Trophy Grizzly Bear Hunting In Canada


Have you been dreaming of a Grizzly Bear hunting expedition in the remote wilderness of northern British Columbia? We have some of the best quality Grizzly Bear hunting available anywhere in Canada.

NOTE: The Province of British Columbia recently changed their grizzly bear hunting regulations. For this reason, we will no longer book any grizzly bear hunts after the fall 2017 grizzly bear hunting season and are not responding to any future enquiries about grizzly hunting.

Why should I book a Grizzly Bear hunting trip with you? We have exclusive hunting rights on over 3,000 square miles of remote and pristine wilderness in northern British Columbia with a very healthy Grizzly Bear Population. This area has some excellent Grizzly Bear hunting and offers some opportunities to take a really nice bear.

Since the hunting area is so large, and since we only take a very limited number of hunters each year, the bears experience very little hunting pressure. This makes for some outstanding Grizzly Bear hunting. For these reasons, we have a very high success rate on our Grizzly Bear and the typical boar taken by our hunters is 7-9 feet long.

Finally, we also have guaranteed tags for all the species we offer hunting for. So, there is no need to enter in a limited entry draw to go Grizzly Bear hunting with us.

Due to these factors, we offer an outstanding Grizzly Bear hunting experience that you won’t find in many other places. If you’ve always wanted to hunt the fearsome Grizzly Bear in the remote northern British Columbia wilderness, then you need to book one of our incredible Grizzly Bear hunting packages.grizzly bear hunting 1Grizzly Bear Scientific Name: Ursus arctos horribilis

What Grizzly Bear hunting methods do you use? All of our Grizzly Bears are hunted by spot and stalk. During the spring, we use snowmobiles and during the fall we use horses to travel throughout the hunting area, with the actual approach on the bear conducted on foot.

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Where do you conduct your Grizzly Bear hunts? All of our hunts begin and end in Whitehorse, YT. Your guide will meet you there on the first day of the hunt and you’ll fly in a chartered float plane the specific area where you’ll be hunting. Then, you’ll hunt the extremely remote wilderness of northern British Columbia for your Grizzly Bear. On the last day of the hunt, you’ll fly back to Whitehorse.

What is the cost of a Grizzly Bear hunt in Canada? The Province of British Columbia recently changed their grizzly bear hunting regulations. For this reason, we will no longer book any grizzly bear hunts after the fall 2017 grizzly bear hunting season and are not responding to any future enquiries about grizzly hunting.

What other animals may be combined with a Grizzly Bear hunt? Spring Grizzly Bear hunts cannot be combined with any other species. During the fall, Grizzly Bear are most often taken as an additional species while Moose or Caribou hunting. Wolf may also be added during the fall.

When do you do your Grizzly Bear hunting? In order to maintain high trophy quality, we only offer 1 Spring Grizzly Bear hunt per year. Our primary Grizzly Bear hunting is conducted during the spring, specifically 1-15 June. If we have tags remaining in the fall, Grizzly Bear may be taken as additional species during Moose or Caribou hunts (1 September-9 October). Spring Grizzly Bear hunts are 14 hunting days (plus 2 travel days) while fall Grizzly Bear hunts are 11 hunting days (plus 2 travel days).

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What is the average shot distance when Grizzly Bear hunting in Canada?Though Grizzly Bear have an outstanding sense of smell, they do not have great eyesight. As long as the wind is right, a careful hunter can often use any available concealment, such as vegetation and folds in the terrain, to approach to within reasonable range of a Grizzly Bear. Due to this, shots taken when Grizzly Bear hunting are usually at short to moderate range: 150-250 yards.

However, they are sometimes encountered in situations where it is impossible to close the distance with the bear, which requires a longer range shot. With this in mind, hunters should be prepared to take shots out to 350 yards when Grizzly Bear hunting with us.

What sort of Grizzly Bear trophies can be expected when hunting with you?The typical mature Grizzly Bear boars in this area measures between 7 and 9 feet long from nose to tail and most of our hunters take bears this size on our hunts. Since they inhabit extremely cold country that receives a lot of snow, the bears also have exceptionally thick, luscious hides that range in color from dark brown to blonde.

What is the best rifle caliber for Grizzly Bear hunting? Grizzly Bears are incredibly tough and powerful animals and must be treated with proper respect. With this in mind, we recommend the .30-06 Springfield (when using premium 180gr or larger bullets) at a minimum when Grizzly Bear hunting. Many hunters prefer to use larger or more powerful cartridges, like the .300 & .338 Winchester Magnum, the .375 H&H Magnum, or the .458 Lott.

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These are all great cartridges and are more than capable of ethically killing a Grizzly Bear with proper shot placement. That being said, we would rather you bring a smaller cartridge that you are familiar with and can shoot accurately rather one that you are afraid of. As always, accuracy and good shot placement are the two most important things when Grizzly Bear hunting.

What is the best recommended Grizzly Bear shot placement? As stated above, Grizzly Bears are incredibly tough and powerful animals. They are also capable of being extremely dangerous when wounded, so it is vital that the first shot is placed properly. It is usually best to wait until the bear presents a good broadside shot. In this case, aim at the rear edge of the shoulder, between one third and one half way up the body (this goes for both rifle and bow hunters). Depending on how high your shot hits, this will strike the bear’s heart and/or lungs.

Remember to adjust your aiming point accordingly if the Grizzly Bear is quartering towards or away from you (aim slightly forward if it is quartering towards you and slightly to the rear if it is quartering away). trophy grizzly bear hunting shot placementBe extremely cautious about shooting a Grizzly Bear when he is aware of your presence, especially with a bow, as there is a very high probability of a charge in such a situation. Additionally, don’t “admire your shot.” Instead, be prepared to take a good follow up shot and continue to do so as long as the bear is still visible and moving. Even if you make a good initial shot, putting in a few “insurance” shots will make for a shorter and less dangerous follow up on the bear.

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