Are Pickerel Fish good to eat?

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Pickerel fish are also known as walleye, doré, or snakefish. The fishes are characterized by a golden brown color with a white belly and huge silvery eyes along with two dorsal fins located at the back. Jersey waters are the native place where this species is available. They also have sharp gill plates that can even cut skin. Read more about are pickerel fish good to eat or not?

Types of Pickerel Fishes:

1. Chain pickerel– They have stood out with a chain-like pattern and a duck bill-like nose. They have sharper and more distinct fins than the other pickerel with round fins.

2. Grass pickerel– They are dark-colored fishes whose north-to-south bars are more similar to a Muskie than to that of a pike. They are smaller than the chain pickerel and also have a shorter snout.

3. Redfin pickerel– This fish has a distinct red coloration on its fins. Their vertical bars tend to fritter away towards the belly. They are available in back swamps or creeks in large numbers.

When we talk about the American Pickerel, we often refer to both the redfin pickerel and the grass pickerel though they are both different fishes.

Muskie, Pike, and Pickerel. Telling them apart w/o using colorations | Koaw Nature | Fishing Helper - YouTube


Not every nonvegetarian may like the fishy taste while choosing the best seafood. The pickerel fish is a good option because it is healthy and lacks a mild fishy taste and smell. This flaky meat is edible and appears white. The taste of the skin may not be appetizing due to the presence of defensive slime covering on the skin. The white & long fillets obtained after removing the skin and the bone makes it good eating. Know about whether the pickerel fish good to eat or not?

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Walleye fishes are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids (healthy fats) and protein. They are healthy, tasty, and beneficial for our bodies. The delicious smell of cooked steak tickles our taste buds, and the light flavor is yummy to eat. Read more about are pickerel fish good to eat or not?

Pickerel fish has a mild and sweet flavor. People often say that it has a less fishy tinge to it. We can eat it either fried or baked. It can be pan-fried or deep-fried along with some batter which makes it taste wonderful. Pickerel is also firm enough to barbeque it. Pickerel fish can be enjoyed as a fried bacon steak. Also, we can pickle it to enhance its taste. We can also make pickerel fishcakes which are liked by the peoples of all age groups!

Hence, walleye are safe for consumption, and the benefits of eating can easily overcome the fear of contamination risk.

Benefits of Eating Pickerel

• Rich source of protein which helps in building and repairing the muscles and tissues in our body and promotes overall body growth

• The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids helps in the proper development of our nervous system & the development of the brain. It also helps in keeping our heart healthy and in a good state

• It is rich in Vitamin-D which helps in strengthening bones and tooth enamel

• The presence of low unsaturated fat makes it a healthy seafood

• The fish meat is white, mild-tasting, and tender to bite.

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• Various recipes are available like frying, baking, or broiling. These techniques result in a range of dishes like pan-seared walleye, honey-fried walleye, grilled walleye, jalapeno walleye, etc. Even the filleted overnight soaked fish gives a good meat

• It is considered to be one of the healthiest fishes available in the seafood industry

• Walleye is considered the best tasting freshwater fish


Eating your catch - making healthy choices | Wisconsin DNR

The risk of contaminant exposure raises the doubt on whether the pickerel fish good to eat or not? These doubts have grown because of the consumption notices issued earlier regarding the mercury content present in this species. The MUSKIE is known to have a slightly higher concentration of mercury and hence we should avoid it. But, the CHAIN PICKEREL meets the food norms. The mercury concentration in the pickerel fish ranges from 0.11 to 0.44 ppm depending on the water sources they are found in and they are well under the limit of 1ppm set according to the current Federal standard that is planned to keep in mind the health of the people. Walleye are a major part of the food chain and feed on other fishes. Due to the biological magnification on each tropic level, the Mercury content may be slightly higher in the pickerel than other small fishes but their size and Mercury ratio is unique. It doesn’t mean the pickerel fish is inedible. Irrespective of all the fuss around the topic, it is safe to eat walleye.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How long can pickerel stay in the fridge?

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Fresh fish can be stored in a cool place and can remain fresh for 5 to 7 days. It needs to be consumed within 2 to 3 days once proportioned.

Q2) What is the difference between pike and pickerel fish?

They are different fishes but can be both found in freshwater bodies. Pike is also known as the northern pike & pickerel is more well-known as the chain pickerel.

Q3) Should we avoid eating walleye because of the contamination fear?

Every water body has some mercury present. The fishes also have mercury content in their bodies due to bioaccumulation but the pickerels are safe, nutritious, and verified by the food standards.

Q4) What are the different ways to cook and eat pickerel?

Pickerel can be cooked in different ways like Pan-fried/ deep-fried fish with crispy breading, barbequed or baked, seasoned with herbs, or made into fishcakes.

Q5) What is the best way of eating Walleye fish?

Walleye are known for their extraordinary flavor with a sweet and mild taste. The slimy skin folds should be removed along with Y-bones for better taste and to avoid unpleasant souvenirs.

Q6) What should you prefer between COD & PICKEREL?

COD can be oily & the walleye is among the best-tasting fish. It’s a popular coldwater seafood and should be on the menu.


If you are a fan of ice fishing, grab the hook and look out for fat pickerel. The special steak cutting gives the correct width of steaks. The walleye is sure to turn your mouth watery but refrain from engulfing those fork fulls so that you can enjoy eating them for a longer time.

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