10 Best Fishing Hacks For Your Next Big Catch

Video fishing hacks

1. Differentiate between your rods quickly with coloured tape

If you have a number of rods by the same brand, you will notice that they share similar colours. Differentiating how heavy each rod is with tape can make it easier for you to pick out the ideal equipment, especially when you have a car full of rods and a limited amount of time to fish.

2. Organise tackle with household items

Around your house, there are numerous seemingly ordinary products that you can use to organise your tackle. Safety pins, for example, are the perfect way to separate your swivels and fishing hooks, by looping them through the pin. If you are looking for a safer way to store your snell hooks, slot them into a cut-up pool noodle or corks to keep the sharp end tucked away from vulnerable fingers.

3. Increase the success rate of bait

Instead of using general bait which can damage the eco-system of the water, use fish and insects from the location. This will ensure that your bait is more convincing and increase your success rate. Additionally, dipping your bait in Cod Liver Oil will make it tastier and more appealing to the fish.

4. Finding the right fishing spot

Google Maps is good for many things, but did you know that it can be used to find potential fishing locations? Open the app and drag the map until you find potential lakes, creeks, rivers and ponds that you may have previously missed. This is also useful if you are in a new place and don’t know where to fish. You also need to take into account the ideal time of day to fish, so make sure to do your research first.

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5. Switch up your baits

Though some fishermen may have a trusty bait, only fishing with one lure can inhibit your likelihood of landing a catch – no matter how “lucky” that bait may be. If one bait isn’t working, then switching it up can increase your odds. For example, if you are catfishing, have a range of bluegill, minnow and crawfish to mix up your bait to cover all bases. It is difficult to know the preferences of different fish, especially if you have never been to the fishing location before, so make sure to come prepared.

6. Protect against the elements

Fishing, especially saltwater fishing, can wear down your equipment. As fishing gear can be expensive, it is important to maintain its quality and protect it from the elements as much as possible. To do so, soak your saltwater reels in water after you return from fishing at sea to prevent rusting and deteriorating. You also need to ensure the longevity of your tackle, by slotting silicon packets into your tackle box. These packets are often thrown away after making a purchase, but they can prevent your fishing hooks from rusting.

7. Less is more

We have all been there; you have been fishing for hours with no luck, despite there being fish in the water that keep nibbling at your bait. In times like that, it is common for fishermen to keep overloading their hook with big chunks of bait in the hopes of temping a particularly greedy fish – but that is simply not the case. When your bait is being stripped, hooking a smaller chunk will increase your chances of catching the pesky fish.

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8. Tackle box essentials

If you have a tackle box, it needs to include a pair of nail clippers. Whereas scissors can be sharp and difficult to pack, a handful of nail clippers can be a more compact alternative. Put one in your pocket, one in your tackle box and one in your car, to guarantee that you always have equipment that can cut your line effortlessly. An added bonus? You are less likely to stab your hand on nail clippers.

9. Take notice of your surrounding environment

If you are struggling to catch anything, no matter how hard you’re glaring at the water, try looking up instead. It may sound trivial, but if you can see dolphins breaching the water or seagulls circling ahead use them as an indication for where the fish are likely to be. These predators are the experts in catching fish, so take their lead and take your boat in their direction to chase the fish.

10. Keeping it clean with alternative methods

There is nothing worse than the smell of fish after a boat trip. No matter the experience level, one fishing trip is enough to know that the odour clings to you like barnacles on a boat, no matter what you do. Though strange, innovative fishermen have found ways to remove the smell, including washing your hands in salt and using running your hands across stainless steel. These methods either scrub the dirt or neutralise the molecules – either way, they do the job.

The most important hack to remember when fishing is value patience and keep trying. It is by no means a guarantee that you will land a fish, but when you do, the reward is worth the wait. Incorporate these hacks into your next fishing trip to increase your chance of securing your next big catch!

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