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Part of owning an AR-15 is customizing it to fit you. While a stock AR is great, to truly be 100% comfortable with the fit of your gun and with shooting it, you need to add in AR accessories. One of those can be an AR-15 vertical grip. But is a vertical grip for you?

RailScales offers the best custom rail covers and vertical grips and foregrips for your AR-15. In addition, we offer an array of the best AR-15 accessories, including our LEAF iron sights and our DBAL iron sights. Our mission is to offer you the best tactical grips so you can feel great while shooting your AR-15. Below, we’ll take a look at some reasons to invest in vertical grips for your AR-15. Shop our vertical grips online today!

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Ease of Carry

If you’ve ever carried your AR-15 over long distances, you know that it can be tiring. Whether you are hunting or just out hiking to find the perfect practice area, firearms of any type can wear you down, but especially rifles. When you invest in a vertical grip for your AR-15, you will find that having a spot to carry the front of the firearm as well as the back significantly helps lower fatigue. Plus, you don’t have to twist your wrist or squeeze the weapon while carrying, which can cause fatigue as well. It is easier to manipulate the Ar15 with a vertical grip on a longer patrol if you’re in the military or to use on a long hunt or day at the range if you are not in the military. When weight or fatigue starts adding up, you will want your rifle to be the least burden to bear.

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Helps With Muzzle Control

If you’ve shot a lot of rounds at a single time, you know that the recoil can slowly cause your shots to be off target. This is never ideal, especially if you were in a life-or-death situation. By having a comfortable, ergonomic place to hold the barrel of your AR-15, you’ll experience significantly less trouble with recoil and be more accurate as a consequence. Follow-up shots are also easier to stabilize by having an AR-15 forward grip, minimizing the impact of recoil after each shot.

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Helps Keep Your Barrel Steady

It takes a lot of practice to time your breathing with your shooting while you are holding your firearm. Your gun moves as you breathe, and if you’re winded, it can be incredibly difficult to hit your target. If you’re a new shooter, having a vertical grip can help you keep your firearm steady, which is huge when trying to hit your target. This can boost confidence and result in more accuracy. For those of you that don’t get to shoot your AR-15 as often as you would like, a vertical grip can help significantly.

Keeps Down the Heat

While rail covers from RailScales are excellent at helping to mitigate the heat from firing your AR-15, they may not be for everyone. Some may not like the texture or want anything on their rail. A vertical grip offers the same features. Your hand is on the vertical grip rather than the barrel, keeping it from being uncomfortable and even from being burned perhaps. Keeping your support hand off the area of heat or better protected from the heat dissipated by the barrel and gas block is always a desire and key to better shooting.

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Helps With Shooting Form

It can be easy to have poor shooting form, especially with an AR-15. Let’s face it, these firearms are fun to shoot and easy to use, and because they are so powerful and fire rapidly, you often hit your target. However, you can develop a poor shooting form that can affect your overall accuracy. Plus, you can follow up shots faster and have better leverage overall. The transition between targets is smooth, too. If you like to shoot from nonstandard shooting positions, a vertical grip can make all the difference in the world in terms of accuracy, too.

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Like all AR-15 accessories, you have to decide for yourself if a vertical grip is right for you. If you are in doubt, you can see if one of your friends uses one and you can try theirs. Ask to take it to the range for a day of shooting with it. This is a great way to see if you like a vertical grip and to see if it’s for you. If you have a friend with a RailScales vertical foregrip, all the better. Keep in mind that not all vertical grips are made to the same standard nor have the manufacturers kept up with changing styles. Ar15 vertical grips from the 2000’s and 2010’s will differ in size and mounting solution. You can never go wrong with a vertical grip, it’s just a time on the range issue like all things that require practice.

In reality, the final choice is yours, and we recommend that you try a vertical grip to see if you like how it shoots, handles, and if it’s comfortable for you. This is the best method for any type of handgun purchase as well. Since all of our hands and bodies are different, different firearms will fit us uniquely.

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RailScales has been making the industry’s best rail covers since 2014. Since adding our vertical grips, these have become popular as well. Our Anchor is a bi-directional vertical foregrip that fits both the MLOK and the KeyMod rails. It is reversible so you can choose between a 90 degree or a 70 degree angle. Textured and ready to roll, these CNC-machined vertical grips take a whopping 46 minutes to make each one. You can most definitely expect perfection with that kind of attention to detail. Our LDAG is a Picatinny rail vertical foregrip with a low-mounting footprint and is extremely lightweight. Recently we have added the RSB and RSB/M to our machined vertical grip lineup and now offer a polymer version of our RSB/M as well to suit any AR-15 vertical grip need.

RailScales uses only the highest-quality materials for durability, strength, and longevity. We want to ensure you get your money’s worth. Our mounting system is easy, and the grip is great. From aesthetics to comfort and fit, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into these. We invite you to browse our website for all of your rail cover, handstops, and vertical grip needs today!

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