Everything You Need to Know About Airsoft Guns


Whether you are looking to practice target shooting or you want to get into airsoft games, learning more about airsoft guns is an absolute necessity. This guide is here to help you learn more about what airsoft guns are, how they work and what type of model might be right for your needs and preferences.

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What is an Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft guns do not shoot traditional bullets; instead, they shoot 6-millimeter pellets, otherwise known simply as “BBs”. Not only do airsoft guns not shoot traditional bullets, but the pellets leave the chamber at a much slower speed than bullets from a standard gun. This means that when airsoft guns are used safely and correctly, getting hit by an airsoft gun pellet should not cause much pain or result in any heavy-bleeding injuries. However, that being said, an airsoft gun is also not a toy. When operating an airsoft gun, you will still need to be mindful of your environment and take the recommended safety precautions. It is also recommended when playing games with airsoft guns that everyone wears the standard protective gear.

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What are Airsoft Guns Used For?

Some airsoft guns have been designed to be almost exact replicas of real guns, whereas some operate more like paintball guns. In the same way as the designs of an airsoft gun can differ, so can the intended uses. Some of the most common uses of airsoft guns include:

  • Airsoft gun games this is seen as an alternative to paintball and is played throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Some police forces, like the UK police, also use airsoft guns, especially when dealing with large crowds.
  • Some people choose to use airsoft guns to deter smaller animals.
  • Airsoft guns are also popular with people who are looking for a safe way to practice target shooting.
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The Different Types of Airsoft Guns

Some of the most common types of airsoft guns include:


Spring-powered is not the strongest form of airsoft gun, but they do provide a superior level of shooter control and accuracy. This type of airsoft gun is viewed as ideal for beginners, there are many affordable options, and they come in a number of different sizes.

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Electric Guns

Airsoft electric guns, otherwise known simply as AEGs, are battery-powered; the pellet from these guns is propelled using an electric motor and a gearbox. This type of airsoft gun is extremely modifiable and is one of the most popular forms of airsoft gun, alongside the rifle.

Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is the perfect choice of airsoft gun for anyone who is looking to shoot at a long distance. The majority of airsoft sniper rifles work with a spring-power mechanism which allows you to use a significant amount of power in one shot. While the majority of sniper rifles are spring-powered, it is possible to purchase an electric or gas-powered sniper, depending upon your specific needs and preferences.


If you are looking for force rather than distance, then the shotgun might be the perfect choice of airsoft gun for your needs. Many airsoft shotguns have a very similar feel to their more serious counterparts and offer a great spray fire experience. However, they do require close proximity and can be difficult for younger users to pump.


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