Can Ducks And Geese Mate? Breaking Your Interest

Video can a duck and a goose breed

Can ducks and geese mate? Ducks and Geese often hang out together which led many people to believe that ducks and geese mate. Is it true? Can ducks and geese have babies? Ducks and Geese resemble each other in looks and traits. They enjoy a strong bond and become friends instantly.

If you are raising ducks, chickens, turkeys, or geese, you may want to interbreed some of the mixed flock. People’s love for hybrids often led them to breed different birds and animal species. It is technically possible that different species or breeds can mate.

Ducks or Waterfowl belong to the same family as Geese and Swans. Belonging to Anatidae, ducks are beautiful aquatic birds, short-necked, large-billed with a distinctive waddling gait. Ducks exhibit unique characteristics behavior which is classified into three major groups; dabbling, diving, and perching ducks. They make good pets and are inexpensive and easy to care for.

Being close relatives to Ducks, Goose is medium in size and build. Geese do look like ducks but they can be differentiated through certain features.

In comparison with ducks, Geese usually have a more elongated body, longer necks, and legs. They are loyal and social, always protective of their flock, partners, and offsprings.

Geese and ducks association have always caught eyes, not just for their resemblance but for breeding purposes as well. Let’s know do ducks and geese mate? Are they attracted to each other?

Can Ducks And Geese Mate?

Can a duck mate with a goose? Crossbreeding between different species has led to interesting outcomes. Mule is the result of interbreeding between different species. It is technically possible that the ducks and geese can mate however it rarely happens. Every species wants to mate with someone of their own species, breed, size, build, characteristics, and traits.

Ducks will likely mate with other breeds of ducks whereas geese will mate with other breeds of geese. However, we are not saying that ducks and geese inter-breeding is not on the cards, it happens rarely, both drake and gander can mate a female duck or female geese.

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Ducks and geese happen to have similar sex organs, no harm occurs if they attempt to mate. Chances are slim that the offspring will survive the embryo stage, if it does, do not expect it to reproduce as it would be infertile. The reason being the different number of chromosomes which makes the offspring unable to reproduce.

Duck and Goose Hybrids

There are many theories stating that these individual species can produce hybrid offspring. People believe that Muscovy Duck can mate with Mallard ducks to produce hybrid offspring as Muscovy ducks are believed to be more closely related to geese. There is a common notion among farm owners that Muscovy duck is genetically a goose.

Breeders often claim that they have seen duck-goose hybrids in the wild, however, it can not be true all the time, some ducks just look more geese-like. The apparent ‘sightings’ of duck-goose half breeds may not be a result of cross-breeding but a breed of the same species. Indian Runner ducks appear more like geese, when Indian Runner mate with other breeds, the resulting offspring may look like duck-goose crossbreed.

Are Ducks and Geese Attracted to Each Other?

Ducks and geese are not attracted to each other even if they share the same living space. Goose will always go for another goose, the same goes for ducks. Ducks and geese raised together may try to mate a few times if left alone among other species.

Geese are loyal companions who mate for life whereas ducks do not believe in mating for life. They rather form seasonal bonds or pairs, every new season, they get linked to a new mating partner.

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Domestically raised ducks and goose may share a strong bond and mimic the habits of other species. Mating between domesticated ducks and geese may be possible, however, wild ducks and geese rarely interbreed. You can read some interesting facts about White Geese breeds

Is Mating Between Ducks and Geese Dangerous?

Interbreeding comes at a risk, it may be harmful or dangerous for various species. There are some specific crossbreeding issues that one should pay attention to while getting on this road. Often interbreeding presents different dangers and risks to one of the species involved.

Luckily, mating a duck and a goose is not harmful to either of the species. Rarely do ducks and geese pick each other to be their mating partner, both species are interested only in their own species and would prefer to mate with them. Even if the mating between ducks and geese happens, it will not cause any harm to either side.

Can a Goose be Hybridized With a Mallard Ducks?

They do not mate, even if kept together, they do not attempt to interbreed. Even if they do interbreed, chances are close to zero that they could produce a progeny. If they do produce a mate, it would be sterile like other crossbreed mules. The only mating that has been observed is between Muscovy and mallard-derived domestic ducks. Do you know mallard ducks mate for life?

Can a Duck And a Goose Produce Offsprings?

Results are not favorable or as desired when interbreeding two different species. Apart from the risks and dangers, the offspring produced may not be as competent as progeny from the same species. Firstly, mating between ducks and geese happens once in a blue moon as they are not sexually attracted to each other.

In a rare event, if a duck and a goose have attempted to interbreed and the egg is fertilized, it is most likely that the embryos are not usually viable. In most cases, unfortunately, the embryo fails to reach the hatching stage, it dies before its time to hatch. In even rarer events, if the embryo successfully reaches the hatching stage, it is infertile, unhealthy, and has a short life span.

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Although there has been no confirmed case of duck-goose crossbreeds, a few stories state some surviving hybrids. DNA testing fails to confirm the parentage of the offspring, often, cross-breeding duck has goose-like appearance but no goose DNA.


Are geese in the duck family?

Geese, Ducks, and Swans are close relatives and belong to the same family which explains the resemblance. Geese and ducks belong to the family Anatidae.

Why do ducks hang out with geese?

It’s because of the overlapping needs. They need each other for a variety of purposes, interbreeding being the least of their concerns. Ducks hang out with geese for protection while migrating and for other activities.

Can you keep ducks with geese?

Both belonging to the same family may be the reason they get along well. They also have similar characteristics and mimic each other’s traits when kept together.

Do Geese Kill Ducks?

Ducks and geese do fight with each other over small things. However, their fights are not fatal, they make up for it soon enough and become friends again. Geese may attack or harass but they do not kill ducks.

Putting it all together, theducks and geese association dates back centuries, hailing from the same family, sharing uncanny resemblance, and similar characteristics, it is justified one may think of cross-breeding these two species. Long story short, Geese and ducks can mate but it is unlikely that the embryo would reach the hatching stage or the offspring would be fertile.


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