Kalashnikov USA already has a nice, handy little 12-gauge firearm called the Komrad.

With the Chaos, they revisited the firearm, but in a real nutty configuration. It’s still an AK-style shotgun but lacks a brace.

SHOT Show 2022 Savage Renegauge Security

Instead, we get a Shockwave style pistol grip. It’s still mag-fed and outfitted with an M-LOK handguard and actual shotgun sights.

I love stuff like this, and it promises to be a ton of fun.

15. Genesis 12

What do the ultra-modern Genesis 12 and the old school Browning Auto 5 have in common?

Well, they both use the famed short recoil action that requires a little movement of the barrel to function.

In the Genesis 12, this results in very low recoil and makes the platform super reliable and easy to handle.

SHOT SHOW 2022 Aimpoint Duty

Genesis found a way to mount muzzle devices, including suppressors, to the gun without disrupting the short recoil operation as well.

These are designed and built on AR-10 lowers, so you get all the AR controls you are used to.

They come in various configurations, including firearm models with braces. Beyond that, we get a unique mag that replicates how a more traditional shotgun fires.

It’s one of the better thought-out mag-fed shotguns.

16. Savage Renegauge Security

Color me surprised by how much I love the Renegauge.

This gas-operated gun finally premiered in tactical “Security” configuration. It’s complete with the D.R.I.V. gas-operated, recoil-reducing system that’s positively fantastic.

SHOT Show 2022 Magpul x4 fire control unit
Savage Renegauge Security

Then Savage was outfitted with a truckload of features.

The stock features an adjustable length of pull via spacers, and the controls are oversized.

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It accommodates 6+1 rounds, ghost ring sights, and even an M-LOK barrel to magazine tube clamp for accessories.

17. Aimpoint Duty RDS

Aimpoint released a new optic and has attempted to be a bit more competitive pricewise.

The $500 Duty RDS is a lot like the idea behind the PRO. The PRO is a full-sized dot, and the Duty will be a much smaller optic that works with the Aimpoint Micro mounts.

SHOT Show 2022 Magpul x4 round counter
Aimpoint Duty

This optic opts for a two MOA dot, a set of flushed turrets with no caps, and a nice digital keypad for adjustments.

The dot is crisp and clear and tough as hell. It’s what you’d expect from an Aimpoint, but not at your Aimpoint price.

18. Magpul Maztech X4

Have you heard of these new Fire Control Systems?

The Army’s NSGW contest called for a new kind of optic — an optic that blended optical quality and precision with an integrated computer system.

SHOT Show 2022 Magpul x4
Magpul x4 Fire Control Unit

This would allow you to enter ballistic drop info, has a heads-up display, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Well, these systems often cost an arm and a leg. I’m talking about tens of thousands of dollars.

Magpul teamed up with Maztech to bring the system to the commercial market at a much lower price point. This system currently has two main components.

SHOT Show 2022 Holosun SCS
Magpul x4 round counter

There is the Maztech X4 FCS that attaches to your own LPVO and acts as the centerpiece to provide you with a compass, a round counter, a range finder, and the ability to use ballistic drop overlays onto your optic.

The second part is a pistol grip and special PMAG that provides a round counter. This will be super accurate and provide powered and non-powered options. It can be transmitted to your optic or an outside counter.

RMRcc Mount on Glock 43x MOS
Magpul x4

Information can be shared to external devices, including computerized glasses, and I’m sure phones, tablets, computers, etc.

It’s an interesting concept, and the X4 might revolutionize the individual rifle.

SHOT Show 2022 BA 30

19. Holosun SCS

Last but not least is the very cool Holosun SCS.

This miniature optic is designed for handguns primarily. What’s unique is that it uses an internal, solar-charged battery. That battery can last for 20,000 hours on a full charge.

Best Guns & Gear of SHOT Show 2022 [Guide]
Holosun SCS

The SCS sits low enough that suppressor height sights won’t be needed for co-witnessing. And optics cut will vary and are assigned per optic to each gun.

For example, a specific model is made for the Glock MOS series that doesn’t use a plate and attaches to the MOS milling.

Plans are to create a model for the MOS series, the HK, CZ, and many more in the future.

Best Guns & Gear of SHOT Show 2022 [Guide]
RMRcc Mount on Glock 43x MOS

The optic has a 2 MOA dot and a 32 MOA circle. A single button allows you to swap the reticles.

Brightness is automatically adjusted, and Holosun accounted for weapon lights.

The optic uses multiple sensors to determine light in front, above, and behind. This ensures the transition is accurate and quick.

Best Guns & Gear of SHOT Show 2022 [Guide]

We shot in the bright Nevada desert but sat under a shaded tent. The Holosun SCS still shone brightly and was easy to see and hit with.


SHOT Show is over, but despite the smaller crowds, there were still plenty of products worth seeing — from optics to guns and everything in between.

Best Guns & Gear of SHOT Show 2022 [Guide]
BA 30

Did you go to SHOT? If so, what was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments. Want to see which guns were introduced last year? Check out the Best New Guns of 2021.

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