7 Reasons To Choose A Knife For Self-Defense

Video is a knife a good self defense weapon

Self-defense is a serious topic. And those who are serious about it have probably thought many times about the weapon that would suit them best in certain situations.

Self-Defense Options

The fact is, guns are not for everyone. For some, a knife offers all the self-defense they need.

With the many options available, a knife can prove the perfect weapon for self-protection. In many cases, a folding knife is the choice because of easier concealment. However, with just a little effort, a fixed blade knife also can prove effective.

How to Choose the Best Concealed Knife

It’s ultimately up to the individual. But for those who are considering a knife for self-defense, here are some, but certainly not all, of the reasons to do so.

Knives Are Easy To Buy

No matter what kind of knife you want to carry, it’s relatively easy to find and purchase the exact kind you want. And while practicing with a knife is a smart move, you don’t need to understand ballistics, targeting or go through a long background check before buying a knife.

Knives Can Go Anywhere

While there are laws prohibiting the carrying of knives in many places, they still usually can be carried into more places than a gun.

Knives Are Easy To Conceal

A small folding blade or even some kinds of fixed blades are easy to conceal and carry in almost any situation.

Popular KRUDO Folding Knives

They’re Tools

A gun is a gun. But a knife can be used, with practice, for self-defense as well as a tool that is practical in everyday use. Cutting wire, opening boxes, trimming plants – the list, depending on how you spend your days, can get very long.

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Knives Even The Playing Field

In a self-defense situation, applying a knife – or a pain compliance tool – can quickly render an attacker defenseless, much faster than trying to punch or kick them.

It’s More Natural

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but many people simply feel more comfortable using a knife than a handgun. Whether it’s somehow ingrained in our DNA through millions of years of using edge tools or a natural fit for the hand, knives often just feel more natural (again, for some) than other weapons.

Knives With Finger Holes

Close quarters

In extremely close quarters, a knife can sometimes be easier to bring into action than a gun.


While most people associate extensive training with carrying a gun, they may not think that about a knife. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Training with a knife is a very important part of responsible knife ownership.

Some issues to keep in mind.

Knife position. You will need to find a comfortable place to conceal and carry a knife.

Hand position. Practice moving your hand into position on the knife until you can do it quickly and smoothly.

Removal. Whether you are removing a knife from a sheath or unfolding it, you need to practice until you can do it in one fluid motion.

Self-defense is a personal issue, and everyone has their preferences. But for those who are considering using a knife as a primary or secondary backup weapon, there are plenty of good reasons to do so.

8 Reasons Knives are Better in Close Quarters

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