5 Reasons You Need a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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Having a chamber vacuum sealer can be another helpful kitchen tool. Here are my top 5 reasons you need one and how it can be helpful.

When I was introduced to a vacuum sealer in my home kitchen I never imagined how much use I would actually get out of it. Now it is an appliance I will never be without.

While both a regular vacuum sealer and a chamber vacuum sealer are very similar and can do a lot of the same things, they do have their differences. There are certain limitations to a regular vacuum sealer that has made me fall in love with my chamber vac even more than I thought I would!

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What is A Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

This sealer is much like a regular one in the sense that it can keep food fresher for up to 3-5x longer than a regular zip-top baggie.

A chamber vacuum sealer uses pressure to remove the air instead of suction.

Because of this, it makes it perfect for vacuum sealing things like soups, brines, marinading food, and any food that may contain some liquid (even like steak and pork).

Why Would You Need a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

Here are 5 reasons you need a chamber vacuum sealer in your own home kitchen!

  1. Sealing liquids. This is the biggest plus for me and my favorite thing about a chamber vacuum sealer. Because a chamber vac doesn’t use suction to get all of the air out of a bag, you are able to store things such as soups and liquids with no problem. Made a double batch of white chicken chili? Seal it in the chamber vac and store it for a freezer meal for up to 2 years!
  2. An upright position. Having an upright position gives you more options of what to seal than your regular vacuum sealer. Layered items and liquids can now be sealed with no worries of spilling. The Vesta Precision chamber vac can also be laid on its side giving you the best of both worlds.
  3. Pumps all of the air out. Instead of using suction to remove all of the air from your bag, the chamber vac pumps the air out of both the bag and the chamber at the same time. Leaving the air pressure equal on both sides. So that ground beef that you have leftover and going to freeze – use the chamber vac to get all of the air trapped in the holes in between that a regular vacuum sealer may not be able to get. Ensuring a perfectly air-tight seal every time. Bye-bye freezer burn!
  4. Control of the amount of pressure. With a chamber vac sealer, you are able to control the amount of air that is removed (aka the pressure used) and the amount of time for a seal, letting you seal more delicate items like cake layers, cookies, other baked goods without them getting crushed or broken. Being in full control of this makes you able to not ruin or crush any delicious sweet treats and still get an airtight seal.
  5. Durability. The chamber vacuum sealer is more durable and stable than your regular vacuum sealer. They are built for work and made to last. So seal away! And can we just talk about how Vesta Precisions chamber vac is GORGEOUS and so aesthetically pleasing. Making it such a cute kitchen appliance in your home!
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Is a Vacuum Sealer Worth It?

100% yes! Wether you get a chamber or a regular one, this is a kitchen appliance I didn’t know I would love so much!

Especially if you love to stock your freezer. I vacuum seal for my sous vide cooking all the time – but I actually use it more to stock my freezer than anything else.

Bye bye freezer brun!

Whatever your vacuum sealing needs, a chamber vacuum sealer can do it and do it perfectly! With more options and abilities, a chamber sealer is a great addition to all your sous vide cooking and freezer storage!

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