Fishing for Tuna Off Florida


The state of Florida is perfect for your needs if you’re a tuna fishing enthusiast. The tuna found here are famous for their delicious taste as well as their fighting abilities. There are a number of tuna varieties that grow near the coasts of Florida, including bluefin, skipjack, blackfin, and yellowfin. Blackfin and yellowfin are the most commonly targeted varieties of tuna.

Although they aren’t usually targeted by most casual anglers, recreational anglers have a number of varieties to consider if they’d like to start fishing for tuna. The blackfin variety is the most widely targeted tuna in the state. While their sizes don’t usually exceed 30 lbs., they compensate for it with their aggressive nature and quantity, which make them a worthwhile catch. Most anglers fish for blackfin during the spring and fall seasons where they start appearing near the shore in large numbers. Blackfin tuna tend to disappear during the summer season as they move away from the coast into the ocean during mating season. Anglers from the Florida Keys are aware of the fact that blackfin tuna fishes are often present around the reefs near schools of alluring baitfish.

Trolling is a highly effective way to target blackfin tuna. Cedar plugs make for great lures while fishing for them. Anglers also use natural dead baits or live baits, which are slow trolled near the rips and edges of the currents. Fishermen target blackfin tuna located in the Gulf of Mexico by fishing near shrimp boats that are cleaning their bycatch. This creates a huge chum slick, which is irresistible to passing tuna fish.

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There’s no need to use heavy tackle while fishing for blackfin. Medium-heavy or even medium rods are more than enough to take on these pint-sized tunas. Blackfins are known for their ability to take baits and lures off the surface, which means that a circle hook and a 50-pound leader is sufficient while fishing for them.

Yellowfish tuna come a close second in popularity among anglers boating off the coast of Florida. They are present further offshore compared to other tuna species. Panhandle anglers often venture out to deeper waters seeking heftier yellowfin tuna – which may sometimes be over a hundred pounds in weight.

However, the best catch is often found in the Gulf, near the Loop Current’s edge. Keep in mind that yellowfin tuna can wreck your gear if you’re not adequately prepared enough. You need to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios if you’re serious about catching yellowfish tuna.

Yellowfin tackle gear is usually in the 30- to 80-pound-class range. While conventionally large reels and strong trolling rods happen to be a favorite among anglers, many of them also use popping and jigging techniques using standup gear. These tuna are known for their tendency to strike bright, trolling lures. They are usually attracted to the boat by anglers using a method known as ‘chunking’, which involves tossing live bait into the sea, which can lead even the wariest tuna right into your lap.

Florida tuna anglers are truly a blessed lot, thanks to the outstanding quality and quantity of delicious tuna swimming around near the coastlines.

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