9 Best Pot Friction Calls for Turkey Hunters


A Pot Call Produces Yelps, Purrs, Cutts, and Clucks

Pot calls are one of three types of calls used by turkey hunters to talk with turkeys while hunting. Since turkeys are naturally vocal, using one singular call could be all you need. But crazy turkey hunters like you and I know that every hunt is different; therefore, having multiple calls in our vest can make or break your hunt on a particular day.

Each type of call is used in different situations and while one might be the best choice today, tomorrow the gobbler may not be interested. The pot calls are very versatile. If you want to make several hen vocalizations including a yelp, cluck, cutts, and purrs, a pot call can provide all of these in one call.

  • Best Overall Slate Call – Woodhaven Calls Next Level Ninja Slate Turkey Pot Call
  • Best Overall Glass Call – Bone Collector Sweet April Mahogany / Glass over Glass Pot Call
  • Best Overall Crystal Call – MeatEater X Phelps Crystal Over Slate Pot Call
  • Best Overall Ceramic Call – Hank’s Game Calls Padauk Ceramic Turkey Pot Call
  • Best Overall Pot Call for a Beginner – Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Cookie Cutt’R Tracer
  • Best 2-for-1 Slate and Glass Call Combination – ESH Custom Calls – Double-Sided Glass & Slate
  • Best Overall for the Price – Less than $50 – Strut Commander Ole Scratch Slate Turkey Pot Call
  • Best Overall Combo Kit of Calls for Beginners – Hunters Specialties STRUT Cookie Cutt’R Combo Glass Pot Call – Locator Call + Cookie Cutt’r + Mouth Call
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Springtime is breeding season for turkeys and gobblers will be interested in any hens calling out during this time of year. With the proper sounding call, you can trick a tom into believing you’re an available hen and he’ll come looking for a hen to breed.

The Shaggy Outdoors Team has put together the “9 Best Pot Friction Calls for Turkey Hunters”. These friction pot calls include the traditional Slate, Slate over Glass, Ceramic, and Crystal pot calls.

No two calls will have the same sound. Mixing the different finishes of the pot with different types of strikers, you will get a variety of turkey sounds. Typically, each pot-style friction call will come with at least one striker, but you may, over time, purchase several different calls and strikers to find the one or two having the best sounds. Check out our review of The 11 Best Strikers for Pot Calls Reviewed for additional strikers that could have excellent sounds and results for your pot call.

All hunters are looking for an advantage when hunting turkey. If you can sound like a turkey your odds of success will increase. Two additional factors that can give you an advantage are:

1. Being Invisible – having the right apparel – Check out our Ultimate Gear Guide for Turkey Hunters

2. Using Quality Decoys – get good decoys and the right decoy setup with Montana Decoys Turkey XD Series

With preparation and the right gear, your turkey hunt this season will get you the mature tom of a lifetime.

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