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Want to catch more Bass on a frog lure? Want more topwater blow-ups? Check out these topwater fishing tips to catch more bass with a hollow body frog from @Burly Fishing !

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Video TranscriptJeff Burlingame:

What’s going on, you guys? And welcome to the MONSTERBASS Channel. I’m Jeff with the Burly Fishing. And today we are talking about topwater frog and baby. So we’re talking about frog baits. If you guys picked up the August topwater box from us here at MONSTERBASS, it looks a little something like this. Maybe you got the national box, a little more green than this. That’s fine too. Then you probably received a whole heck ton of awesome topwater baits, some of which included these frogs, right? There’s a few variation frogs that we included in the box this month. You might’ve got the Booyah Toad Runner. You might’ve got the Hendrix frog. You might’ve got that Fat Bastard Flaming Frog, that thing is freaking crazy. You might’ve gotten all sorts of different stuff. So today, those specifically, I’m talking about these two and what we talk about today will relate to the other frogs that may have been included in your box, depending on what region you’re in right now.Jeff Burlingame:So you’re going to want to stay tune for that. We’re talking set up, we’re talking line, we’re talking where to fish it, we’re talking how to get bass to munch on these things, because it’s one of the most amazing moments in your life that you can have. Stay tune for that. If this is your first time dropping by the channel though, be sure to subscribe to the MONSTERBASS channel and go check out my channel as well, Burly Fishing. We do all sorts of unboxings as well as talk about all sorts of different baits like these and go fish them on the water. So do all sorts of it on the water and gear reviews. So go subscribe, smash the like on this video. Be sure to hit that notification bell so you can see when we post more videos.Jeff Burlingame:So in this month topwater box, we included several different types of frogs. Talk about two specifically today. One that I don’t have in my hands right now, there’s another common frog to be fished, it’s the popping frog. So the only difference is these two are going to have this tapered nose. So these are more of a walking style bait. And a popping frog is going to have a big old scoop right in the front of its mouth. It’s going to be spit in water. If you’re a fish topwater poppers, same thing, but it’s a hollow body bait with that double hook in the back. Right? So a little bit different. These two baits, we’ve got a walking frog right here with the Hendrix frog. And then we’ve got a boot tail, a little prop style bait with the Booyah Toad Runner. Good for different conditions. I’m going to show you both on the water because we caught fish on both of these and had a good hecking day. And you guys can too, as long as you fish them in the right spots.Jeff Burlingame:Let’s talk about setup first. So the setup, you throw these things on, it’s extremely important. I believe you guys are going to be missing a lot of fish that blow up on your frog if you are not running the right gear. So for that double hook in the back, which is a pretty stout hook, it’s heavy gauge. You’re going to want a nice strong rod. So what I’d like to throw mine on, this is actually a Dobyns Fury and we’ll score bill on there right now. Dobyns Fury, this is the magnum heavy. This is maybe the overkill rod. This is the magnum heavy. You can get a heavy rod, but a heavy stick is kind of where you want to go with this. This one’s a seven three. It just allows me to cast much, much further, but this thing’s a gosh dang broomstick. And that broomstick is going to allow me a better connection with the bass’ face so I can rip it right off once it blows up on that frog.Jeff Burlingame:You’re going to want to also pair that with a strong reel, a good heavy drag. On that particular rod, I’ve got to pair it up with an Abu Garcia Revo SX. It’s just something that has a much heavier drag setting. I think that one’s rated for 30 pounds. So it can handle, gosh darn, anything you can encounter on the water. And then we’re going to align that or spool that up with some braid, right? Highly recommend braid when you guys are frogging. Braid has no stretch. So that means if a bass hits that frog, I give it a good one-second pause here. Maybe say set the hook in my mind, we’ll talk about that in a second. But I’ll give it a little pause. And then I can just jack that jaw, that braid is going to pull that hook directly into that fish’s mouth without a split second lost. You’re going to lose a lot less fish that way.Jeff Burlingame:Depending on where you’re fishing. If it’s much heavier brush, if you’ve got logs, lay downs, all sorts of crazy stuff that you could get hung up on, or just heavier pads and grass, you’re going to want to go to the heavier end of the braid lines. So you’re going to go like 40, 50, 65 pounds, maybe. I fish 30 pounds where I’m at, because there’s nothing really like that. I haven’t lost a frog yet, but definitely braid, heavier drag reel, bait casting setup of course is the way to go. You could catch it on spinning reel, I’m just saying don’t. Just do baitcaster. And then a super heavy rod, any brand you want out there. I like a longer one so that you can cast it much further. You can pitch this thing up under trees. You can go straight across a giant section of Lily pads. You can do all sorts of crazy stuff with it. So highly recommend that for your setup.Jeff Burlingame:Now where you fish this and how you fish this is equally as important. So where you guys are going to want to throw a frog, you’ll notice we’ve got a weedless setup, right? This is the bottom of the frog. This is not getting hung up on anything based on the line tie situation, which is also flexible, by the way, it allows you to get around some of the heavier stuff you can hook up on. You can pull this thing just through about anything. So huck this thing up into the scariest of conditions that you wouldn’t throw any other bait. That’s where you’re going to want to be. Basically, if you look at something and you’re like, “Man, there’s water below that, maybe a foot, maybe more than that. There’s definitely going to be fish there because there’s heavy vegetation.” You can’t throw any other bait and it’s hot out, maybe. It’s the summer, maybe. These are the prime conditions, huck a frog out on there. And I promise you, you’re going to start getting some blow ups.Jeff Burlingame:Now hooking into them is kind of that next step. So I like to think of frog fishing as cadence fishing. You got to have a rhythm, as with most other lures, once you guys really get into this. But frog fishing is just a different type of rhythm. I like to go with a little pop pop or a twitch. If you want to slow it down, pop is going to move the frog a little bit further. A twitch is going to move it gently and maybe give you this walking movement, right? So a twitch on open water, it’s going to do this. A pop is going to jet that frog forward. It’s a 3D movie. So you’re going to get a little more action, move a little bit more water, maybe entice a bite out of that. So you might want to vary up that cadence a little bit.Jeff Burlingame:But the key to frog fishing is really the pause. So if you guys are having a tough time landing fish on the frog, if you’re getting blow ups, you’re getting short strikes, but you’re not landing fish, I highly recommend slowing down. So give it a little pop pop, or a twitch twitch, and then pause. Consider pausing for three, five, 10 seconds. And it’s that pause that’s so deadly. Set the bait where the fish can see it. Fish can see up just fine. They’re seeing the silhouette of this bait on the surface of the water. They can see it, just pause forever and then they get all pissed off and they go up and they slam that thing. And that is what we’re looking for. Try to pop the bait through open water sections and then pause just at the edge of it. So there’s open water and a Lily pad here. Pop up, pause, pop up, pause, big pause right on the Lily pad. That tends to be when I get my best blow ups.Jeff Burlingame:Or if you’re popping across a heavy grass mat, a grass section, just pausing sporadically in there, you’ll get blow ups. Swampy, scummy sections, go fish that all day. If you’ve got any brush trees coming out of the water, fish the heck out of that. You guys will see the sections we’re fishing in this video. In fact, look no further than actually catching fish on these exact frogs from the August box. Check this out.Jeff Burlingame:One over by this table, maybe. Yo. Got them. Yes. First bass on that Booyah. Barely got them. Are you joking me right now? Frog city, frog bait city. Check this guy out. Big head for a little guy. That’s awesome. Thanks buddy. Let’s get him, get a release. That was sick. Look at this slop. Yep. Got them. In the boat. Done. Yes, sir. Hendrix frog. Dude. They fricking call it, not a bad little chunker. Look at this a little one-and-a-half pounder. Not a bad little chunker. I’ll take that any freaking day of the week. Froggy is free. All right, let’s get a release on this. Beautiful bass. Yes. Get in the boat, baby. Whoo, Booyah. Baits. Oh my gosh, little guy. Double hooked him. Did it right that time. That Toad Runner, my dudes. Thanks buddy.Jeff Burlingame:So there you go. These frogs straight up catch them. One thing I will note is, popping frogs, topwater frogs like that Hendrix frogs, pretty straight forward frog like this, it’s just going to be moving across the grass. Something like this as you guys saw, the Booyah Toad Runner, this boot cuts through just about anything. So if you’ve got some slop, this thing can do great because it’s kicking a trail. It’s clearing that slop behind it and it’s definitely causing a disturbance that a bass will notice. So you’re going to want to huck this out there as well. It’s still weedless. This doesn’t get caught up on anything. It’s just fine. I fish it through some heavy, heavy stuff in that part of the video. And you guys saw that disturbance, caught some bass. So definitely do that.Jeff Burlingame:Got different stuff out there. We got the Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider. It’s a finesse top water bait. Fish it in kind of the same spots. You got this popping frogs, they do a little bit better with less scummy conditions. The scum, the algae kind of like gets clogged up in the front of that frog, but you can still huck it out into those areas that you can’t fish other baits. End of the day, catching fish on a frog is one of the most exhilarating, amazing things that you guys can do. Don’t miss out on it. Don’t sleep on these baits and be sure to pick up your MONSTERBASS box for this month so you can get some frogs in that. Go check us out at You can use the code, SAVE10, to get 10 bucks off your first box. And why not cash in on the tail end of summer, catch yourself some topwater bass.Jeff Burlingame:It’s a heck ton of fun. I hope you guys enjoy it. Hopefully this video is helpful for you. And if you guys want to see more videos like this and get some tips, tricks, techniques, watch some unboxing on the channel, go ahead and subscribe to the MONSTERBASS channel right here. Smash that like on this video. Ring that notification bell so you can see when we post more videos. And go check out my channel. We do all sorts of different unboxings technique and your reviews, everything you could ever want, plethora of fishing information and joy. And we’ve also got a podcast. So go subscribe to Burly Fishing channel, go check out the Burly Fishing podcast. You guys have been awesome. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you next time.

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