104 pound coyote shot in Missouri !!

Video largest coyote on record

Jon, That is crap. I seriously laugh at the idea that you think all hunters do it with no regard to what or where they hunt! I would promote conservation regardless of if I hunted or not, in fact I do! Let’s see, I send money to organizations that help preserve habitat for the declining desert species, like tortoises, road runners, and rattle snakes. I am a very out spoken about the bogus info fed to the public about wolves and have written numerous articles about the flawed Wyoming proposals on managing wolves. I have a foundation which is currently being reviewed by an attorney in order to facilitate under privledged children being given basic outdoor skills, and the tools necessary to enjoy nature. You can definitely NOT tell me I only pay for conservation so I can shoot things, and have even an ounce of validity to your statement.

Salle, I agree, humans are the problem. Therefore, we owe it to all impacted animals to be the sollution. I just think right now, in many cases, hunting is a part of that sollution. We expend millions “controlling” animals to keep cattle and sheep ‘safe’. I personally think those millions would be better spent conserving open space. I am opposed to public land grazing. I don’t expect the government to protect my dog in my own yard, so I wouldn’t be in favor of protecting cattle in a feed lot either. You are right that many millions are spent from all tax payers, I don’t doubt that for a moment. But tax dollars are not spent volluntarily. What I pay out my pocket is, including my habitat stamp. Not many hikers purchase a habitat stamp simply because they hike…I do. As for coyotes or wolves being the most persecuted animals, I could throw a few more in the mix. But most certainly, at this point I would say wolves need our protection more than coyotes. You and I generally see things in a common way. I don’t advocate red neck hunting logic. But I certainly say that science should be the key source on how to develope regulations. Not sentiment, ranchers, oil men or even the almighty dollar.

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I personally would be glad to pay higher taxes for the things that need to be done, like wild space conservation, species impact studies, ending the use of plastic water bottles, etc.

It is not now, nor has it even been, about money for me. In fact, I haven’t hunted with anything but a camera in a very long time. But the realistic things that we need to see is, hunters do spend money, on licenses, conservation, and the contribute to the tax base in retail ways as well. They are not all evil, and they don’t all pay money because they are forced to.

Why bring up PETA, seriously, it was a comparrison, an illustration of extremes. Geez. It is okay to say all hunters are selfish, but not okay to lump all anti-hunters in with PETA, hypocracy at it’s finest.

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