How To Get Rid Of Geese


Professional Geese Removal Solutions

DIY goose removal methods are often ineffective in the long run. Instead, let professionals get rid of geese for you. Goose control companies like Goose Masters use border collies to scare geese away from your yard. It’s a humane and effective way to get these birds to leave and find a new home. Hiring experts is also a convenient solution that gives you time back in your day to focus on other tasks on your to-do list.

How it Works

Goose controlling professionals bring trained border collies to your property on a regular basis. These dogs have a “herding eye” and desire to stalk the geese. Although the dogs never attack, Canada geese fear the dogs (who they perceive to be predators) and decide they are no longer safe on your property. The dogs herd and chase the Canada geese off of your property, and the geese find somewhere “safer” to live. To achieve the best results, the dogs should work your land on a seasonal or year-round basis. Follow-up visits can also help prevent geese from returning. A professional will talk with you about your needs and the goose population on your land, and determine the best course of action.

Remove Geese from Land and Water

Highly trained border collies are excellent at scaring geese away from water as well as land. When geese notice the dogs stalking them in the grass, they may move to the water, not realizing the dogs will jump into the pond to continue chasing them. When the geese see that there are no safe land or water areas on your property, they take flight and find a new home. At Goose Masters, we specifically choose goose dogs that enjoy swimming and are willing to chase geese on land and in water.

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About Goose Masters

Professional goose control from Goose Masters is an effective and humane way to get geese to leave your property without physically removing the birds. Our skilled dog handlers direct our highly trained border collies on which direction to move the geese. The dogs enjoy stalking the geese, and the geese learn to stay away. The Goose Masters team serves a variety of property types and organizations throughout Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina, including private estates, homeowners’ associations, assisted living communities, beach-front living, lake-front living, corporate properties, parks and recreational facilities, cemeteries, golf courses, schools, and more. We can work on properties with water sources like a pond, lake, stream, or reservoir, or no water at all. Our team only uses goose control methods that are safe, humane, and environmentally friendly.

Our border collies love what they do and are excited to go to work. We select dogs to be goose dogs based on their unique characteristics, including predictable temperaments, and outgoing personality, and good health. We even match our dogs to specific handlers based on who we think will best complement each other. Before our border collies become goose dogs, they train for months or years until they are ready to get real-world experience. The world-class dog handlers at Goose Masters have raised, trained, and handled three National Champion dogs, including the 2000 National Nursery Champion, the 2000 Working Border Collie Herding Dog of the Year, and the 1995 Purina Herding Dog of the Year.

The Humane Geese Removal Solution

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the USDA Wildlife Services approve of our goose control techniques using border collies. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Humane Society recommend using working border collies for controlling geese. We pride ourselves on offering a goose removal service that is humane as well as effective.

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