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Chester White Pig Pros And Cons

chester white5 Chester White Pig Pros And Cons - The Pet Well

When thinking of pigs and the icons among them the Chester White has been severely overlooked. A colonial legend, this pig breed has been around for almost two centuries.

In heartland U.S.A, Chester County Pennsylvania, the larger than life and charismatic Chester White was born and bred on every pig farmers land in the county.

Originally known as the Chester County White, the unique breed is a product of the Woburn Pig which mated with other white pigs that were brought over from England to America somewhere between 1815 and 1817.

This Breed has the iconic pinkish white colouration like the pot belly and Yorkshire breeds, but usually present bulkier and grow quite large.

In 1890, the unification of the American Chester White Record Association and the Standard Chester White Record Association into the “Chester White Swine Record Association” saw the permanent recognition and moderation of this sought-after breed in America.

One of the many reasons this breed became so popular in the states among farmers is this pig’s ability to gain mass at an incredible rate. When conditions are optimal and the right quality food is used, the pig can convert 1.4 kg of grain into 620 grams of weight.

Thus, this breed is quick to increase flesh content which is known for a savoury taste and high-fat percentage. In a video, by Akudinulo Farms it is explained that these pigs are the “king of crossbreeding” as they represent all the desirable intermediate traits of the races that precede them.

This crossbreeding king has thus set a standard for modern pigs to adhere to in terms of flavour and family values.

A well-known consideration for pale pig owners is the fact that these animals require permanent access to shaded areas to avoid getting sunburn. Sunburn in livestock such as pigs can have deleterious effects on their health and well-being.

Despite these concerns with white skinned breeds, the Chester White Pig is the most durable of the pale breeds when considering this qualm. These breeds are known for their docility as well as other trait associated with positive sociality towards humans and other animals.

These pigs are wanted for their brilliant mothering abilities, which is essential for producing healthy generations of future mothers and fathers. With an iconic white belly and slightly dished face, this breed has superior bone density and structure when compared to other breeds.

The feet of these pigs are often used as a good indicator of overall animal well-being, as they tend to indicate how well these animals are being fed when considering the age that the trotter indicates.

A statement of an animal, these larger-than-life pigs are iconic when one thinks of the classic big hog, but what makes a Chester White a Chester White?

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The defining characteristics between selection bred animals can get complex, but typically a Chester White will have a completely white coat with no significant colour variations, and drooping ears within a few days of births are also a strong indicator.

The texture of the coat is associated with a straight hairstyle rather than a curly one. When viewed from the side, a Chester white has a flat (horizontal) to slightly arched back.

The legs are stretched with good body depth without obstructing walking excessively. Strong hind legs with straight hinges and smooth ham forms are also charismatic in the breed.

The white and clean look of the fat and flesh when packed into meat production is associated by farmers and marketers alike with good taste and high quality.

The highly efficient and nutritious nature of this pig breed, combined with its desirable reproductive habits, will see that the Chester White remains an important breed in the world of Pig Farming for the foreseeable future.

chester white5 Chester White Pig Pros And Cons - The Pet Well

Chester White Overview Table

Size Medium-sized

Mature weights:

Female: 227-295kg

Male: 250-363kg

Personality Docile breed of pig with high intelligence. Temperament Kind and easy to bond with. These pigs are selected for their kind mothering nature. Tendency To Bite When compared to animals of the same social stature these pigs have a very relaxed calm nature with low to no tendency for biting. It is to be considered that all pigs can bite painfully and first aid attention might be necessary in such a case. Dangerous? Because all pigs have tusks and can grow to a considerable size, they are to be respected and treated with admiration. However, when respected and comfortable, these animals pose no danger to humans. Tendency To Root? Their social nature and low energy personality mean they have a low tendency to root. Maintenance 6/10

These animals require basic clean shelter food and water with shaded shelter during summer months. They are not particularly high maintenance.

Family Pet 3/5

They could potentially be wonderful pets and only have their size and spatial requirements to consider as setbacks.

Intelligence These animals have been selected for their gentle nature and before this selection, these animals have evolved highly social cognitive abilities making them exceptionally intelligent for a domesticated farm animal. Exercise Needs Low to moderate. If these animals are offered mud and stimulation such as tyre toys or hay bales, they should have more than enough to be happy with. Health Issues Health considerations for this pig breed include skincare and caution when the animal is kept in a tropical area with a high UV index. They are also quite fatty animals, making exercise very important. Life Expectancy These animals are relatively short-lived but given proper care and attention they will live six to eight years. Price Approximately six dollars per pound

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Chester White Pros

chester white3 Chester White Pig Pros And Cons - The Pet Well

Hardy animals

Apart from desirable traits associated with the breeding behaviour of this animal, it also is known to thrive in relatively extreme environments. The most durable pale breed, it can withstand temperatures associated with arid environments, such as South Africa’s Northern Cape province where they are successfully farmed.

However, an animal that produces that much fat and protein while living in warm environments are ultimately faced with a temperature problem. The key to their thermoregulatory success is in the fact that they are a relatively medium-sized pig breed.

This intermediate size provides them with a body surface to volume ratio that is not too low to not let heat escape, and not too high so as not to let extra moisture escape.


They are intelligent animals that can adapt behaviourally to escape intense heat when the necessary shade is provided. In suitable conditions with relatively low maintenance, these pigs are quick to reward owners with high yields in both flesh and litter.


Since the ham and loin make up approximately 58% of the animal’s body, this is especially good for Chester White’s as their energy stores and nutrients are accumulated in these areas, giving them their characteristically delicious salty taste.

Family animals

Their keen senses and evolutionary development have given them the ability to communicate using pheromones secreted in saliva. The males often use this as a medium to signal mating urges and communicate other social cues which helps these animals’ bond.

chester white3 Chester White Pig Pros And Cons - The Pet Well

Chester White Cons

They need stimulation

In the case of poor living conditions or neglect, these animals with their large intellect can sometimes develop some dysfunctional traits. Without stimulation or the necessary social bonding, it is not uncommon for pigs to become aggressively territorial.

They could be dangerous

If these pigs are neglected to the point of deleterious behaviour trait forming, they could pose a danger to people they meet. A wound sustained from these animals would typically not be fatal if medical treatment is available.

Not the most popular breed

Typically used for bacon, chops, or sausage meat the Chester White is surpassed in popularity only by breeds such as the Duroc and Yorkshire.

Need shade

Where this breed falls short is as with many other pale breeds in that it is susceptible to sunburn and associated health impacts. Without sufficient shade these pigs are in danger of dehydration and in the worst-case scenario, prolonged sun exposure can lead to skin cancer in your pigs.

Slow growing

When compared to their more popular cousins like the Duroc and Yorkshire, these pigs are relatively slow-growing and contain more fat per unit of body mass. Although they have a reputation for being durable, it is vital that these pigs are taken care of as far as their hydration needs are concerned.

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Need a lot of water

These large animals require significantly large amounts of water just to thermoregulate and keep their bodies from overheating. Thus it is essential to fit a filtered trough with clean water into the habitat of your Chester White.

The Chester White is famous for being

white chester7 Chester White Pig Pros And Cons - The Pet Well

Tips and facts for potential owners

a good mother. Producing litters of up to eight or more piglets, these animals are adapted to being patient and kind when it comes to feeding and tolerating their young.

The breed also has a great track record of being kept in spaces that are shared with other animals. They will often play or engage in social activities if given the chance.

The historic legacy of Chester County has a rich multi-faceted story to tell about how the Chester Pig has both its genetic and naming origins in the U.K. T

he first pigs in the valley came along much earlier from Swedish and Dutch settlers who introduced the first landrace white pigs, and ancestors of the Chester White.

More than a century ago the literature source known as the Chester White Journal was founded in 1910 by three elder sons of F.F. Moore: Fred, Levi and Jim.

Even though they are considered a “medium” sized breed, the Chester White is often entered into the Largest Boar competition in its hometown of Chester, where it competes and wins against supposedly larger breeds.


white chester7 Chester White Pig Pros And Cons - The Pet Well

With its roots in Europe and the U.K. and made famous and powerful in the land of the free, the Chester White Pig is a classic All-American hog with flavour to boot.

Excellent in terms of meat quality, and extraordinary when it comes to mothering, this animal is obviously an incredibly important part of the human success story.

In many ways this pig ticks the iconic boxes of what we think of when we think modern-day pig, and not only that its kind nature and nutritional excellence is a testament to what we as a species has accomplished in the field of agricultural technology.

The beauty of these creatures lies somewhat in the fact that they can be perceived as so much more than just sustenance. With large brains and many other human-like features, this animal can surprise us with its emotional depth and capacity to form long-standing interpersonal bonds.

Their slightly smarter cousins are known to be used in organizations such as the FBI to sniff out narcotics as well as serve as emotional support animals. Clearly, the versatility of these incredible creatures has made impressions across the globe in more than one way.

Pale-faced and pretty, this humble hog will probably be around on pastures and plates for many generations to come.

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