The Best Time to Go Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho


No matter what time of year you visit Stanley, ID, there’s no shortage of excellent ways to enjoy views of our mountainous region. One of the best outdoor experiences in the area is to go steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho. This favored pastime provides you with a unique opportunity to delight in the peaceful mountain setting and the sounds of the gently rushing river. Suited for anglers of all ages, your next best fishing adventure awaits on your vacation to Idaho!

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho is a fun thing to do on your trip to Redfish Lake Lodge or Redfish Riverside Inn. For more information on our favorite ways to spend time in Stanley, request unlimited access to our free Online Vacation Guide. Get your virtual tour guide today!

Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho

When deciding on the best time to go steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho, we recommend reviewing the Salmon River Idaho steelhead fishing report before casting a line. Read over our tips for how to make the most of your steelhead fishing in Idaho experience.

The Months to Go

Steelhead trout is a species of magnificent marine life that teems the waters of the Salmon River. Many folks come from all around the country and the immediate area to fish for these creatures, but there remains a specific Idaho steelhead fishing season. Since the Salmon River is over 400 miles long, there are four separate regions where you can fish.

  • Lake Creek Bridge | January 1 to April 30 & October 15 to December 31
  • Lake Creek Bridge to Long Tom Creek | January 1 to March 31 & October 15 to December 31
  • Long Tom Creek to the Sawtooth Hatchery | January 1 to April 30 & October 15 to December 31
  • Little Salmon River to Smokey Boulder Road | January 1 to May 1 & October 15 to December 31
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Meanwhile, you can participate in a catch-and-release period during August only. If Redfish Lake Lodge is closed for the season when you would like to plan a fishing trip, book a stay at our sister property, Redfish Riverside Inn. If your planned visit is not during steelhead trout season, you can go fly fishing in Stanley instead!

Get Your Permit

One of the best steelhead fishing in Idaho tips we can give is requesting a permit to go fishing. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game requires that anyone over 14 years old must have a fishing license. It’s a simple application process, and if you’re going steelhead fishing, you’ll need a particular tag as well. You can also get a fishing license from McCoy’s Tackle Shop in Stanley, and you can even heart about the official Idaho steelhead counts! Before you go, buy whatever you need from our General Store and prepare for your self-guided experience.

Stanley, Idaho, Fishing Guides

Make your steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho experience more manageable with a guided tour. There are many adventure companies to participate in this fun-filled pastime with, including some of our friends in Stanley! From half-day to all-day experiences, check out what you enjoy with these marvelous touring companies!

  • The River Company
  • White Cloud Outfitters
  • Salmon River Anglers
  • White Cloud Rafting Adventures
  • White Otter Outdoor Adventures

Book Your Stay in Stanley This Year

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho is an excellent way to spend your time outdoors. Enjoy the fall foliage, the snow-covered mountains of winter, the blooming countryside in the spring, or the delightful weather of August during your experience. After your fishing trip, head back to your comfortable accommodations at Redfish Lake Lodge or Redfish Riverside Inn. Both of our properties offer a relaxing place for you to take in views of the surrounding area and unwind with your family. Check our availability and contact us to book your favorite room!

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