Do PCP Air Rifles Need Special Scopes?


If you are an outdoors enthusiast, you may be considering purchasing a PCP air rifle for your next hunting trip. While these rifles can offer lethal accuracy and power at long distances, there is one important factor to consider—scopes. Do PCP air rifles need special scopes?

Understanding the Scope Needs of PCP Air Rifles

The answer is NO. Any scope will work on a PCP as there is little to no recoil. In the case of spring air guns, however, a special scope must be used due to the significant amount of recoil generated by the springs when firing. This type of scope has a reticle braced both in front and in the back to absorb shock.

For other types of air rifles (e.g. PCP or CO2 guns) you can use any scope but it is a good idea to get one with AO or side focus down to 10 or 15 yards.

pc2 Do PCP Air Rifles Need Special Scopes?

This feature enables you to quickly adjust the focus on your target without having to take your eyes off it, giving you an advantage when tracking the game at close range.

Additionally, for hunting purposes it is also a good idea to get a holdover reticle that takes into account the trajectory of air guns—this style of the reticle will help compensate for bullet drop so that you can make more accurate shots from longer distances.

All in all, while PCP rifles do not require special scopes like some other types of air guns do, they still benefit from specific features like AO/side focus and holdover reticles that make shooting more accurate and efficient. By understanding what type of scope your particular firearm needs and investing in quality optics, you will have everything you need for successful hunting trips with your PCP air rifle!

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