What Are the Best Tasting Wild Fish?


The best tasting fish is highly subjective, and often usually dependent on their environment and general way of life. However, there are some fish that definitely taste better than others no matter what body of water they come from – well, maybe that’s taking it a bit far, but you get the point.

If you are looking to hunt down the best tasting fish for your table this year, here are a few select fish you should plan your next fishing trip around.


Walleye is the chicken of the lake. It is an extremely versatile fish that can be used in anything from grilled fillets to the lowly and delicious fish taco. As these fish are found in many lakes throughout North America, they aren’t a fish you often have to hunt down. They are probably lurking around your local fishing hole.

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It is probably for the best not to get into the specifics of which trout is best, since there is a world of difference between the species and their flavor. However, no matter if you prefer oily lake trout fresh out of the smoker or the delicate nutty flavor of rainbow trout, they are all good eating. Try our Grilled Tequila Lime Trout Recipe!

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Ah, the reliable old perch, easy to catch and also great to eat. Most people place the yellow perch among their favorite fish due to the flakey texture and mild, not-so-fishy taste.

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It is not hard to see why people enjoy salmon. The meat is firm, but yet it flakes and it doesn’t overwhelm with any fishy flavor. You’d be hard pressed not to find salmon on most restaurant menus. However, as they grow quite large and have a lot of power, catching salmon can be more fun than actually eating them. Of course, with the wide array of salmon species, some taste better than others. Atlantic, chinook, sockeye, and coho are regularly noted as the best eating salmon. Check out our Legendary Salmon Recipes!

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This is a beloved eating fish and likely one of the popular options you will see in the grocery store. Halibut has a mild, slightly sweet flavor with lean, flakey meat. However, if not cooked with care, halibut can be an absolute disappointment. It is also worth noting that halibut grow massive and if you go fishing for one out in those frigid waters of Alaska, catching one of these monsters is unforgettable.

Red Snapper

This fish is popular prey for those new to deep sea fishing because they get pretty good size and are amazing to eat. This fish features oily mild flesh with just a hint of sweet flavor to it. Since its flesh is naturally oily and moist, you really have to work hard to overcook red snapper, and that is why so many people love it.

angler holding a big red snapper


The mahi-mahi is not only one crazy looking fish, but it is a super delicious one as well. Its lean pink and sweet meat is prized by chefs in seafood restaurants throughout the world, but anglers prize them for the monstrous and acrobatic fight they put up when they are on the line. There’s no fish that gives you the same sense of accomplishment in both catching and eating.

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Sea Bass

Unlike your large or smallmouth bass, the sea bass is big in sweet flavor and low in that dreaded fish flavor. As it also boasts a high omega-3 fatty acid content, this is not only one of the healthiest fish to eat, but the hardest fish to mess up while cooking. Grilled, poached, or steamed – there is no wrong way to prepare sea bass.

angler holding a big sea bass