The Pros & Cons Of Sharpening Your Fishing Hooks [Tutorial]

Video fish hook sharpening

Are there any benefits or drawbacks to sharpening your fishing hooks at home??

In the video below, I’ll show you exactly how to sharpen your own fishing hooks and whether or not it is really worth it.

Learn more about the pros and cons right here!!

Pros & Cons Of Sharpening Your Fishing Hooks [VIDEO]

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The hook sharpener I use is designed by Cuda.

They make a lot of tools for anglers like scissors, pliers, etc.

There is a file on the side which is the actual hook sharpener itself.

Also, this hook sharpener includes two fillet knife sharpeners, a line cutter, as well as a bottle opener.

This handy little tool is very useful to have in your tackle box.

How To Sharpen Your Hooks

You don’t need to do a lot to sharpen hooks.

This Cuda hook sharpener includes grooves along the file which helps in the process.

Simply match the width of the hook point to the groove that fits best.

The biggest mistake people make is moving the hook in the wrong direction.

They often file against or away from the hook point.

When you should actually be pulling the hook point towards the file.

The reason for this is that as you sharpen the hook, very tiny pieces of metal will build up.

If you’re moving in the wrong direction, those small pieces of metal will build up much closer or on top of the hook point.

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That basically defeats the entire purpose.

You want to simply pull the hook point down along the file.

Be careful not to apply too much pressure but just enough to slide the hook against the file.

Pros & Cons

From the jump, there are already a few built-in advantages to sharpening your hooks.

#1 is, of course, you’ll have a sharper hook point to secure a connection to fish.

The second pro to sharpening your hooks is it does help in extending their life and makes them last a bit longer.

But that also leads directly to the first con which is each time you sharpen the hook, you are filing away the coating on the outside.

For the hooks we normally use for inshore fishing, the coating is often made out of nickel.

This protects against corrosion and rust.

When the coating is removed or rubbed off through sharpening, the bare metal of the hook is exposed.

Rust and corrosion can weaken and dull the hook point.

Lastly, if you are not sharpening hooks correctly, you can actually make things worse than when you first started.

Make sure you sharpen your hooks properly if you choose to do so.

Find NEW Saltwater Fishing Spots In Your Area

You can sharpen ANY kind of hook from weighted weedless hooks to treble hooks to jigheads.

You may have to get a different type of file for smaller hooks that need a finer touch.

Finding The Fish Help

In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.

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1. Weekend Game Plans (updated weekly)

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2. Smart Fishing Spots Platform (updated every 15 minutes)

This exclusive software literally shows you where the most fish are likely to be feeding based on exactly when you’ll be fishing. It factors in the tides, wind, and weather to help you quickly see which areas to target throughout the day.

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3. Community Reports (live feed)

The Insider Community platform is what you can use to see what is biting near you, and you can get to know other members who fish in your area. Plus, you can use it to keep a log of your catches so you can use past trips to help predict future catches.

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