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An increase in wolf tags have been made available, you can now purchase up to 15 wolf tags per calendar year in Idaho. The wolf hunting and trapping season have also been extended and opened in more units in the state. Here are some tip for those that want to participate in helping save the ungulate game populations.


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Idaho Wolf Hunting Tips (BELOW)


  1. When howling make sure you have the wind in your favor to where you expect them to be. A wolf’s noise is even better than an elk or deer.
  2. Position yourself not exposed on ridgelines or in the open, one look to see you’re not a wolf and your toasted. Their eye sight is even better than a mule deer.
  3. Always have someone with a rifle ready, they can come in quick and might already be nearby, don’t be caught with your pants down.
  4. Howl with cover but still from an advantage point you can see at least 180* so you can watch them close in on you.
  5. Typically a lone howl (one person calling) is best then a group of guys all howling. most wolves really don’t want to fight another group unless your near a kill or den.. more people calling the more likely they will turn and head the other way or come down wind of you.
    1. A lone wolf howling is less intimidating and if a pack is near-by… they will send scouts (younger wolves) to investigate but the rest of the pack will let their presence be know (that it’s their turf) by howling back from their original location.
  6. Howling is great for locating them but not for advancing them like elk hunting, even leaving one guy behind and the rest of the guys closing the distance 80 yards (not howling) and set up is even better.
  7. Using distress calf moose or calf elk noises after howling will let the pack know you’ve just taken down game on their turf, they hate that and can come in fast.
  8. Mimicking the alpha what sounds like the alpha (long duration and deep pitch) is like mimicking a heard bull, the alpha hates that too. He will likely send is scouts or himself your way.


  1. (2miles + out) Use the terrain that you have to work with, think of the thermals and close the distance to a comfortable shooting distance as quickly and safely as possible with good shooting lanes.
    1. Watch and listen for them on the ridgelines, they want to use the path of least resistance as well. Logging roads, meadows, ridgelines is what they will likely use to close in on you.
  2. (500 -1K yards)
    1. Spread out in a line or half moon shape, those sneaky bastards will come from all directions and slip in on you without you even knowing it so make sure your locked and loaded. Be patient, hit the distress calls if you have one. If you see movement, don’t hit the trigger unless you know for sure you can knock one down.. they are about to press go, when they commit, they will charge in fast and spread out.
      1. Not all of them will be howling, some stay back and howl while the scouts go an investigate so watch for movement from all directions even though the ones howling are still 1k yards out.
    2. Patience is key, from a couple miles off they can hear your howl and move in, it take some time.

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Weapon Choice: Most of the guys I know that hunt these wolves in certain areas use semi-auto AR’s, they are fast buggers. Most of their shots are within 80 yards. But I know an Ex- Marine Sniper that loves shooting them long range above the roads and wintering grounds and a lot more guys are doing this today.

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GLASSING: Check the ridgelines, roads, trails, old logging roads, they use the paths of least resistance when traveling.

They are typically in the bottom of the canyons on a kill in the early AM and work their way back up during the first few hours of light so that will help you indicate where to find them.

Check for wintering elk and or deer, if you find the wintering game the wolves are not too far away and most always will stay above them all winter.

For more information check out the Podcast we did with Justin Small on wolf hunting.

Thank you and good luck!

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